Why A Color-Coordinated Closet Is Necessary and How Exactly To Do It

If your closet feels more like storage than a room you’d show off on a tour of your home, it’s time for an upgrade.

Image via Simple Spaced

Image via Simple Spaced

Your closet should be organized, stylized, and carefully mapped out like your kitchen or living room, but the thought of re-working so many clothes and accessories can get overwhelming.

There’s one thing you can do to shift the energy and appearance of your closet: color coordinating.

Take an hour today or pencil it in to your calendar, because coordinating the colors of your closet is essential.

Here’s why…

You buy less.

If you find yourself spending more than you’d like on a monthly or quarterly basis, color coordinating can help you curb your spending habits.

With each piece in color order, you see what you have and how much you have — often leading to the “Wow, I’ve got a lot of clothes!” moment. It means you don’t have to leave your closet to shop.

Just choose something from the bunch that you rarely wear or haven’t ever worn to give you a shopping buzz.

You use more.

One of my biggest goals at Greer Image Consulting is to help you use 100% of your wardrobe. When you can see it all, you’re way more likely to use it!

Pieces don’t escape into the dark corners of your closet. Instead, each piece is highlighted and in a spot that where you can easily grab it.

You see doubles.

If you’re like most women, you shop for similar cuts and colors over and over again. It’s great to have your best colors and cuts all over your closet, but if you’ve never been through The Greer Style Session, you may be buying the same pieces to keep it safe.

Color coordinating lets you see where you’ve got multiples, so you can give away what you don’t need or want.

You want to be in your closet.

Your morning routine shouldn’t be filled with dread.

Getting dressed is the mood setter for the day, and to get in your conquer-the-world-no-matter-what’s-coming-my-way vibe, you need a space that supports you.

Your beautiful closet (or half of it if you partner has the other half) is a space that’s only yours.

It’s your place to think about how you want to represent yourself: powerful, approachable, edgy, feminine, sexy.

There’s a lot to contemplate in this space, and you’ll get the most clarity and creativity when it’s beautiful and color coordinated.

Here’s how to do it…

Step one:

Organize by item. Put pants with pants, dresses with dresses, jackets with jackets, etc…

Step two:

In each item section, organize using ROYGBIV color order.

Here’s how it’ll go: white, ivory, tan, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, grey, black.

And voíla! Your closet is spectacular.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell me how color coordinating your closet has helped you feel more confident and put together in your style. I would love to hear from you!

Lots of love and joy,


How to Create Proportion and Balance That'll Make You Look Put Together and Polished

If you're bored with your current look, it may not be because of what you're wearing. It may be because of how you're wearing the outfit.

Raquel Greer Gordian visits Studio 512 to share about how to create eye-catching proportion and balance in your look.

It’s easy to throw on a few great items from your wardrobe, and still know that something’s off.

The reason is often not about the pieces. It’s about the proportion.

But don’t worry! It’s an easy fix, and today’s video is all about how to make sure you’ve got the proportion and balance in your outfit that makes you feel confident all day long.

Watch the video below to learn…

  • why your old math skills are more important than you’d think when getting dressed

  • the simple styling technique to balance your top and bottom

  • how to elongate your silhouette using three different jackets

  • how to use color to balance your look

  • the science behind why you should tuck in your shirt

  • a dressy casual way to wear shorts this fall

And don’t forget! Leave me a comment below and share how you’ll using these tricks to create your next awesome outfit. I would love to hear from you!

Lots of love and joy,


4 Pieces to Pair with Your Warm-Weather Blazer

You’ve probably got a blazer or two or ten in your closet.

Raquel Greer Gordian shares four easy ways to pair your classic blazer with what’s in your closet.

But like any piece that’s under the guise of business attire, you can feel like the fun stops before it even starts.

There are so many things you can do with this jacket though, for work or weekend. With blazers trending right now, the inspiration is everywhere. Which means you should seize the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and into creative mode.

New outfits are just around the corner. All you’ve gotta do is style them.

Here are 4 simple, but creative ways to wear blazers and styling tips for each to help you along the way.

And don’t forget! After you read up, leave me a comment below and tell me which way of styling your blazer you’ll be trying this week.

Lots of love and joy!



Styling Tip:

Follow your dress silhouette with the vertical line of your blazer, so both pieces naturally flow together. Here’s what I mean…

Raquel Greer Gordian shows you how to pair the classic business blazer with your favorite summer dress.

If you’ve got a straight up-and-down blazer (pictured above) or oversized boyfriend-style blazer (pictured below), you’ll want to avoid an exaggerated fit ‘n’ flare shape in a dress. Instead opt for a long and lean silky dress silhouette or a shift dress.

For dresses that have a set-in waist like that fit ‘n’ flare or sheath dress, try a cropped blazer that falls right above the waist or one that curves in at the waist to follow the line of the dress.

Styling Tip: Balance the proportion of blazer to dress by making sure the length of the dress and the length of the blazer aren’t the same.

You don’t want the dress and blazer creating a single horizontal line across your body, because this makes for a boring look.

It doesn’t matter if the dress is shorter (usually only happens if the jacket is super oversized) or longer than the jacket. Either way, they just need to be different lengths.

Raquel Greer Gordian shows you easy ways to pair your boyfriend blazer with a simple summer dress.

Prints are my fave, and I bet you’ve got a few of them stored up in your closet just waiting to get some love.

To add them to your blazer-focused outfit, you’ve just got to do one thing: link the colors in the shirt, skirt, or pant print to the color of your blazer.

Styling Tip: You can link two of the exact color together (cobalt blazer, cobalt-infused print) or you can use the characteristics of the color in your jacket to link to a print.

Below I’m using my watermelons to link right into my light, bright, warm, coral-colored jacket. While they’re not exactly the same color, the watermelons share the characteristic of light, bright, warmth with the jacket, so the coral jacket and the watermelons talk to each other.

Is your go-to blazer a neutral? Use it in the same way as you would a colorful blazer. Choose a pattern like leopard to play into a tan blazer or a silver metallic snake skin print to play into a grey blazer. Tan can be found in most leopard prints, so you’re linking the exact color, and grey has the same cool and light characteristics as silver, so you’re linking the characteristics of both colors.

Raquel Greer Gordian shares simple ways to pair your classic blazer with bold patterns and prints.

Forget the classic suit. Wearing your blazer with a jumpsuit is the power move you need to be using at work.

The right business jumpsuit lets you move as easily as a dress would, but has the sleekness of a traditional suit. Adding the jumpsuit underneath your blazer will make both pieces more polished, intentional, and commanding.

Want to play with messages in your outfit?

Styling Tip: Tune into texture.

Is the blazer relaxed or rigid? Structured or soft? Ask yourself the same questions of the jumpsuit.

Match the texture of the blazer to the texture of the jumpsuit for a sharp message.

Rigid blazer + structured jumpsuit = power

Relaxed blazer + soft jumpsuit = approachability

If you’re looking to balance both, it’s easy! Just mix textures — try a structured blazer with a flowy jumpsuit like I did below.

Raquel Greer Gordian shares easy ways to pair your classic blazer with a fun jumpsuit.

This is super simple way to create a smart and casual look with your blazer, but there’s a trick to it: Don’t over think it!

