Styled Over Swimwear: How to Create Fresh, Fun, and Practical Outfits for the Pool

Raquel Greer Gordian visits Studio 512 to chat all about fresh and fun ways to style your swimwear this summer.

Swimsuit season has arrived! And no matter your level of enthusiasm, fear, or a little bit of both about getting into a suit, there’s one thing we can all get pumped about: a really rockin’ outfit for the pool.

Pool looks rarely get the attention they deserve, but one of the biggest factors in feeling truly confident and comfortable when poolside is in giving your pool outfit the same attention you would a work or dressy-casual outfit.

Raquel visits Studio 512 to chat all about how to piece together a pool outfit you’ll love to wear this summer in Austin.

Last week, I visited Studio 512 to chat all about what to wear to the pool and how to do it.

It’s time to ditch those overworked flip flops and worn-out cover-ups for something you really love and feel awesome in all day long.

Watch the video below to learn:

Raquel visited Studio 512 to teach you how to put together a poolside look you’ll love this summer.
  • what piece to start with when you’re styling your poolside outfit

  • how to make a cohesive look by linking one clothing piece to another

  • what accessories are perfect for the water

  • what accessories not to wear into the water

  • how to tie the metallic in your sunglasses back to your sarong

  • what denim to wear to the pool

  • how to create a look that can go from the beach to dinner

  • how to tie your swimsuit in with your accessories

  • how to elevate your pool outfit (literally) into a glam look

  • the perfect layers to rock at the beach or pool

  • the trending swimsuit you can use to show off your personality

  • how to use sarong three ways

Once you’ve watched, leave me a comment below and share your favorite styling tip you’re going to take to the pool this season.

Happy styling!