The Greer Guide to Austin: Pieceology Vintage

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”

-Anais Nin

Greer Image Consulting columnist, Liz Feezor, visits Pieceology vintage to find the best old gems in Austin, Texas. 

For April Onebane, the path to becoming one of Austin’s best-known vintage sellers was one of serendipity. She’d traveled to Italy in 2016 for a social media workshop put on by Justina Blakeney of Jungalow fame, searching for inspiration for her fashion blog and, as she tells it, for her next move in life. 

She met a woman at the workshop who was launching a vintage sourcing business and the two became fast friends, staying in touch after Onebane returned to Austin. Disenchanted with her corporate day job and remembering her mother’s words to her during that fateful trip to Europe, encouraging her to open a vintage shop of her own some day, Onebane decided to go for it, and Pieceology Vintage was soon born.

Pieceology is a vintage shop located in Austin, Texas.

Her past life in marketing may have informed her future as a small business owner, but it certainly didn’t define it. Onebane’s love of travel and adventure-seeking is palpable in her vintage selections, sourcing from her original connection in Cinque Terre, Italy, Indonesia, and practically every other place she’s has visited since her Europe trip in 2016.

With her hand in several vintage-centric projects, Onebane, along with Maria Oliveira and Ryan Lerma of Passport Vintage, runs Laissez Fair, Austin’s premier bi-annual vintage pop-up market. She travels regularly, having just returned from an extended trip in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands with her partner in life and in business, Jake Pritchard. The two created and co-run Adventure Assist, a travel journal company dedicated to helping fellow travelers efficiently plan, organize, and remember life’s biggest adventures.

April Onebane shows off one of her favorite pieces at Pieceology Vintage in Austin, TX. 

When asked about her shop’s most popular pieces, Onebane didn’t hesitate in proclaiming, “White crop tops!” Sourced from Austria, the vintage crisp, white cotton pieces are tremendously popular among her clientele: when she posts on Instagram that she has some available, they sell out almost instantly. Though she describes her own style at Pieceology’s initial launch as, “Boho chic… kind of a Coachella vibe that was popular at the time,” nowadays she calls her own style “more ‘feminine romantic’ than anything else.”

Some of the pieces of clothing April Onebane has collected for her shop, Pieceology Vintage, in Austin, TX

Onebane has created a name for herself in the Austin vintage scene, and she’s done it without ever having opened a brick-and-mortar shop, which is part of what she attributes the success she’s seen with her business. Without the overhead of a permanent physical storefront, and with the freedom to sell vintage online, at pop-ups, and residences at other shops around town (she’s currently in residence at Aro on East 5th), Onebane loves the flexibility her nomadic professional lifestyle affords her. 

A forever traveler and lifelong explorer, April Onebane has mastered the art of “pretending I’m an extrovert,” she joked. If style itself is a community, then vintage style is truly some of the best people around.


April Onebane with the collection of clothing she has curated for her business, Pieceology Vintage

The Greer Guide to Austin is a bi-weekly column written and photographed by Liz Feezor of Liz Feezor Creative. 

Greer Image Consulting loves supporting local small business, and vintage style is a daily dose of self-expression that is truly unique, sustainable, and supports a network of men and women committed to bringing the best of past style into your wardrobe.