While color matching is super duper important to creating clean looks, adding a basic tank underneath the blazer only means asking yourself one questions: Is the blazer dark or light?

If dark, go with a dark tank. If light, go with a light tank. Got a mix of colors in the blazer? Go either way.

Styling Tip: Even if the color underneath is slightly different, the quality of the color will link the blazer and tank.

If your blazer is black and your tank is navy, this slightly-off pairing will actually create a more interesting, sophisticated, and fashion-forward combination.

My blazer below has navy trim, but my tank’s actually charcoal — is it working? Yup! And yours totally can too. Happy Styling!

Raquel Greer Gordian shares simple ways to match your classic blazer to a basic tank.

29 Styling Ideas to Try In April

I’ve been feeling inspired lately to create new combinations in my own closet, and my guess is that it has something to do with the buzz of spring.

Whether it’s hot, cold, or luke warm out, spring is the perfect time to get take a fresh perspective on old items in your closet.

And the easiest way to look at your closet from a different point of view is through exploring styling techniques: Use what you’ve got to make new outfits you love.

Which is why this month I’m giving you a style challenge to inspire you, spark your curiosity, and get you thinking about how to utilize all the different patterns, prints, colors, and pieces in your wardrobe.

Implement one tip a day or style up a bunch of outfits and take pictures of each outfit for a later time. Either way, I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to leave me comment below and tell me which styling idea you love the most.




Pop your striped top off a solid pant for a bit of energy and pattern.


Not sure how to do a proper front tuck? Head here.

Belts are another way that you can show off your style, so use them to your advantage by front tucking your top up.




Camo adds an intense touch to your look, so use it in one piece then surround it with solids.




Retro vibes are always in style. Incorporate your favorite decade through a flare pant or jean.




Pink and red are the perfect spring style combination.



If you love to keep it comfortable in your weekday look, try athleisure. You don’t have to apologize for having a little bit of stretch and a whole lot of style in your look.


Give your outfit a feminine touch by tying up your favorite button down over top.


Here’s five ways to wear it.


Go fierce with your look by adding snakeskin, leopard, or cheetah to your outfit.


Make a statement with tassels that fit your style and enhance your outfit.


Create a striking combination by adding navy to your all black outfit.


It’s still cold outside, so utilize your moto for every occasion.



White is classic, so use your white pieces to balance your trend pieces.


Yeehaw! Cowboy boots are the perfect addition to skirts, jeans, and your favorite sundress.




Kimonos are the perfect layer when weather’s unpredictable.


Hat’s add a fresh pop and a finishing touch to any weekend look.


Get playful with polka dots in a fit ‘n’ flare dress or a casual tee.


Bring energy and interest to your look with a bit of bling.


Don’t settle for solids. Get a little funky by adding one pattern to another.

Where to Take Your Unwanted Clothes to Make a Difference or Make Some Money

It’s that time of year again when the idea of spring cleaning becomes so fun and exciting that it’s impossible to resist!

There’s dusting off to be done, rooms to redesign, and fresh organizational tactics to try, and for some pieces that don’t make the cut this year, a new home is in order.

Goodwill is an easy drop off that most of us have close to home, but there also are a bunch of different Austin organizations and businesses you may not be as familiar with that make a difference in our community or can make you some money from your unwanted goods.


If you’re looking to sell items before donation, your first step is to determine what is sellable.

If you’re looking to strictly donate, skip this part and find your drop off spots below.

Sellable items from your closet will most likely fall into one of these categories:

  1. MODERN: Excellent condition pieces that are less than four years old.

  2. VINTAGE: Excellent condition pieces that are more than fifteen years old.

Once you have those two categories established, break down the modern pieces into subcategories.

  1. Fashion-forward, high-end designer pieces (i.e., Chloe, Isabel Marant, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Valentino, Theory, Gucci, Lanvin, Helmut Lang…)

  2. Moderate or low-priced trend pieces (i.e., Rails, Equipment, Paige, Joe’s, Madewell, Nike, Michael Kors, Wildfox, Kendra Scott, Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman, A New Day, Wit & Wisdom, Caslon, BP., Halogen, TopShop, Leith)

If your modern pieces fall into subcategory “1”, take them here:


If your modern pieces fall into subcategory “2”, take them here:




For all vintage pieces, take them here:





Note: Some boutiques are by appointment only, so make sure to call ahead and arrange your visit before you get to the store.


Once you’ve consigned or sold what’s possible, it’s time to make a big difference with your bag of items.

From the unsold items, separate items that can be used professionally from those that are more weekend appropriate.

For professional items, take them here:

Dress for Success

You can donate directly to the organization at their Austin location or you can take your donation to any Westbank Cleaners.  

(Dress for Success items must be on hangers, so make sure to hang them back up before delivery. Shoes and accessories can be placed in bags.)

For casual items or if you’re looking to donate solely at one spot, take them here:  

SAFE Donation Warehouse
1401 Grove Blvd, Austin, TX 78741

Now I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite place to consign your unwanted items in Austin.



10 Easy Styling Tricks To Try This Week

Spring is a time of renewal, especially for our closets.

Whether you’re looking to add some new pieces to your closet this season or reinvent what you’ve already got, I’m giving you easy styling tips to get your creativity working in your wardrobe all March long.

No matter which way you implement, you’ll give your closet and style a bit of a boost.


Itching for color this spring, but nervous about incorporating the boldest brights? Don’t fret! Pastels can add the perfect pop of color without overloading you with intensity.

Blush is a cool, light, and soft color, so use the characteristics of this color to find the perfect pairing: gray. Heather gray is also soft, cool, and light, which means it naturally works well with blush.

Add a neutral background of black or white around the two to make the blush and gray the focal points of your outfit.

Looking to add soft pops to your spring wardrobe? Try adding blush to your heather grey. The too cool, light colors balance each other with similar characteristics, while adding a romantic touch to your look.


Bring your belt through your pants loops and guess what?! You’re rocking one of the biggest styling trends of 2019! The pants belt is an easy way to accessorize your look and it acts as the perfect compliment to your front tuck.

Not sure how to do a front tuck? Check out the DIY video.

Add jewelry or a scarf to your belted look, but just make sure the necklace isn’t so long that it hits the belt — everything needs to seamlessly fit together, not clash up against each other.

You can also take a minimalist approach to your look (since using a belt is already accessorizing) by leaving off chunkier jewelry. Stick to simple hoops, and you’ll be good to go for the day.

The pants belt is back! Try is with your wide-leg trousers or super skinny jeans to add a thoughtful detail and noticeable interest to your look.

The pants belt is back! Try is with your wide-leg trousers or super skinny jeans to add a thoughtful detail and noticeable interest to your look.


Love the look and don’t have one in your closet? Add it to the shopping list!

This dress transitions easily from winter to spring and is well-suited to all body types. The wrap dress works like magic to highlight a defined waist or to create the illusion of one that isn’t there.

An easy choice for work, try it at the office with a platform oxford and power blazer, then switch to cagey heels and bold coral lip stain for happy hour.


Add a knockout element to your look by stacking up your bangles.

