What To Wear For The Weekend

Deciding what to wear on your days off can be incredibly difficult considering the range of activities that can take place between a Friday evening and a Sunday night.

Soccer games, brunches, church, grocery shopping, date night—the variety that the weekend brings is what makes it so fun. But the dramatic swing from what's appropriate to wear at one event to the next can make getting ready for those festivities a little stressful. Deciphering the clear difference between dressy casual, casual and the "I'm hanging at home" sweats can dictate how comfortable or out of place you feel at a given activity. 

Did you know there is actually a category of dressing called "dressy casual"? Emily Post's 18th Edition of "Etiquette" defines weekend attire as follows: 

Dressy casual consists of wearing a dress, skirt and dressy top, dressy pants outfit, or nice jeans and a dressy top. 

Casual dressing consists of a sundress, a long or short skirt, khakis or nice jeans, shorts, a plain t-shirt, a polo shirt, a turtleneck, or a casual button-down blouse. 

While these categories are quite general and don't include all trending looks (no jumpsuits on the list?!?), they can serve as a guide to what to wear to your many weekend occasions. 

The dressy casual outfits work for events like that brunch, a baby shower, date night or a birthday party.

The casual outfits work for events like the soccer game, shopping, routine errands, a picnic in the park. 

The sweats, well... they can't leave the front doorsteps. 

Last week, Emily and I explored dressy casual and casual occasions to give you an idea of how to dress for the plethora of events.

Weekend wardrobe inspiration right this way...

*Photography by Natalie Beurskens

The Weekend Activity: Hunting for vintage gems

Styling Tip:

Early fall is the perfect time to bring out your kimono.

Trend we're loving this fall:

The choker

Trend we're loving this fall:

The bomber jacket

Styling Tip:

Don't skip on the details. Add a cocktail ring to finish any look.

The Weekend Activity: Hanging In The Park

Trend we're loving this fall:

Wine colored everything (including corduroys)

Styling Tip:

Tie your hair up in a headscarf to finish your casual look.

See four more ways to tie your head scarf...

Styling Tip:  
With casual wear, it's all about being creative. Mix and match neutrals to create a funky Austin look. 

Styling Tip: Rock your booties with a dress, pants or your mini skirt.

Weekend Activity: Brunching

Trend we're loving right now:

Strappy Heels

Trend we're loving right now:

Fall Florals



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