The Biggest Trends For Fall And Winter 2018

Last week I stopped by Studio 512 to chat with Rosie Newberry about the top trends for this season and the next. Even adding one or two fresh pieces to your wardrobe can give you a pep in your step and the excitement that we all want from our wardrobes and style.

Watch the video below and find your favorite trend to rock this season.

As always, we would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite trend of the season and how you love to style it.



How To Style A Black Turtleneck In 3 Fresh Ways For Fall 2018

The black turtleneck is a useful staple to have in almost any wardrobe. Like many items in your closet, though, it’s easy to get stuck in the ways that you wear it. Continuously styling one piece the same way can leave you feeling drained and unexcited about something that's super versatile.

Which is why this week on Studio 512, I’m talkin’ black turtlenecks!

Fall is the perfect time to explore your style by repurposing this classic piece in cute, comfortable, and fun outfits for fall.

Watch the video to learn three fresh ways to wear your black turtleneck and make the most out of it this season.

Now we want to know! How do you like to style your black turtleneck for fall and winter? Leave us a comment below and share your favorite way to put this classic to good use.

We would love to hear from you! Xx

5 Essential Sweaters for Fall 2018

Nothing makes me more excited for fall than pulling out my sweaters and styling them into comfy, cute outfits. While you might recycle some oldies from year to year, bringing in some fresh sweaters will liven up your closet and get you in the mood for pumpkin spice and everything nice to come.

Here’s my list of the 5 sweaters that would be the perfect addition to any wardrobe this fall.

Click the pics to shop the sweaters.


Whether a turtleneck or funnel neck, this sweater style will add a sophisticated pop to any closet. Throw on a blazer over top for the office or add jean shorts and heels for a fun date night look.

The turtleneck sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The turtleneck sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The turtleneck sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.


If high neck feels daring to you, introduce the deep V-neck to your closet first. V-neck is one of the most flattering necklines, because it can make your neck look elongated while exposing one of the slimmest parts of your upper body. In short, you’ll feel awesome wearing it. Pair it with a triple-strand gold necklace and ripped jeans for the weekend or a simple pencil pant and powerful pump for the office.

Worried about showing too much skin at work? Add a neutral tank underneath or add a hook-and-eye clasp an inch from the bottom of the V for more coverage at the office.

The deep-v sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The deep-v sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The deep-v sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.


Love love love this piece, because it’s so much fun to style into outfits for day and evening. Play with the proportion by adding a mini dress underneath and knee-high boots for night or go sporty with it during the day by adding straight-leg jeans, stacked-heel booties and a vintage tee.

The long cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The long cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The long cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The long cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.


The classic pullover is the most nostalgic sweater for me, because it feels like the perfect piece to wear when you’re sitting by the fire or cooking up a Thanksgiving feast. To keep it relaxed, pair it with distressed skinny jeans and velvet fashion sneakers. To make it eclectic, add a leather mini skirt and cowboy boots.

Click the pics to shop the sweaters.

The cozy pullover sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The cozy pullover sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The cozy pullover sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.


This retro style is great for Austin, because it’s easy to pop on and off with any change in temperature. Make is elegant for the office by adding a cream-color button-down and a navy pencil skirt. Give it a downtown vibe by adding a body suit, flare jeans and pointed-toe animal print pumps.

The collegiate classic cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The collegiate classic cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.
The collegiate classic cardigan is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for fall 2018.

Now we wanna know! What is your favorite fall sweater and how do you love to style it? Leave us a comment below and tell us! We would love to hear from you. Xx

5 Shoes To Add To Your Wardrobe For Fall 2018

No matter how much you adore a pair of shoes, they tend to need an update every season or so. For the most special pairs in your closet, a visit to the shoe doc can make all the difference, but as for all the others, it's time for a refresh. 

Here are five of my favorite essential and statement shoes to consider for your closet this season. 

Click the pics to shop each shoe. 

The Red Boot

The Snakeskin Statement


Click the pics to shop each shoe. 

The Fun Flat

The Office Power Heel

The Weekend Block Heel

Now we want to know...what's your favorite shoe this season? Leave us a comment below and share your style story! 

Fall 2018 Trends Inspired By The 70's

Autumn is just around the corner, and I’m oh-so ready for the change – pumpkin beer and apple pies await, but the most exciting part of the season is the emergence of new style trends. Fall fashion has arrived.