Take a fresh perspective on how you’ve used them in the past by first pulling them all out on your vanity and looking at them all on together. Find the best sets of 3 or more by asking yourself about the bangles:

Which have the circumference to stand up against each other?
Which have similar colors that seamlessly work together?
Which are of a similar style (i.e., sporty vs. romantic, edgy vs. traditional) and naturally go together?

Try multiple combinations until your intuition tells you that you’ve found the right one, two, or three combinations. Snap a picture of each, so you can remember them in the future.

Stack it up! The more, the merrier when it comes to bangles.

Stack it up! The more, the merrier when it comes to bangles.


In menswear, tailoring is seen as an essential step for perfectly fitted clothing. In womenswear, it’s often overlooked, but there’s no getting around it: Tailoring is key.

Not all garments need tailoring, of course, but depending on your body type, it’s important to get used to taking in, taking up, or adjusting a piece to your unique proportions.

To get the fit thats ideal for your body, go through your closet and pull out anything you’ve considered ill-fitting before.

Does your shirt(s) need to be taken up through the shoulder to fit your short torso?
Do your pants need to be taken up and taken in to accommodate your petite frame?
Do the tops of your jeans need to be pinched in to fit the ratio of hip width to waist width?
Do the sleeves on your jacket need to be taken out or taken in to fit your arm length?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these for pieces in your wardrobe, create a pile of the items you’re willing to invest a bit more in to get the fit you feel confident and comfortable in.


Booties never need to be a seasonal item.

If you love them, wear them all year round by pairing them with lighter looks. Not only will you be incorporating a piece you adore, but they can add structure to a flowy outfit and unpredictability (which often translates to fashion sense) to your look.

Pair a black pencil skirt (like I did below) with your booties to create an eye-catching detail at the office or add the booties to a wispy sundress for warmer spring days. Finish both looks with the sunglasses that match the boot colors to book end the look.

Want to add a bootie with a Texas feel? Try cowboy boots!

Booties aren’t a seasonal item, but rather a perfect practical addition to your outfit year round.


Black and blue are one of the sleekest ways to pair a color with a neutral, and even though it’s getting warmer outside, this powerful pairing is useful all year round in the office.

The trick to pulling it off (and all looks really) is making sure you look like you had intention behind your choice — you meant to do it. The blue and black need to be far enough apart color-wise for anybody to tell that you didn’t think they were the same color.

To try this pairing, think of your outfit in thirds. 1/3 of the look needs to be black, 2/3 needs to be blue or the opposite — 1/3 blue, 2/3 black. This balances your look and gives the perfect push and pull between colors.

Pair your boldest blues with a stark black for a power look you’ll love to wear to your Austin office.


These three styling techniques will help you to use your body type to build a look that’s most flattering to you.

First, think about accentuating. Are you an apple body type who carries your weight in your abdomen and never gains weight in your legs? Pair light-weight leggings to highlight your slim legs with a tunic top to camouflage your widest point.

Second, consider balance. Are you a pear body type who carries your weight around your hips? Balance your hip width by wearing flare jeans that neutralize the curve of your hip, while still accentuating your waist. Finish with pointed-toe pumps to bring the focus upward.

Third, try camouflaging disproportionate areas by choosing pieces that balance. Are you an inverted triangle whose shoulders are wider than your hips? To camouflage a larger shoulder girdle, try a fit ‘n’ dress or skirt that adds width around your hips to balance the shoulders.


When deciding on a pair of heels, and if your feet allow, go for the pointed-toe pumps over the rest. Round and square toed heels can make you look shorter, while pointed toes always elongate the leg and body.

Use this pair to intensify any business attire. From your most conservative suit to your dressy tee and jeans, pointed-toe pumps will give you the perfect finishing, fashionable touch.

Want to add power to your Austin office look? Try a pointed-toe pump with everything from jeans to suits to create a look that commands respect and attention.


Considering these two factors will allow your jewelry, scarves, and belts to continuously enhance your natural, beautiful attributes.

Petite? Try daintier accessories to match your smaller frame like geometric studs. Plus size? Try bolder accessories to match your curvier frame like 90s-style gold hoops.

Then there’s personality…

Consider yourself an alpha boss lady? Choose accessories to match your personality like a bejeweled bib necklace or oversized resin earrings.

Would you rather support the team than be leader of the pack? Try more demure accessories like three-strand gold necklaces or stackable rings.

Now, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and share which styling tips you’ll be using this week and what part of your wardrobe you’re excited to rock for spring.



How To Organize Your Entire Closet From Top To Bottom

Earlier this month on The Greer Guide, I covered exactly how to clean out your entire closet by answering 10 necessary questions. And this week, it’s all about taking the next step: organization.

The right organizational systems make it easy to see, reach, and utilize everything in your wardrobe, plus, they can make your closet into one of the prettiest and most exciting spaces in your home.

 So let’s dig in, shall we?

Clothes first

Evaluate your space.

Unless you designed the closet yourself, the layout can throw you for a loop.

Do not worry though! You’ve got this, and you’re already on your way to making it a stunning space.

To organize your clothes according to the current space, look at your closet as if you’d never seen it before, that way you don’t automatically organize it in the same way(s) you’ve done in the past.

If you’re easily distracted, it’s best to pull all the clothes out of the closet during this step and put them on your bed. If you can stay focused on a new plan with the clothes in their current setup, leave them there.

Consider individual sections.

Items need to go with like items (i.e., shirts with shirts, sweaters with sweaters, dresses with dresses, etc…).

This allows you to clearly decide what you want to wear for the day. If you wake up and say, “It’s a dress kind of day!” then go directly to that section without distraction. 

Do not sort by formality or season. This blocks your creativity by putting you in a mindset of “I can only wear these pieces at these times.” Instead, put pieces like pencil pants next to jeans and long-sleeved blouses next to sleeveless tops.

Find the best place for every group of items to fit.

And be logical in this step. If you have a double-layer side for hanging and another side with only one higher row for hanging pieces, choose the higher side for dresses of a variety of lengths. This will prevent your midi and maxi dresses from bunching up or collecting dust on a shelf below the row.

If you’ve got shelving in your closet, fill the shelves with sweaters, not thinner garments. The fluffiness of the sweaters will allow you to still see all of them easily. Thinner tops like silky blouses should be hung alongside dressy t-shirts.

Sketch before you implement.

In case you’re interrupted by another task or kids mid-project, do a super simple sketch of where you want everything to live in your closet.

Put each item in their section.

Whether it’s hanging or folded, get each item into its desired section. Don’t worry about everything being pretty yet, just throw it in. Pieces will be moving in the next step.

Organize by color.

Color-coding is essential to seeing what you have and creating a beautiful space. And who doesn’t love a beautiful rainbow?!? So make your closet into one!

Follow the ROYGBIV sequence to bring natural order to your wardrobe. It goes like this: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. For light neutrals like tan and white, add them by the orange/yellow section. For black and grey, put them after violet.

For patterned pieces, choose the most prominent color in the garment and put the piece in that color’s section.

Specialized items

For items that serve a specific purpose like workout gear, ski attire or pajamas, you do not need to include them in your everyday oh-so-pretty clothing organization. You will naturally reach for them or find them when you work out, go on a vacation or go to bed. Because of this, you can fill the dark space in the back of your closet with these items or move them to the bottom drawer of your dresser.  


