Loving Your Impulse Buy: The Overalls

In our final edition of ‘Loving Your Impulse Buys’, I’m addressing the emotions that accompany many shopping trips. 


You’re in need of some retail therapy, which means a typical purchase just won’t cut it. You’re draw to something that makes you feel oh-so nostalgic.

Suddenly you’ve got: OVERALLS


At the store you convinced yourself they aren’t too hipster, but when you get them home, it’s another story.



They can work beyond the boundaries of Williamsburg, but they should only be worn to the most casual occasions. When purchasing something outside your comfort zone, pull pieces from your closet. Don’t buy more to compensate for your apprehension. 



Casual separates and accessories are the key to making this work.

Pull these key items:

TANK                                       HAT                            EARRINGS                    BATHING SUIT 

Now, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to tell me how you made your overalls impulse buy work!