Last week, I headed over to the Domain to scope out next season’s trends. I had my heart set on adding a snakeskin piece to my wardrobe. Instead, something else caught my eye: retro 70’s duds.

Trends are cyclical. They come back through various shapes, textures, and colors, but 70’s looks have me hooked this season with their high contrast prints, exaggerated shapes, and sleek silhouettes.  

Check out three of my favorite finds and how I styled them from Friday-Sunday.

High-Contrast Print: Black & White Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a classic print and when used in a light-weight piece like this skirt, it’s ideal for a sweltering Texas fall. In addition, the skirt highlights your legs making you look statuesque and sexy for a date night out. Finish the look with a black T-shirt and a Parisian touch: the beret. The wool beret adds a rugged texture to the ensemble, and also makes the look feel like autumn — nothing adds to a fall outfit like your favorite hat you’ve been dying to pull out of your closet.  

Bailey Bosworth wears one of her favorite new 1970's-inspired pieces from her closet. 

Exagerrate Shape: High-Waisted Flare Jeans

A good pair of jeans are worth appreciating, and these high-waisted flares are no exception. The dark wash makes the jeans versatile enough for work and play, while the color also makes the flare a bit more subtle. Add a funky print, like this wine-and mustard-geometric pattern top, to turn up the 70’s vibes and give it an eclectic feel.

Want to add a flirty touch? Unbutton the last two or three bottom buttons of your top. Then, tie it up. This gives the top a styled and feminine feel.

Tie up your button down to add a sexy and feminine touch to any outfit. 
Bailey is wearing her favorite dar wash flare jeans with her geometric print top in mustard and burgundy for fall 2018. 

Sleek Silhouette: The Spread-Collar Jumpsuit

With a spread collar that feels straight out of Saturday Night Fever, this plaid jumpsuit is my most 70’s purchase yet. The color combination of heather and charcoal give the one-piece a sophisticated look, while the red clutch and Vans sneakers make it playful and relaxed for  weekend days or nights.

To finish this outfit, Bailey added a playful red takeout bag to the heather grey jumpsuit.
Bailey wears the perfect weekend jumpsuit for fall 2018. 

Now we want to know...
What is your favorite trend this fall?  Leave us a comment below to share the piece(s) you've loved to wear this season. 

About Bailey Bosworth

A California native, Bailey uprooted her life in Los Angeles and moved to Austin last fall, site unseen. She immediately fell in love with her new city and the quirky different styles found in the Live Music Capital of the World. Prior to moving to Austin, she interned at both Trunk Club and The Zoe Report where she learned the in's and out's of the fashion scene. With her newfound residence in Texas, she continues to evolve her style and pursue her passion for the fashion industry. 

Leave the pants. Take the booties.

Pants are a placeholder. Yes, there are some truly fabulous pants that will make you feel like a million bucks, but so often I find my clients reach for them, not because they love pants, but because they aren't sure what else works. This motion is intensified when we enter boot season. 

Booties (and all boots) are perfect for this week of weather, but you don't need pants to wear them. Try pairing them with shorts, dresses or skirts. It can feel tricky, but these more summer-y pieces can be a perfect weather-appropriate boots-included outfit.

Mixing pieces from different seasons indicates you've got style intuition, because you're creative and pair what you love, not what outfits you've been handed from the J.Crew catalogue. 

Whenever trying something new, you may have questions.

"Do I need stockings, leggings or tights?"
"Will my legs look stumpy and cut-off?"
"Am I too short to pull this off?"
"Am I too old to wear boots like this?" 

The answer: no. 

No matter your age, height, or body type, this is a fun, easy and fashion-forward way to style your outfit this fall.

Whether you're the kind of gal who likes to dip her toe in at the pool or cannonball in, it's time to test the water and love your fall look. 

Here are 4 to get you started...

* Photographer: Natalie Beurskens

The Boots

Black and Chocolate Booties

The Outfit

Your style is a reflection of your city. Create an eclectic and energetic Austin look by pairing a party-top with your cowboy classics. 

Where to Wear This: Girls Night Out, Date Night, Sunday Brunch

Don't forget your accessories!

Style is the physical manifestation of your unique personality. Love your look, and you'll shine through to whoever you meet.

The boots

Calf-height Cowboy Boots

The Outfit

Link different elements of your outfits together to create a cohesive look (i.e. sand-colored scarf with sand-colored boots.)