Take a look at the open spaces in your bedroom, bathroom and closet to determine where an organizer could fit. On the wall? On top of a dresser? In front of your clothing in a hanging organizer?

My necklaces hang right above my folded sweaters, so I can easily see and use each piece.

My necklaces hang right above my folded sweaters, so I can easily see and use each piece.

You can add jewelry to just one of those spaces or all three if you have room. Just make sure you’re able to see and access everything easily.

For a free wall, try a hanging organizer. For a large dresser or empty shelf in one of those rooms, try a freestanding organizer.

Want a comprehensive look at how exactly to organize your particular combination of jewelry items? Head here to read the article on how to organize your jewelry in 5 simple steps.


Like the clothes, shoes can throw you for a loop when organizing in a space you didn’t design. Shoes can take up a lot of room, so it’s important to get creative with exactly where you put them.

Remove shoes from cardboard boxes.

The boxes only create a barrier.

Don’t worry about them collecting dust — this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using them consistently.

Plastic containers

If all of your shoes currently live in plastic boxes, check out the floor space and evaluate – If you remove the shoes, do you have floor space or shelves to make all of your shoes visible? If the answer is yes, remove all of the shoes from the plastic boxes.

If you answer is no, you don’t have room, you’ll need a system to quickly identify what’s in each box. To do this, take a picture of each pair of shoes in each plastic box. Print the picture and stick it to the front of the box, so you can easily see what’s in the box.

Ideal storage

If you have room on your floor or shelves, that’s awesome! Because this is the best way to store shoes. For this method, place each pair of shoes front to back. This saves room and allows you to see every detail of the shoe, so you can match the shoe seamlessly to the rest of your outfit when getting dressed.

Place one shoe forward and one shoe backwards to create more space amongst shoes and easily create outfits incorporating the design details of the shoes.

Place one shoe forward and one shoe backwards to create more space amongst shoes and easily create outfits incorporating the design details of the shoes.


Scarves can be folded like sweaters on a shelf or hung from a hanger or closet rods. Hanging is preferable, because it was allow you to see more of the colors strewn throughout the scarf, so you can match it to your look easily later.

Scarves folded next to sweaters for easy access and styling.

Scarves folded next to sweaters for easy access and styling.


Hook all of your belts onto one hanger by their buckles or wrap them into individual circles and stack them on top of each other on a shelf.


Loose hangers shouldn’t live between hangers with clothes on them, because they easily get lost in those random spots and take up unnecessary room. Instead, designate one area of your closet for loose hangers to live.

Every time you take an item off a hanger, put it there immediately to avoid deviating from your new system.  

A good place for hangers in the back of the closet, because unlike clothes, they won’t be forgotten there. You’ll reach for them when you need them.

Empty hangers also aren’t the prettiest part of your wardrobe, so leaving them out of the spotlight maximizes the beauty of the space.  

Empty hangers should have a space of their own.

Empty hangers should have a space of their own.

New hangers

While having all the same type of hangers isn’t necessary, it’s an extra step in making your closet feel fresh. When upgrading your hangers, try velvet hangers.  These will make your closet more visually appealing and save space, because they aren’t as chunky as the classic plastic hangers.

If you’re petite, try velvet hangers made for kids rather than the regular size. The narrowness of these specialized hangers will ensure that your long-sleeved shirts don’t get peaks at the edge of them.

Old hangers

If you don’t upgrade hangers, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Take the foam off any hangers that have it covering the top. The foam will deteriorate over time and can permanently damage clothes.

  • Remove all dry cleaning bags from over clothes. Clothes need oxygen to be well preserved and over time, the bags will hinder this airflow.

  • Remove and recycle old dry cleaner hangers if you have enough hangers to hang all your clothes without them. Dry cleaner hangers take up space and take away from the beauty of your closet.

Dirty clothes

While this may seem like common sense, it’s important to keep in mind not to hang clothes that are dirty or wrinkled back up with all the fresh pieces.

You’ll end up pulling out clothes to wear that you thought were clean only to find a stain at home or when you’re out of the house and can’t change (never fun). 

Instead, invest in two hampers: one for washer-compliant clothes and one for dry clean only pieces. Put the hamper somewhere easily accessible (master bathroom, bedroom or closet), so you don’t put them on the floor and cause clutter.

Put dirty clothes in their proper hamper right when you take them off after a long day.

Like all the steps before this one, putting clothes in a hamper rather than on the floor will also improve the look and energy of your closet.

Iron-ready clothes

Put all clean clothes that need to be ironed in a single, visible space in the closet.  Having a concentration of them will make them hard to miss and create an easy reminder.

Additional details


Especially in older closets, you may run into this issue.

If your closet is too dark to see everything easily, invest in stick on lighting for the back wall or behind clothes. You can check out easy stick-on lighting at Home Depot or Target.

Full length mirror

This is an essential with a capital ‘E’ part of your wardrobe! No closet is complete without a full-length mirror. This is the piece of the puzzle makes it simple to conceptualize your look, see your outfit head-to-toe, and serves as the final checkpoint before you head off into the world to say, “Damn! I look goooooood.” Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Container Store are easy places to find this tool.

Finishing touches

You’ve reached the end of the organizational road! Woop woop! High fives aaaaall around. At this point your closet should be lookin’ pretty darn snazzy, but there are a few additional steps you can take to make the space extra special

Add a rug

This is after all a room in your house, so why not treat it like one?!? You can fit it in with the aesthetic of the rest of your house or go rogue with it. Get glamorous, whimsical, eccentric or playful with whatever you put down. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something that will make you feel good each morning.

A rug will add the perfect pop to your closet and make it just as special as every other room in the house.

A rug will add the perfect pop to your closet and make it just as special as every other room in the house.

Other inspiration

There are a number of ways you can make the closet a bit cozier. My favorite is art. Add personal touches and personality through pictures, vision boards, your kids’ painting or knick-knacks to all corners of the closet.

This part is all about indulging in what makes you feel good, so go for it! Don’t hold back with making the closet into your most personal space in the house.

And if you take one thing away from today’s blog, let it be this:

Out of sight, out of mind is never truer than in your wardrobe. If a piece isn’t easily accessible, it can’t stay top of mind. So bring everything out to play!

Now as always, I would love to hear from you! What’s your favorite way to organize or jazz up your closet? Leave me a comment below and share your style story.



10 Necessary Questions to Ask Yourself When Doing a Comprehensive Closet Clean Out

I loooooooooooove cleaning out closets – my own and my clients’ alike. It’s so fun, because it’s freeing. It creates space, good energy, and even room for a few new things to boost your wardrobe.

Cleaning out your closet is an important step in developing your personal style, because it allows you to keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape. I have a bag of to-go items in my closet that I’ll sell or donate all the time to make sure my wardrobe stays up to speed with my life.

If you haven’t done this in a while or are unsure if you’ve gotten rid of the right things in the past, a big sweep is just what you need.

Cleaning out allows you to do a mental inventory of what’s in your closet. This means you’re much more likely to use all you’ve got in your wardrobe going forward, which one of my main goals with all of my clients: to help you use 100% of your wardrobe.

