Greer Guide to Austin: January Shop

Bloomers and Frocks

1628 S 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704


A new year means exploring new shops in Austin, and Bloomers and Frocks is a perfect place to start.

My favorite part about Bloomers and Frocks is the variety of pieces in the shop. Not only do they have a diverse selection of garments from the greater part of the 20th century (1920's -1980's), but there are variety of sizes starting with XXS and going up to XL.

Rarely do I find this at vintage shops. 

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Owner, Rebekka Adams, could not be more knowledgable about vintage clothing. While personal shopping and styling are a daily part of my life, I wasn't sure where to start in this shop. Each piece is unique, so I didn't know what would or wouldn't fit. Rebekka took my measurements, giving me a clear idea of pieces that would work for me. 

If you're a gal who loves vintage or who hasn't tried it before, but loves the idea of it, Rebekka makes the process of finding what's perfect for you simple and satisfying. And if you need help styling your new oldies into the wardrobe, you know who to call


1960's Floral Baby Doll Dress, $68

1960's Floral Baby Doll Dress, $68

1980's Earrings, $10

1980's Earrings, $10


1980's Polka Dot Top, $58

1980's Polka Dot Top, $58

1980's Bracelets, $38 each

1980's Bracelets, $38 each


1940's Sequin Dickie, $38

1940's Sequin Dickie, $38

1970's Floral Jacket, $88 1950's Black Taffeta Skirt, $78

1970's Floral Jacket, $88
1950's Black Taffeta Skirt, $78

Shop Austin: The November Boutiques

The East 5th Street Block Shops

Passport Vintage

This shop is located upstairs from Aro and specializes in recreating vintage denim into your perfect pair of jeans. Maria, the owner, tailors jeans into slim fit cuts, while also cropping the bottom for an on-trend look. She also has an eye for rare vintage tees. The result: a collection of pieces that will turn your weekend look into a style statement.

The selection of jeans includes Levi's 501s and Wranglers. 



ARO, the East Austin jewelry shop, celebrates small jewelry designers located all over North America: Austin, California, Brooklyn, Canada. When you walk into ARO, the structure, the colors, the lines weave a clear picture of what's in it: thoughtful, modern, feminine art. 

Use code "greer15" to receive 15% off your next purchase at ARO online or in store. 

Byron & Blue

Named after the owner's childhood pup and current fur baby, Byron and Blue houses all the home goods and knick-knacks that make perfect holiday gifts for friends, family and above all, you.

The owner, Alexia, says her most important space to her is home, which is why she decided to open this shop rather than a clothing boutique. The shop does carry one line of clothing though and from now until the end of this month, will host a pop-up shop from Pieceology Vintage