Shop Austin: Maga La Boheme

Maga La boheme

1105 East 6th Street 

IG @magalaboheme

This shop is full of life and love. Maga has been around since 2011, but was purchased by the current owners in 2014. Sarai, a part owner, was in the shop when I arrived. She was playing Otis Redding. She was knowledgable, which was expected, but she also had a deep love of every piece, which was way beyond expectation.

Many of the pieces are vintage and local, and much of the jewelry is made from reclaimed trinkets. Sarah described the direction for the shop as "responsible." She also mentioned that the vintage pieces allow the shop to cater to women from size 0 to size 16. The new clothing is carefully selected to reflect her belief in quality over quantity. 

Everything in the shop is worth taking a minute to stop, look at, and enjoy.