When doing the closet clean out, make sure to follow these guidelines:

Avoid multitasking.

Cleaning out your closet can feel overwhelming, which is why it’s essential to focus on one thing at a time. Put your imaginary blinders on to make sure you don’t look around and get distracted by your entire wardrobe at once. 

Go section by section (i.e., pants, shirts, shoes, etc…).

This helps you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after a type of item. “Shirts off the list! Check!” This path also gives you optional stopping points after each section or two when a wine and chocolate break is essential.

To begin this process, lay out all the items from one section on your bed.  If you’re overwhelmed with what section to begin with, start with pants.

Then ask yourself these 10 questions for each section of items.  

Does this item fit?

This is probably the most difficult question you’ll have to ask yourself over course of the clean out, because it means you need to not just embrace your style, but also your body.

 As women, we are frequently taught to feel shame and guilt surrounding our bodies. After years of working in my field, I can confidently say almost every single woman experiences fear and anxiety around her body for one single reason -- we are taught to feel that way!

We are taught to feel bad about the shape, size and 100% natural tendencies of our bodies. These ideas come to us through media, family, friends, and co-workers. This ideas saturate our society and, unfortunately, our selves.

The truth is though that there’s nothing wrong or silly or gross about your body. Your body is the way it should be, because that’s exactly how it is!

Your body is a powerful, beautiful tool you can use to feel sexy, confident and commanding.

It’s time to look in your closet from the perspective of loving and embracing your body right now. From that point of view, get rid of things that don’t fit. And yes, this includes those goal jeans!

For this step, only deal with the pieces you know don’t fit that don’t have to be tried on.

Leave the pieces that you aren’t sure if they fit for later on – we’ll get to those in a later question.

Do I feel happy when I put this piece on?

When answering this question, go with your gut. Choose a simple “yes” or “no” to sift through what you don’t want and what you couldn’t bare to part with.

What is the condition of this item?

A.    Falling apart at the seams

B.    Crappy as hell

C.     A-Okay, but could use a replacement

D.    Looks good and feels great

E.     Brand spankin’ new!

 On things you answered “A” or “B” to, you know what to do – get rid of them! You don’t have the space, time, or patience to sift through these things each morning to get to the good stuff.

“D” and “E” are keeps, and with “C,” it really depends on the type of item you’re looking at and the frequency with which you wear it that dictates if it should stay or go.

For example, if it’s in the shoe category, and you use the shoes on a bi-weekly basis for work, you may want to hang on to them until you find a replacement. A-Okay is not good though, so be fast with finding a replacement within the next few weeks.

Is this item pilling?

This question also deals with the condition of the item, but I’m addressing it in particular, because pilling is a specific issue that all of us can see, but don’t always want to face.

Pills are those little balls you get on shirts and sweaters that make a piece look raggedy. Many items nowadays are made with a combination of synthetic and natural fabric, and unfortunately, pilling is often a result of two different fibers rubbing together. Even if you’ve only worn a piece a couple times and it’s pilled, it’s time to cut your losses and get rid of it.

Pilling distracts from your professional endeavors and can make it look like you don’t care enough about your job to invest in quality clothing.

If giving away a nearly new piece is just too much heartache, put it into the “wear around the house” pile.

To avoid pilling in the future, wash clothes inside out and hang dry for a longer life span.

Jewelry only: Has this piece turned?

Like pilling, turned jewelry is about the condition of the item, and requires you to take a closer look at each piece of costume jewelry.

For this question, I’m referring to when jewelry oxidizes and changes color to a not-so-pretty orange, green or bronze.  

If the answer is “yes,” it’s time to let the piece go. Polishable silver doesn’t count though — you can set that aside to spruce up with cleaning later.

Does this piece have holes in it?

This question may seem basic, but these sneaky little monsters pop up all the time in places you wouldn’t normally check, like the back of the neckline on your shirt or the bottom of a skirt. Make sure to give each piece a thorough check to ensure you haven’t missed any spots.

Does this piece have stains on it?

These are just as sneaky as holes, and if you have kids, they can end up all over your wardrobe.

For this step, create two separate piles of stained pieces: wash and dry clean. Once you’ve gone through each section in your entire wardrobe, throw the wash pile into the washer, and take the dry clean only pieces to the dry cleaner.

Once they’re clean, evaluate the keepers and goers.  

Am I comfortable in this item?

When I say comfortable, I mean physically and emotionally. 

For example, you may have once loved something your ex-husband gave you, but now it brings up negative feelings – time to let it go.

For physical comfort, this is a bit different from the “Does this item fit?” pile, because these pieces are in the grey zone – you need to try them on to know if they fit or not.  

Some examples that won’t work for your wardrobe include:

·      Jackets that are too snug for your shoulders

·      Itchy fabric that will distract you at work

·      Too high heels that make you wobble when you walk

Is this piece outdated?

Of the items that are left in this section, outdated pieces will require you to take a harder look and a bit more time to decipher than others “yays” and “nays.”

This question requires reflecting on who you are now vs. who you once were. Yes, you may have loved a particular piece and worn in to death 10 years ago, but how long has it been since you’ve felt that love?

An easy test to also apply when considering each piece is to go by how long you’ve had a piece.

Anything over 10 years old that isn’t a classic (i.e., a black blazer or a navy dress) or so outlandish that it’s for absolute fun and fabulous sake, put it in the go pile.

Does it fit my lifestyle?

You’ve been through a lot in your life, and your closet should reflect this current place and moment you are in.

If you don’t need a piece, it shouldn’t be there. Examples of pieces you may not need include: 

·      Business suit – For many industries in Austin, the business suit has become obsolete. Rejoice in that fact and send it to the go pile.

·      Heavy winter jackets – If you moved to Austin from a cold weather climate, you may have these tucked away. While we may get some light snow, heavy jackets aren’t necessary for our overwhelmingly hot climate.

·      Trousers & stuffy button-downs – These are similar to the suit in that most industries don’t expect you to wear something this conservative anymore. Express your creativity through a printed stretch pant, and ditch the khakis.

·      Sky high heels – Not only are they not as fashionable nowadays, but if comfort is something you really appreciate, then these are over.

Now I would love to hear from you!

What pieces in your wardrobe did you once love or served you well, but now don’t fit your lifestyle and have got to go? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your personal journey with cleaning out your wardrobe and creating a closet your love.




How to Organize Your Jewelry in 5 Simple Steps

Organizing your jewelry doesn’t have to be so boring. In fact, the ways in which you display your necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets can bring joy to your space and a pop of style to your bedroom, bathroom, or closet.

Check out my five-step system to bring a little more personality to your space and make it super simple to access and style your favorite jewelry every morning.

STEP 1: Bring it all together.

Make sure your jewelry is all in one place. Bringing all your jewelry to a single space — like the top of the dresser, the top of the bathroom counter, or spread it across your bed — will allow you to evaluate exactly what you have.

STEP 2: Sift through.

Ask yourself these three questions to make sure everything you’re putting in whatever organizer(s) you get is in good condition and paired with its mate.

  • Has the item turned?

This is when jewelry oxidizes and changes color to a not-so-pretty orange, green, or bronze.  If it isn’t real silver and can’t be saved by being polished, it’s time to let the piece go.

