How to Find Your Balance Points

Style is all about creating the perfect proportion and highlighting your personality through wardrobe.

Each outfit's correct proportion is based on a variety of factors, and balance points are a key one. Balance points are the optimum places for scarves, necklaces, necklines and your top button to fall to frame your face shape in the most attractive way -- it creates the ideal proportion. 

Much like memorable art, great style is determined by how everything falls into place in the complete picture. Balance points are a simple way to determine this and create your masterpiece: :)

What you'll need to find your balance points:
A shoe lace, long necklace or string.  

Balance Point #1

Step 2

Pinch the part of the string at the bottom of your face. Drop the top of the string down your body and see where it lands. 

Step 1

Take the top of the string, necklace or shoe lace and place it at the top of your head. Let it hang loosely down your face.


Step 3

Place a necklace at that point. 

When a necklace sits at the correct point, it instantly frames your face and face shape. If the necklace was longer, it would be distracting, rather than enhancing. 

If you're wondering how then do you wear long necklaces? Welp, the neckline you wear also acts as the balance point to frame your face. With the right neckline, you can add a long necklace and still have it enhance your face and self. 

Adjust the necklace higher or lower to sit at your balance point.

The necklace is sitting at my balance point, thus framing my face.

This v-neck is also sitting at my balance point, so it's the perfect opportunity to add a long necklace and still have the outfit work for my face shape. 

Balance Point #2

Step 1

Find the widest part of your face horizontally. Take the end of the string and place it on one side of the widest point of your face.

Step 2

Pull the string under your chin until it meets the other side of the widest point of your face. Pinch the string on both sides at that widest point. Pull the slack through, so it's fitted under your chin. 


While still pinching both sides of the string at the widest point of your face, bring the string down to your clavicle. The place where the middle of the string hits is your second balance point. 


The top or bottom of the necklace may fall a bit over or under the balance point. Don't stress about it being 100% exact. Necklaces will wiggle around, so just make sure to get the necklace in the general area where the balance point is.