The Perfect Sunnies for Your Face Shape

When it comes to accessorizing, Iris Apfel said it best, “More is more and less is a bore." Style is all about adding personal touches that take your outfit from run-of-the-mill to out-of-this-world. During these sunny summer days, an easy way to turn your outfit up a notch is through sunglasses. The key to finding the right shades is identifying your face shape. That’s where we come in. Your style future is looking bright!

While there is something to be said for wearing whatever makes you feel like a #bossbabe, we want to educate you on how to tell your own face shape and then determine the best sunglasses for your sense of style.

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Square Shaped Faces

Do you have…

A strong jaw line that evenly lines up with your temples, giving you four symmetrical points?

Look for…

Round, oval, or cat eye sunglasses.

By adding soft lines to a strongly outlined face, you find a striking balance.

Stick with curves, not straight lines. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking robotic.

Heart Shaped Faces

If your forehead is wide and round at your hair line and your chin comes to a point, your face is heart-shaped.

Look for…

Sunnies with elongated bottoms. Wearing sunglasses with thin temples will also accentuate your striking cheekbones. 

Oversized sunglasses can make your forehead look larger, so make sure the size of your sunnies matches the scale of your face.

Diamond Shaped Faces

Do you have…

Prominent cheeks? If your face is widest just below your eye line and you have a shorter forehead and chin, you have a diamond shaped face.

Look for…

Pointed sunglasses to accentuate your cheekbones.

Top heavy frames show off your perfect pout!

Oval Shaped Faces

Do you have…

A longer face with narrow chin and cheeks?

Look for…

Wide frames to balance the length of your face.

Oval faces have the most leeway with what shape of sunglasses work. With all shapes though, strong details on the top of your sunglasses will bring the eye upward.

Round Shaped Faces

Do you have…

A soft face that is almost equal in length and width? 

Look for…

Bold, rectangular lenses with thick temples

These sunglasses are large, in charge and work well since the sunglasses are so wide and angular!

Inverted Triangle Faces

Do you have…

A defined jaw line and a narrow forehead?

Look for…

Soft lines and top heavy frames.

These frames soften and narrow the chin, striking the perfect balance!

 These round frames make a huge style statement!

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Emily Blanco