  • Is the item broken?

If so, ditch it.

Hold onto jewelry for repair only if you absolutely love it and can stick by your word of fixing it. If it’s been sitting in your drawer for years, and you’ve been promising to fix it, but haven’t yet, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

  • Do you have both earrings?

If not, get rid of the single one.

Just like the broken items, it’s easy to hold on to one earring for years, wishing that the other one will turn up. Chances are that it won’t, and you’ll spend more energy feeling bummed about it than you’ve got time for.

  • Lastly, untangle all tangled necklaces.

Each piece needs to be in the shape that allows you to wear it, so make sure your necklaces are ready to go for styling and wear.

STEP 3: Assess your space.

Decide on an organizer based on your space.

Take a look at the open spaces in your bedroom, bathroom, and closet to determine where an organizer could fit. On the wall? On top of a dresser? In front of your clothing in a hanging organizer?

 You can add jewelry to just one of those spaces or all three if you have room. Just make sure you’re able to see and access everything easily.

 For a free wall, try a hanging organizer. For a large dresser or empty shelf in one of those rooms, try a freestanding organizer.

STEP 4: Evaluate your jewelry.

Choose your organizer based on what jewelry you have.

Take a look at all your jewelry laid out. Is your pile dominated by necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings? Do you have the same amount of rings as you do earrings or do you have an overwhelming amount of necklaces?

Some organizers allow room for a variety of pieces and others are exclusively for necklaces or earrings. Some have a little room for bracelets and a lot of room for necklaces.

If you have multiple spots open, you can also separate different types of items among the free spaces. For instance, try a wall organizer for long necklaces and a free standing one for bracelets.

STEP 5: Find your perfect organizer.

There are many good places to shop for organizers outside of this list. Some of my favorites include The Container Store, Etsy, Anthropologie, West Elm, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Choose the organizer(s) that speaks to your style and fit the criteria above.  

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Glass shadow boxes are the perfect way to show off your collection of jewelry on a dresser top or bathroom counter top.

Glass shadow boxes are the perfect way to show off your collection of jewelry on a dresser top or bathroom counter top.

This is the jewelry organizer I have! I love it, because I’m able to see everything easily. I also don’t have a ton of space in my closet, and this is an easy, space-saving organizer that fits right in next to your clothes.

This is the jewelry organizer I have! I love it, because I’m able to see everything easily. I also don’t have a ton of space in my closet, and this is an easy, space-saving organizer that fits right in next to your clothes.

If you’re a gal who loves gold, this is the perfect jewelry organizer to show off your style in your space. Add necklaces, rings, or bracelets to each tray to make the perfect display to choose from each morning.

If you’re a gal who loves gold, this is the perfect jewelry organizer to show off your style in your space. Add necklaces, rings, or bracelets to each tray to make the perfect display to choose from each morning.

Who doesn’t love a classic jewelry box? And this one is the perfect blush to add a romantic touch to your bathroom, bedroom, or closet. Fill in with all your bracelets, rings, and earrings to open a box full of fun jewelry every morning.

Who doesn’t love a classic jewelry box? And this one is the perfect blush to add a romantic touch to your bathroom, bedroom, or closet. Fill in with all your bracelets, rings, and earrings to open a box full of fun jewelry every morning.

Mostly stick to necklaces? This is perfect for you. Use it as a solo piece for all your necklaces or incorporate this into your home and another tabletop jewelry organizer to display your bracelets, rings, and earrings in another spot.

Mostly stick to necklaces? This is perfect for you. Use it as a solo piece for all your necklaces or incorporate this into your home and another tabletop jewelry organizer to display your bracelets, rings, and earrings in another spot.

Minimalist and modern, this jewelry organizer makes it easy to see both your earrings and necklaces when getting dressed. Add it in your bathroom above a towel rack or on a closet wall to style your whole outfit in one place.

Minimalist and modern, this jewelry organizer makes it easy to see both your earrings and necklaces when getting dressed. Add it in your bathroom above a towel rack or on a closet wall to style your whole outfit in one place.

Simple, sleek, and bright, this tabletop organizer makes it easy to see and style your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Have more jewelry than this one can hold? Snag two or three and organize them side-by-side on your dresser or bathroom counter top.

Simple, sleek, and bright, this tabletop organizer makes it easy to see and style your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Have more jewelry than this one can hold? Snag two or three and organize them side-by-side on your dresser or bathroom counter top.

Now I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and tell me about your favorite way to organize and display your prettiest accessories.



How to Maintain & Manage Your Closet for Every Day

I created this week's post because I don't verbalize enough how important it is to manage your closet on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

A few simple tasks can make a big difference in the look and vibe of your closet. 

You have a limited amount of time you can spend in your wardrobe, and if everything isn't laid out for you to think creatively, you can't conceptualize an outfit.

Suddenly you're reaching for an outfit that "works" rather than one that makes you feel and look amazing. 

Because of this, regular wardrobe maintenance is an essential. It allows you to bring structure and systems to your closet space, and with these systems, comes order. With order, you envision your outfits more easily, feel more satisfaction when putting outfits together and get clearer on what your style is and where your style's going.

Here are 5 simple tips to turn your closet from a landfill into a secret garden.

5. Return any unwanted gifts. 

I know this seems simple, but I can't tell you the number of times I've been in someone's closet and the conversation goes something like this:

"This doesn't look like the style you're going for. Can we donate it?"
"Oh yeah, that was a gift from my [insert: aunt, ex-boyfriend, friend,mom] and I've never worn it."

Instead of letting unwanted pieces sit in your closet, return them. It may feel like a gift takes up only a little bit of space, but that space can instead be used for something you love or even left as open space! 

The giver had the joy of giving the gift to you. Now it's time to give yourself some joy and exchange it for something you really love. If you're not sure where it's from, stick it in the donate pile for someone else to enjoy. Which brings me to my next point...

4. Have a running give away bag in your closet.

I get a lot of questions and assumptions that I must have a ton of clothes in my own closet.

I don't.

I practice what I preach, which means regularly investigating who I am and how I want my clothes to show that. Do I want to feel flirty, edgy, classic, etc...? Maybe all of these things, maybe not.

This thought process inevitably leads me to weed out some pieces in my wardrobe are no longer aligned with who I want to be style-wise.

While something may be beautiful, cute or a piece you once loved, if it doesn't represent you now...put it in the go pile. Perhaps you went through a divorce, gave birth, moved, or had a career advancement...all these life changes contribute to style changes.

When you're actively thinking about the messages behind your clothes, individual pieces in your wardrobe will start to stand out as "not you". When this happens, go with your gut. Add them to your bag, and when its full, donate.

3. Prioritize Spots

I was in a client's closet yesterday and the first thing I noticed was the gym clothes had the prime real estate, right up front and center. The light-weight spring/summer tops were shoved in the back left corner.

While fitness is an essential part of life, you won't ever forget to use your workout clothes.

You will however forget about a summer top in a dark and dusty corner. In your closet, out of sight, out of mind holds true. 

Put the lifestyle essentials like tanks, work out gear and sweatshirts aside. Bring the pieces that can spark your creativity to the most visible spots in your closet. This way you can't forget about them, and you'll be encouraged to use more of your wardrobe. 