Invest in a pair of classic hoops to finish any outfit.

Pop the same color in multiple parts of an outfit (i.e. the lapis blue scarf detail and the lapis blue ring.)

The Boots

Knee-High Suede Boots

The Outfit

Add a brown accessory to a black outfit for an autumnal accent.

Add a watch to any outfit for a more professional, polished look.

Try statement earrings when your hair is down to create a boho element.

The Boots

Brown Booties

The Outfit

The vest is my favorite Austin autumn piece, because it adds a bit of warmth without having a full fall coat.

Tie up your button-down to create a more feminine and flirty look.

For a more free-spirited look, mix and match patterns in an unconventional way.

Want more style in your wardrobe? Let's chat. I would love to hear more about your unique and deeply personal style. I'll create a wardrobe full of outfits and clothes you love and love to wear. 

What They Wore: ACL Edition

Weekend Two, Day One

The Style Boss: Marci Stellman

The Style Boss: Amy Canalis

The Style Boss: Casey Aicklen

Casey's wearing embroidered vintage denim and handmade patches by her sis, Lacy. Shop Die Trying TX here. 

The Style Boss: Christina McCurdy

The Style Boss: Anja Draskovic

ACL Style

The Style Boss: Diana Vanta

The Style Boss: Allison Dorn

The Style Boss: Morgan Rollins

The Style Boss: Heather Tyler

Summer Style meet Fall Fashion.

We're all eager to welcome fall into our hearts, our bellies (courtesy of pumpkin pie) and, of course, our wardrobes. That can be difficult because of where we live. Texas is my home and oh, I love it so, but we are all ready to kiss this heat goodbye. As the weather takes small steps towards going down a few degrees, so can we take baby steps towards a wardrobe filled with autumnal inspiration and fall fashions. 

So Long, Summer! 
Outfit #1

The Fall Fashion Staple: Wine

Yes, we could all use a glass, but I'm talkin' about the color. This is the color for fall. There are a few variations on the color, and if you prefer to call it burgundy or crimson, those work too! Either way, it's rich, deep and oh-so autumnal.

*Photo cred: Natalie Beurskens

The End of Summer Tribute: The Vest

For most business occasions I like to have a blazer on hand to make my look more assertive. When it's still warm out and you want to create a similiar powerful and polished look, use a vest instead of a blazer. This look is edgy, elegant and perfect for the office in October.

Adieu, Summer!
Outfit #2

The Highlight: The Light-Weight Wrap Jacket

The End of Summer Tribute: Multi-Layered Peach Necklace

A light colored necklace can often seem like it only fits in spring and summer, but if you pop it with a deeper hue of the same color, you can easily bring it into October. 

Orevwa, Summer!
Outfit #3

The Fall Fashion Staple: The Closed-Toe Booties

Booties are like breakfast in my house. I rarely have a day without them. In the fall, it's off with the open-toed guys and in with the pointed-toe pairs. This is an easy way to feel like you're in fall without actually adding stuffy layers to your look. 

The End of Summer Tribute: Pop of Color

Popping your cool weather darks with a bright color is always a good way to give an outfit energy and lighten your mood.

*For warmer days, leave the jacket off and add the vest. 

*For warmer days, leave the jacket off and add the vest. 


The Fall Fashion Staple: Military Jacket

This is one of my favorite fall pieces to wear, because it works so well in with Austin's ever-casual vibe. Add this piece over a sundress or shorts and a tee to finish the look.

The End of Summer Tribute: The Cotton Dress

This dress is breathable, light-weight and easy to throw on for all the casual occasions. It is a closet staple in any wardrobe and easily pairs with fall pieces for right now.

Want to know exactly how to style your entire wardrobe?

Talk with me 1-on-1.

I work with women of all different sizes, ages and styles to create a wardrobe that speaks to who they are and how they want to look.

I teach my clients what works for their body type, color palette and personal style. I show you exactly how to style your whole wardrobe, so you feel empowered to use your style every day. I give you the information necessary to finally feel that clear sense of style you've always wanted. 


September is finally here and although the weather hasn’t changed much in Texas, our style expectations have. There’s been mention of booties, jackets, and scarves…but it still feels like swimsuit season!

