5 Fashion & Wellness Products You Need In Your Bag


If you’ve never used fashion tape before, it’s double-sided tape designed to keep clothing in its place, so you can feel comfortable all day at work or all night at an event. It’s applied between your skin and clothing or between two pieces of clothing and comes in little strips, so it’s easy to fit it in the exact space you want it.

Places where fashion tape is useful:

  • the space between two buttons of a blouse across your chest when there’s a gaping hole

  • on the edges of a deep-v neckline, so it doesn’t gape open when you sit or move

  • on the inside of a cuffed shirt or pants roll to keep the cuff in its place

  • the edge of a flimsy collar to keep it tacked down

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If you’re new to Austin, there’s one thing you must know: The Texas sun ain’t playing around.

No matter the weather or time of year, leaving the house means you’ve gotta put on sunscreen. Your skin is an essential part of highlighting your ageless beauty and protecting it should be a necessary step in your daily routine.

Apply sunscreen in the morning during your regular beauty routine, then again midday on-the-go, and if you’re headed to outdoor activities in the early evening, mid-afternoon as well.

If you’re looking for a new brand to try, check out Coola. They’re my absolute favorite, and bonus — the sunscreen actually smells good!

Worried you won’t get the perfect golden tan if you’re covered in sunscreen? Try a spray tan to get you golden. Here’s where I recommend getting yours in downtown Austin.


I’m pretty sure 90% of people in Austin have pets, and if you happen to fall into this chunk, you’ve gotta have a mini lint roller in your life and in your bag.

Lint rolling is a little extra step in your routine, but it’s super easy one that takes you from very hairy to put together and polished in a few minutes or less.

Check out these mini additions to to combat the fur and get confident.


Keeping your lips safe from the sun is just as important as keeping your skin safe, but doing it can also give you a little style boost if you use tinted lip balm.

Tinted lip balm is just like lipstick, but while it’s working as makeup, it’s also working as protection.

Like the sunscreen, Coola is my go-to, because they have 8 different colors to choose from so you can match your lip to your mood and look.

Try “skinny dip” for an everyday look, “purple sky” for an edgy addition to your outfit, or “firecracker” for the perfect party touch.

Check out all the colors here.


Okay, these are just plain cute. When you’ve got a loose thread in your top or dress, you’re taking a risk when you pull without being sure you won’t create a hole by unraveling more of the garment. So just cut it!

These clippers are also good if you forget to cut the pockets or the vent in the back of your blazer as well as for trimming up a raw edge on your jeans.

bonus item: NIPPLE COVERS

So this item didn’t make it to my top five, just because if you have a larger chest, you’re probably saying “Absolutely not, Raquel” right now, and that would be a very valid point. But if you’re a c-cup or under, nipple covers are a great addition to your arsenal of products.

You can use them for an outfit that requires you to go braless or just add them under a dress or top whenever you feel like going braless.

There are two kinds you can try: one-time use pasties and reusable.

I like the one-time use, because they stick better, and you don’t run the risk of them moving around when you sweat.

Haven’t found your favorite brand yet? Try these.

Ready to bag it all up and throw it in your tote?

Check out these fun printed and patterned makeup bags from Skinnydip.

Now I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and share which addition to your summer satchel you’re most excited to try.

Lots of love and joy!