2.Invest in an iron and a steamer

There's nothing sadder than pulling out something you're eager to wear only to find out you can't. It's horribly wrinkled, and you don't have time to fix it right now. This will thwart your whole style plan and throw off your day. 

When anything that needs to be ironed or steamed comes out of the dryer, hang it up in a certain section or put it in a particular pile, rather than putting it in it's usual place. Add the task to your to-do list too, so you can easily remember to de-wrinkle each piece on Sunday night. 

Also, it's important you have both an iron and a steamer. Some fabrics are more responsive to one over another, so both will keep your bases covered. 

1. keep a spot for hangers-on-the-loose

So often I walk into a client's closet and each section of clothes has unused hangers stuffed in between each hanging clothing item. The hangers get caught on neighboring clothes, the clothes get caught on neighboring hangers and suddenly each piece is going in its own direction. 

This makes it hard to sift through, hard to see and if you enjoy a beautiful closet, this one is not pretty either. 

When you remove an article of clothing from a hanger, place the hanger in a particular section. This makes it easy to grab when you're hanging up clothes again and creates order in each section.

A look inside my closet and where I keep unused hangers...

Want more info on how to work with the wardrobe you've got to create outfits you'll love for your everyday? Book a Greer Style Chat with Raquel. 

How To Organize Your Closet

Organizing is a key part of developing your style and taking ownership of the space where all your clothes live: the closet. It's easy to let this space slip, because apart from you, possibly me, and maybe your partner, no one sees your closet. It is the fashion equivalent of a junk drawer, but unlike the junk drawer, you have to go into it every single day. 

Any space you have to enter every day is an important one to keep tidy.

In the closet, there are three things you need to do to make your clothes easy to utilize and sift through every morning. I have a clear way of organizing my closet and my client's closets, but for this article, I also wanted to contact a certified specialist who focuses solely on bringing order to you closet, home and office.

Suzanne Holsomback, a professional organizer in Austin, TX, gave me her thoughts on the importance of order, "There are a few reasons why an organized closet is essential. One is that clutter is stressful and anxiety inducing. If one of the first things you do in the morning is enter a stressful place or a place that causes frustration (Ah, I can't find my other boot), then you whole day will be influence by that initial stressor. " 

I could not agree more, which is why my first rule of closet order is:

#1 You must be able to see what you have to use what you have. 

As Suzanne said, one boot should live next to its soulmate (the other boot). Ideally, both shoes should be visible, but both shoes should definitely be easily accessible (i.e. live on the floor under your clothes, not in the hall closet). When you're putting together an outfit, and you're not sure what shoes to wear, you can look down and voila! the perfect shoes appears. 

This rule is important for two reasons. First, as the old says goes "out of sight, out of mind." If your jewelry is stashed under your bed or collecting dust in the bottom drawer of your vanity, you definitely aren't using it. Second, when every piece lives together, you can visualize and create a succinct, stylish outfit.

To make pieces more visible, add stick-on hangers to your closet wall or hang them from an available rack. This is where my accessories live in my closet...

When I walk into the closet, they are front, center and impossible to forget. 

When I walk into the closet, they are front, center and impossible to forget. 

I can easily grab a bag to match any outfit.

I can easily grab a bag to match any outfit.

Everything coexists making an outfit easy to create. 

Everything coexists making an outfit easy to create. 

#2 Organize By Item

If everything in your closet is mixed up, it's easy to pull out an unidentifiable black object only to learn it's not the black skirt you meant to reach for, but rather last year's Halloween costume. 

Here are your categories to organize by: pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters, jackets, blazer, heavy coats, dresses. 

Not only will you not get confused what your reaching for, but you will also be able to go to each section to pull exactly what you want to create your outfit. 

#3 Organize By Color

Often times, we dress by mood, "What do I feel like wearing today?" Although you have your favorite outfits, you may lean towards one over another on any given day. Different days, life events and professional occasions call for us to be multi-faceted, thus our clothing must represent that. 

If I'm heading to an important meeting, I automatically skip my yellow dresses and head straight to the navy and black ones. When I'm all giddy for fall (which I've been a lot lately), I head to my blush and nude tops to pair with tan booties. If I want to wear a powerful color I know looks best on me, I head to the coral dress section. 

Categorizing them by their color makes it easy to create your vision without getting distracted, frustrated or lost in a sea of clothes. Each color pops thus each color is easy to grab.

Want more style and less clutter in your life?

I would love to talk with you 1-on-1 to create a personalized plan of action to help you with your closet woes, style goals and wardrobe wants. 

The Phrase You Should Never Say About Your Clothes

My all-time favorite posts to write are the ones that are inspired by my clients, something I've mentioned before. So naturally, I was super pumped last week when I was in a client's closet and she uttered five words (that I'm about to tell you), which I hear all the time and tell me more about a closet than you can imagine. 

I hear this phrase when Im working in someone's closet, getting to know whats inside. A piece of clothing will jump out at me—something that doesnt belong. It could be a top or a pair of pants, or maybe a skirt, shoes, or an accessory. Whatever it is, I can see from the moment I look at it that it shouldn't be there. 

When I asked about why she owned it, hoping that we could bid it adieu, to send it off for someone who should actually own it, I almost always hear this excuse:

"I just bought it because..."

Those are five little words that tell three things you need to know:


You should always love everything in your wardrobe. Yes, I said it. I know it's a lofty goal, but if you don't reach for the stars, who will?! (I know, that was a little cheesy.)


"Just" is a word that lets me know that you aren't owning it, and with your style, you should be unapologetic. Style is one of the few arenas where pride can be a good thing. Style is expressive and all about you. When I hear you have something "just because," I know that it's not really speaking to who you are. There is something that is better out there. I know this for a fact.


I see this time and time again: a woman will think she needs a gray t-shirt (for example), so she goes to Target, finds the first gray t-shirt in the store, grabs it and goes. That t-shirt sits in her wardrobe collecting dust, because if you don't love a piece of clothing, it no longer becomes a necessity. Style is what you make of it. It's about guidelines, not rules. 

Yes, function is key in your wardrobe, but your wardrobe should make you feel consistently beautiful, powerful and satiated.

Your closet is a carefully curated collection of pieces you love and love to wear. If you own a piece only because you think you should or it goes with something specific in your closet (example: red t-shirt, red patterned skirt), put it in the Goodwill pile. Chances are I can style something with that red patterned skirt thats much more exciting than that red t-shirt.

Your personality should show in everything you wear, which is why everything you wear should be something special. Want to learn how to trim the unwanted pieces in your closet and build a wardrobe thats only clothes that project who you are and how you want to be seen? Lets chat.

I help you develop your personal style, so you know exactly what to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it. 

The #1 No-No Hiding in Your Closet

My favorite posts are the ones that are directly inspired by my clients.

After I see an unexpected problem in my clients' closets, boom! A blog is born. I am constantly learning and discovering alongside my clients. 

The #1 no-no I'm about to mention is something I've always know was bad though. Little did I know how many women resorted to it as fashion's version of a bandaid that's trying to heal a broken leg. 

The #1 no-no is...

Having one item in many different colors

(i.e. "I thought these shorts were good, so I bought them in navy, black and white.")

