The Fall 2019 Trend Report

The beginning of a new season is the most exciting time in fashion because it gives you the opportunity to build out the trendiest side of your wardrobe.

Raquel shares her top trends for fall 2019.

The majority of your wardrobe should be made up of classics, but trends are crucial too. They add joy, complexity, and creative inspiration to any closet.

Trends represent everything in our society: politics, religion, movies, music, food, nature. All those elements get channeled into what we wear.

This fall, there are a lot of eye-catching trends to consider. Here are some of my faves…


You may feel like you have an aversion to camo, but there are so many different ways to do camo, which means there may be one for you. You can keep it traditional with an army green camo utility jacket and finish the look with a burgundy top and high-waisted dark-blue flares. If that feels like it stands out too much, try a grey camo print for a more subtle, elegant camo (and yes, it’s possible for camo to be elegant). Choose one of the greys from the camo (since there will be a mix) and use that in other parts of your outfit. For example, a grey camo pair of leggings fits easily with a v-neck charcoal, fine-kint sweater and slate-grey fashion sneakers. Finish all your camo looks with classic hoops.

Raquel Greer Gordian of Greer Image Consulting visits Studio 512 to chat all about the biggest trends of fall 2019.


It’s impossible to miss animal print considering it’s everywhere. I hear a lot of women say they aren’t into animal prints, but like any good trend, it’s about finding the animal print that’s right for you.

Neon snakeskin, grey leopard, and an abstract cheetah print couldn’t be more different, so keep your eyes open for something that fits your personality. Neon is unequivocally bold, so if you are too, go for it. Try an abstract animal print, which has the appearance of a traditional animal print but isn't found in nature, to play into your creativity. An animal print made with variations of grey (rather than the more literal black and brown combination) will make for a sophisticated and updated approach.


Remember the Tiffany chain heart necklace of the 2000s? Chunky pieces like this are back and perfect for fall. These heavy-weight accessories are a perfect pairing with your chunkiest sweater or your classic cream-colored button down. Finish the look with simple studs of the same type of metal (such as gold, silver, rose gold), then add a big cocktail ring to match the chunkiness of the necklace.


Everyone can wear every color. It’s the version of the color that you need to match to your skin, eyes, and hair. Purple is all over the place, so you’ve got lots to choose from. One person might have a deep, clear complexion that pairs well with royal purple, while another person’s soft, cool complexion would be better suited for lavender. For a light, warm complexion, the answer is lilac. There is something out there for everyone. Pair your purple with its complimentary color, yellow, for a bold look or stick to all black around the purple for a sleek feel.


Lace is one of my favorite fabrics to try if you’re looking to transition a trend from day to evening.

In the office, a navy sheath dress with a full-length cardigan will create the perfect balance of femininity and power. Then switch the look to night with a moto jacket and cage heels.

Wearing it in a top instead? Tuck the lace top into paper-bag waist pants for a practical and comfortable look. Finish it with patent leather oxfords and a blazer for a powerful, professional finish.

If you enjoyed this article, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and tell me which trend you’re most excited to try for Fall 2019.

Lots of love and joy!