When it’s this hot outside, getting into the mindset of fall is a unique challenge. You can plan to wear your new comfy sweater all day but the second you leave the house you’re going to be a sweaty mess. So while we’re in that transition period, let’s look at some fall trends that will work for us.

One major thing to note this season…

The 90’s are back!

Each time a trend makes an encore appearance though, it is reimagined and restyled by designers and image consultants alike.  The trick to reoccurring trends is choosing the ones you love best at this moment in your life (not the ones you loved in 1996).

Don’t rely on friends or magazines to tell you what you must have. Only incorporate pieces that speak to your style and soul. As expected, they will eventually go back out of style. At that point, you don’t want peer into your wardrobe at pieces that you never really liked anyways and ask that terrible question we’ve all asked ourselves “Why did I ever wear that!?!”

Your closet should only be filled with clothes that, even after the trend ends, make your heart sing.

And now (drumroll please), our six favorite trends for your fall of fashion:

The Bomber Jacket

We can’t get enough of these jackets! They are extremely lightweight and go with everything in the closet. For work, pair it with a flowy dress and stilettos. For a date night, wear a high-waisted pleated skirt, your best crop top, and sandals. And for the ultimate in fall coziness, wear with an oversized t-shirt, jeans, and booties. Just grab your pumpkin spice latte, and you’re both in season and comfortably in style.

The Choker

I’m going to be honest, when we saw this trend coming back around I wanted to run the other way. I’ve since seen it take many simple, cute outfits up a notch to become fashion forward & unforgettable. To make this trend inimitable, add it to an outfit that you feel is fine but needs to be fantastic. That off the shoulder top or dress you wore all summer? It isn’t obsolete just because fall is around the corner – add a suede choker and wear it another season!



Speaking of suede – give it a chance! Although it has a bad rep for being hot, you can add small doses of it to your outfit to ground your look through texture. Add a simple suede bag, skirt or bootie and see how it instantly transforms you into fall fashion perfection.


Is there anything more versatile than a trench coat? It is my absolute favorite pick for fall this year because this single piece can take an outfit a million different directions, while simultaneously flattering any body type. The tie belt easily accentuates your waist, the long silhouette will make you look statuesque, and the weight is absolutely perfect for autumn in Texas. Count me in!

Fall Florals

The ultimate nod to romanticism, fall florals are perfect for cozying up on a cool day to watch the rain fall or livening up an outfit for work. Add neutrals for a subtle & chic look, pop the florals with bold jewel tones or add dusty blues accessories for a vintage flair.


Strappy Heels


This trend is sweet, sultry and also, perfect for the office. Strappy heels are the perfect pit stop between your summer sandals and fall booties. Pair them with a shift dress and trench for professional occasions or jeans and a tee for girls night out. They will keep your feet a bit cooler, which again, is perfect in Texas, while indicating you’re in style and in the moment.

Now we want to know, which fall trend are you most looking forward to wearing?

Leave us a comment or chat with Raquel to see which trends would work best for your style, body type and color palette. 

Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems. 

Emily Blanco

Friday Fashion Fix: A Pop of Color

Today's Casual Friday is all about a pop of color. When you find yourself pieces together a neutral outfit, bring in an accent color to brighten up your look. The contrast between the neutral and the color will make your outfit more striking and intentional. 

Raquel Greer Gordian models a casual summer look incorporating a black tank, printed maxi skirt, red beaded statement necklace, black cat eye sunglasses, and red platform block heels. 

Now I would love to know! How was your Casual Friday? Any favorite accent/neutral color combos to share? Make sure to leave a comment below and tell me all about them!


Oh yes, it has arrived. Fall is quite possibly my favorite season to dress for. It's the perfect time to combine warm and cold weather pieces to create a look all your own. 

To have style is to repurpose pieces into looks that are unique, innovative and eye-catching. Fall, we thank you for bringing us the perfect weather to do this in. 

So let's get into it, shall we? 




5. Booties

I put these at the bottom of my list, not because they don't have the biggest place in my heart. They do. I absolutely love booties. This is the time in elementary school where someone would say, "Well why don't you marry them?" And I would boldly reply, "If I could, I would." They are amazing and versatile. They work in any season from the bar to the baby shower. They're glorious. And here are some of my picks: 

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - FALL FASHION Has Landed.

4. Plaid 

No matter how you characterize your personal style, plaid is an easy-to-wear wardrobe staple for any woman. Plaid is classic and unpretentious; sophisticated and chic.