My belief...

everything is your closet should be a unique snowflake, just like you. 

Say those shorts are like vanilla ice cream (I'm a big fan of food analogies). All three of those pairs are vanilla ice cream, because in essence, they are the same item.

You can top them with cherries or chocolate chips or whipped cream (aka styling them different ways), but they are all vanilla. 

You are without a doubt missing out on something wonderful: cookies n' cream, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan or rocky road. These bad boys have the toppings inside! #genius

To break it down a few steps further, here are 3 reasons why you should not own 1 pair of shorts or a dress or shoes or a top in 2, 3 or 4 colors...

1. You aren't generic. Your wardrobe should be either.

Your closet is a carefully curated collection of pieces which represents your deeply unique self. To have 3 pairs of 1 thing makes your closet feel more like an Old Navy ad than a creation. You are multifaceted, thus your closet must be too. 

 2. The options are endless. 

There are a billion shorts options in the world, just like ice cream flavors. If a billion options freaks you out though, focus on the options in front of you at the mall or the department store. You don't have to search for 100 pairs of shorts, make a spreadsheet and compare each option. Just graze. If only 1 pair calls to you, only buy 1 pair. Soon enough, you will find another pair, which speaks to you in a whole new way.  

3. Each piece in your wardrobe should be special. 

Everything in your wardrobe should have it's own story and purpose. One time while I was in a photo shoot, the photographer complimented a few pieces I was wearing. With every compliment, I found myself spilling the details of where I got it and when I got it. Every piece in your closet should bear this excitement. To reference "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", each piece should spark joy. 3 pairs of shorts do not spark joy. Choose your favorite, and give the rest a kiss goodbye. 

And when you need help figuring out how to create a wardrobe that you genuinely love with all your might, contact me. I would love to help you discover how to develop your closet, your style and transform your wardrobe. It is after all, the physical manifestation of your unique self. 

Systematize. Stylize. Strategize.

Your favorite outfit in your closet should feel like your favorite food: a no brainer. When I see crab cakes on a menu, that's it. I'm ordering them. If I don't, it just feels wrong, because no matter how they come out of the kitchen, I'm going to love them. 

This is how your favorite piece of clothing should feel. It is the physical manifestation of love and it's glorious. When you're wearing it, nothing can touch you. 

Everything else in your wardrobe is a bit different. Other things should be something you love, yes, but you need a few more rules to make sure it's serving you in the way you need it to each and every time you wear it. 

Outfits get stale. And the outfit you've worn 15,30,40 times, is stale. The life has been sucked out of it, and when you put it on, you probably feel this too in the form of exhaustion, anxiety or a lack of excitement. 

So it's time you threw all those feelings away and started anew by looking at each component of each outfit. By looking at each component separately, you can create new looks that feels fresh, exciting and fashion-forward. 

There are 3 things you need to do to breathe life back into your wardrobe. 

1. Systematize. 

Creating a system of how to build an outfit is incredibly helpful, because it removes the stress, but leaves the creativity.

For instance, I NEVER choose my jewelry before I choose my clothing. I NEVER choose shoes before I choose my clothing. I NEVER choose a jacket before I choose my basics. I build around 1 of 3 things: a dress, a skirt, jeans. 

In other words, create a ritual. This will give you guidance and a route when creating an outfit. And then you get to play...

2. Stylize. 

One Dress, Four Ways

Raquel Greer Gordian displays an outfit that pairs the long sleeve gray dress with a red blazer, black booties, statement jewelry, a black belt, and a black handbag.
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits an outfit that pairs the long sleeve gray dress with an army green cardigan, studded booties, gold jewelry, and a green handbag. 
Raquel Greer Gordian styles the same dress with a fur vest, neutral booties, coral accents, and a gray handbag.
Raquel Greer Gordian styles the same gray dress with a striped turtleneck pullover, burgundy heels, black tassel earrings, and statement handbag. 

Disregard what you paired your skirt with last time. Forget about what you put with it before. Get creative with you choice this time. Pull a shirt or sweater you've never put with it. 

And don't be scared. Most of us think there's some giant book of rules we need to follow. There isn't. The two things that you need to consider in your style arsenal are: 1) your intuition 2) your creativity 

Use both these elements to get excited about getting dressed again. 

3. Strategize. 

Each outfit must have a purpose. This goes for both your personal and professional life. And I'm not just talking about it being appropriate for a certain situation. Whether you want to be powerful, playful, dynamic...your intention must be clear. 

Ask yourself the tough questions to make sure there is a strategy behind each outfit: 

Exactly why are you wearing what you are wearing?

What do you want it to say about you?

How does it say what you want it to say about you? 


Now I would love to hear from you! Was this guide helpful for reviving that stale outfit we all have? Let me know in the comments below and tell me about the outfits you brought back to life!

Surviving the Wild: A Common Flaw in Your Wardrobe and How to Fix it

Happy November! I can't believe the holidays are almost here, and it's finally cooling down in Austin [insert happy dance]. I absolutely love sweater weather because it's the perfect time to style some of my favorite layered combinations in my closet and my clients' closets. 

My clients are my greatest inspiration. When I see and hear their style struggles, it only makes sense to write about the answers. This week, I'm tackling a big mistake I often see. And this one is so important because it stops women from reaching their goal and my goal for them: the ability to wear 100% of their wardrobe. 

 This big mistake is...

not being able to see everything in your closet. 


Now yes, in states where there are four seasons, it's difficult to squeeze in all the cold weather gear alongside the sundresses and summer essentials. It's often necessary to have more than one closet. You need too many winter items and too many summer items to keep them all in one closet. 

In a more temperate climate like Austin, you can use the same type of items any time of the year. You should be able to see every single thing in one closet.

If this suddenly made you think about those tops shoved up in a corner somewhere or a box of miscellaneous items under the bed, here's three things you can do to bring your wardrobe front and center for you to see. 

1. Roaming the Plains

Bring everything out in the open. All of pieces that are stashed all over the house — in the top corner of your closet, behind the luggage, mixed in with the kids' laundry — bring them out. Take a good long look at them, so you can see what you have. 

Raquel Greer Gordian offers a look into her own wardrobe organization.
Raquel Greer Gordian displays a closet inspiration picture from Pinterest.

2. Stick to the Pack 

Arrange everything in the way that's most logical: with the things like it. Jackets with jackets, sweaters with sweaters, maxi dresses with maxi dresses. 

3. Survival of the Fittest

We are all guilty of holding on to things, but it's time to let go. Apply this rule to the basics, not everything of course! Pieces that are one-of-a-kind are lucky. They are the lone wolf. They can automatically stay. 

With items like black flats, white shirts, grey pants, tan cardigans, think this: There can only be one.

Style should not be a distraction, it's the physical manifestation of who you are. The more clear and direct you are with your style, the easier it is for other people to understand you. Only the things you really love can make up a wardrobe you love to live in. 

Want help with the big task of cleaning out your closet and styling your wardrobe? Schedule an Image Breakthrough Session to see how Greer Image Consulting can help you build a wardrobe that is uniquely and beautifully you. 

Now I would love to hear from you! Were you inspired by these tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below what your personal experience is with this common problem!