Monday to Friday: Styled

This week, I started a new job in Austin. As I mentioned in The First Impressions Post, how you present your style in the workplace is an integral part of setting the tone for how you'll be treated as a female professional. 

In general, the workplace wardrobe rules have significantly relaxed over the years. Many employers are less focused on what employees wear, frequently allowing t-shirts and jeans, as long as the job gets done well. To a degree, this may sound refreshing. I tend to believe that foregoing that level of casualness and maintaining a more polished look is beneficial, and I'll explain why. 

Great style isn't what you wear, it's what you embody. Who do you become when you look and feel fantastic? What you wear to work should allow you to become that best version of yourself, enabling you to give your all every single day. For me, taking the time to look presentable and professional makes me more productive; I embody the hard-working leader I strive to be when I am polished. 

I know, and am even teased about, that I tend to be "fancy."  I wouldn't mind if I was required to be dressy every single day. All that to say, my job encourages business casual attire. For my workday outfits this week, I tried to choose pieces that strike a balance between my love for style and professionalism, without being too formal.






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