Pair with your neutral staples (pencil skirt, navy pants, or maybe even white jeans), and you've got the perfect look for a breezy day. 


3. Hat 

Women always have specific accessories they believe they cannot wear. How do I know this? Because I hear it all the time from my clients. One of those accessories is a hat. People are funny about hats. But the truth is...everyone can wear hats. The key is finding the correct one for your face shape, neck length and style. 

2. Leopard

The fall has a certain richness to it that is captured in everything from the food to the fashion. Which is why I love leopard prints for the fall. It is seductive and sumptuous.  

As Jenna Lyons once said, "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." Just like plaid, leopard is bold but works with many different styles in many different scenarios. The trick is knowing where to draw the line. At the office, subtlety is key. During the day, choosing a flowy, more palatable piece. At night...go big or go home. 

1. Suede

Yes, it's in and I'm loving every minute of it! Whether you're obsessed with the 70's (like me) or a millenial who's pulling looks from the 90's, now is the time to shop for suede. One of my favorite parts of having a suede piece in your wardrobe is also it's easy transition to winter. It pairs easily with a tall boot in a few months. 

For now, use it to dress up your casual look. Suede is down-to-earth, but enticing. Whether it's a skirt, shirt or jacket, it will give you the allure that comes with effortless style. 

Now I would love to hear from you! Let me know which piece is your favorite! Was this guide helpful? Make sure to leave a comment below to tell me about your fall style!



How to Give Your Workwear a Facelift in 5 Minutes

I’m a big believer in the fact that making a few simple changes in anyone’s closet can make a huge difference, which is why I’m so excited to write this post this week. When it comes to styling a look for work or play, how you put it together is half of the battle. The other half is investing in quality pieces. Together, they are the key ingredients to creating the ideal outfit. 

I've put together some tips to take your average workwear from predictable to eye-catching. Because to get what you want in life, you must always stand out. 

Mix Neutrals Like a Pro

Forget what they taught you. Abandon how you've always seen it put together. 


SWAP: Black AND Grey for Black & Cream

SWAP: Charcoal AND Light Grey for Charcoal & Brown

SWAP: Black and White for White & Cream 

SWAP: Brown and Cream for Brown & Black

Add a Colorful Pump to a Staple Suit

I know you have a pair of fabulous pumps that need a little love. Now is the time. Don't be scared to incorporate more fun weekend wear into your workwear.

More personality in your clothes gives people more hints about who you are. The better they know you, the more likely they are to trust you and work with you.

And if you don't have them lying around, here's a few I've picked just for you...Click the picks to peruse.

For the Traditional

For the Creative

FOR THE ROMANTIC                            FOR THE POWERHOUSE

Ditch the Pants. Don a Power Dress. 

Now of course, you've worn a dress to work before. You may have a very favorite that you wear over and over again or something you're sure looks good that you wear over and over again (those may be the same thing). The difference in the power dress is how you're wearing it. Instead of a cardigan or trench coat, pair it with the jacket from your power suit.

The jacket will give you an assertive presence, while the dress will add the pop of personality.  


Now I would love to know...were these tips and tricks helpful? Will you don a power dress or vibrant pump? Comment below and tell me how your workwear got a facelift!

Family, Feasting, and Fit: Picking the Perfect Pant for Thanksgiving

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My mother is a chef and both of my grandmothers are exceptionally talented in the kitchen, so my Thanksgiving is predictably delicious. I, however, am not quite as talented in the kitchen. I've got the staples down for weeknights in my house (tacos, pasta, chicken...), but my contribution to Thanksgiving usually involves the pies (picking them up, not baking them). 

Whether you're the culinary genius in your house or the couch potato this Thanksgiving, it's important to be comfortable. The Thanksgiving outfit plan is surprisingly important because cooking, couching, and eating all require a bit of stretch to your outfit. Also, you may find yourself in some family photos that are sure to stick around for a long time (either on Instagram or in your grandma's house). 

So, I'm dedicating this week to making you look and feel fabulous for your big feast, and there's one element that's a must: LEGGINGS.

Picking the right pair of leggings, and the appropriate outfit to wear with them, depends on everything from your body type to your color palette. It's not always easy. I've laid out a few looks for a broad range of body types. But to find out how to create the best look for you, schedule an image assessment with me.   

Now, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to tell me how you managed to find the perfect Thanksgiving pant!


The 5 Essential Sweaters for Your Closet

We all fill our closet with a certain level of impulse buys. I always find myself buying a plethora of loud and out-there sweaters. While a trendy piece can seem fun for a season or two, it eventually seems outdated and uninteresting. You need staple pieces. You especially need staple sweaters because sweaters have a big task to accomplish. They have to work well with many other things in your closet: workwear, jackets, pants, dresses, skirts...pretty much everything except your swim suit. Thus, I've dedicated this week to the five essential sweaters you need in your closet. 

5. V-neck

The V-neck is naturally slimming and versatile, both of which are important things for almost anyone's lifestyle. You're ready for work or play.

PERK: It doubles as a top when you aren't in the mood to handle layering.

JUST ADD: dark denim + a pointed toe pump




4. Shawl Collar 

This sweater is all about the one thing we all love about sweaters: the COZY factor. Slip into this outfit, and you'll remember exactly why you love this season.

PERK: It's perfect when running to the grocery store or a walk in the park.  

JUST ADD: classic white tee + colorful pant + infinity scarf


3. Maxi Sweater

One of my favorite elements to play with in style is proportion. The Maxi Sweater gives any outfit a playful touch. Dress it up, dress it down. It's a piece that works well with your other closet classics. 

PERK:  This simple piece can become eye-catching just because of it's relationship to other parts of your outfit.

JUST ADD: mini skirt + booties +  graphic tee



2. Cropped Sweater

This is my favorite piece during the couple weeks when it's not quite necessary to have something heavier. 

PERK: This sweater accentuates your sexy, feminine shape.

JUST ADD: High-waisted skirt + flats




1. Cardigan

This is a piece for all occasions. Whether you love neutrals or a big pop of color, add this piece to any outfit for a sophisticated finish.  

PERK: It goes with everything from grandma's pearls to a body con dress. 

JUST ADD: tank + midi skirt + statement necklace


Now, I would love to hear from you! Tell me in the comment section below which sweater essential you'll be rocking this fall!


SLIPPERY WHEN WET: A Guide to the Best Moisturizing Lipsticks This Season

It's almost impossible to escape the one big side effect of cold weather: dryness. Layering with sweaters, scarves, and beanies will help protect your body and hair, but guarding your face from the winter winds is another story. The moment you leave the house, it often feels like your best attempts to keep your lips radiant and soft have fallen by the wayside. Not only do you experience discomfort due to irritation from the cold, but the cold can leave you looking less than attractive when you arrive at your destination. Dry, cracked lips can be an unsightly little detail, but thanks to lipsticks that protect and perfect your pout, winter can be a little more pleasant and pretty.

Click the pics to find your perfect shade of the best moisturizing lipsticks this season. 

5. Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick 

This all natural lipstick provides moisture to plump your lips even in the coldest winter.

My favorite Hourglass color : Nocturnal


4. Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick:

Also all-natural, this lipstick is long-lasting, so there's no re-application necessary during your 9 to 5. It also comes in a wide spectrum of colors, so whether you love a classic red, an understated nude, or an eye-catching purple, Bite Beauty has the perfect one for you. 

My favorite BB color: Tannin

3. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

I've loved Urban Decay for so many years because their make-up is so playful and eclectic. The Revolution Lipstick exceeds those expectations. This lipstick is narrow for easy application when you're on the go. From matte to shiny and peach to plum, this lipstick will provide the party girl with her perfect look. 

My favorite Urban Decay color: Shame


2. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick 

Classic, elegant, and subtle, this lipstick provides all day coverage from the morning meeting to the dinner date. Vitamin E and olive oil provide constant moisture and antioxidants to protect and heel your lips on the driest days. 

My favorite Laura Mercier color: Sienna


1. Nars Audacious Lipstick

Nars is my #1 pick for this season's best moisturizing lipstick because it gives necessary moisture without the worry of smudging onto skin or teeth. One swipe of color across your lips is enough to keep you looking fabulous for 6 to 8 hours. Nars also has the perfect variety of colors for all seasons like coral for spring or bright pink for summer. Stick to this stick and you'll be set for whatever your day brings. 

My favorite Nars color: Jeanne  

Now, I would love to hear from you! Make sure to tell me how you manage to perfect your pout with a moisturizing lipstick!