5 Reasons Why Impulse Buys Are A Necessary Part of Your Wardrobe

Impulse buys get a bad rep as emotionally driven purchases that rarely, if ever, get used because they have no purpose or won’t quite fit in your wardrobe.

On the contrary! These little outsiders are actually one of the most important parts of any woman’s wardrobe. Here’s why…

Raquel Greer Gordian shares why impulse buys are actually an essential part of creating a wardrobe you love.

5. They strengthen your creativity.

Clothes aren’t just about throwing something on your back every morning. They do so much more.

They help you get the job you want, stay ahead at the job you have, teach your family who you are, and perform multitudes of tasks that allow us to be seen in the world.

Clothes enhance our humanity. Creativity is a huge part of being human.

We create solutions at home and work, with friends and with family. Our clothes should reflect that.

Creativity is about thinking outside of the box and when you insert leopard bike shorts (total impulse buy I had recently) or a floor-length floral kimono into your wardrobe, everyone around you sees your authentic, creative self.

A statement earring might feel like it doesn’t fit in your wardrobe, but there’s actually so many ways you can style it.

4. They challenge you.

To get better at styling outfits, you have to practice.

This doesn’t mean taking an hour out of your day to go through your wardrobe, but it means being intentional with how you put together your morning outfits.

Impulse buys can throw you for a loop when trying to use them in an outfit. Maybe there isn’t an obvious compliment to your new cobalt blue pumps, but there is always a match. It just may take a little bit more thought and creativity in finding that match.

As an image consultant, my job is to help women understand how to work with everything in their wardrobe in ways they never thought.

Knowing this, I want you to take that impulse buy head on and use the styling techniques I know you’ve got. Look at the colors, the prints, and the hardware in the impulse buy to find other items that can link to those details and build an outfit.

Raquel Greer Gordian helps you shop for pieces that make you and your wardrobe stand out amongst the crowd.

3. They add color, texture, and pattern.

I love bold colors, unexpected patterns, and “Can I feel that?!” textures, because they add upbeat and playful elements to any closet.

They also often get added to your closet in the form of an impulse buy, so these elements are reason alone to let your impulsive self take over once in a while.

Color is the first thing anyone sees when they look at your outfit, so if your closet is solely neutral, you’ve gotta up your color game, girl.

Don’t be afraid of the things you love, because hot pink, geometric prints, and faux fur teddy coats often make for a very cool closet.

Raquel helps you stand out in your style and fit in no matter where you’re headed.

2. They show off your uniqueness.

This is a little bit like your creativity, but what I love about showing your unique self is that it’s often not intentional. Self-care and self-improvement are awesome parts of life, but at the core, some parts of ourselves will never change.

Fashion is a way to show off your unique self, and one of the best ways to treat that self is to make the occasional purchase of something you may not normally buy.

Your closet is already made up of a collection of clothes completely unique to you, but impulse buys take it one step further in helping you show the world your awesome self.

Impulse buys can seem like a bad idea, but in actuality, there’s a ton of ways you can style your new purchase into your wardrobe.

1. They help you go with your gut.

This is the most important reason to embrace impulse buys — they make you go with your gut! We intuitively know the colors that look best on us, we instinctually gravitate towards patterns that enhance our attributes, and we shy away from things that don’t quite fit our bodies.

With this in mind, I want you to feel more confident and empowered when you go for an impulse buy. Chances are that rose gold moto jacket is actually a great fit for you, because you know yourself better than anyone else.

Need help styling your favorite impulse buys? Let’s chat.

Want to add some impulse buys to your wardrobe? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up, and I can shop it for you! Email me for details.

20 Boutiques To Shop At Le Garage Sale

It's better than Christmas...it's Le Garage Sale! And guess what?! It’s almost here!

If you've never been before, here's what you need to know:

Le Garage Sale is Austin's largest 2-day, bi-annual shopping experience with more than 80 boutiques under one roof, giving you insane deals and steals that will get your 2019 look on point without breaking the bank. 

It starts with VIP shopping from 10 am -11 am on this Saturday the 26th, then continues that day from 11 am - 6 pm followed by 11 am - 5 pm on Sunday, January 27.

And to celebrate my favorite shopping event of the year, I’m giving away two tickets for you and your gal pal to shop the day away at Le Garage Sale on Saturday or Sunday.

Here’s how to enter:  
1. Follow me on Instagram, "like" the Le Garage Sale post (it's the second in my feed), and tag a friend you'd like to take to the event in the comments of my Le Garage Sale post. 
2."Like" Greer Image Consulting on Facebook

The winner will be contacted via email on January 24th. There's no pick up or print out for tickets. You'll simply mention your name at the door for easy access to all the best sales of 2019!

And if you’re not sure where to start shopping at the big event, here’s my list of must-hit boutiques at Le Garage Sale:

Adelante Boutique

Beaded by W — The best tassels in town!

he Beaded by W is a local Austin jewelry designer whose pieces could add a pop to any outfit. Visit the Beaded by W booth at Le Garage Sale on Saturday, January 26th or Sunday, January 27th.
I love Beaded by W so much, I wore them on my wedding day! These tassel earrings come in almost every color, so they’re the perfect addition to any outfit.

I love Beaded by W so much, I wore them on my wedding day! These tassel earrings come in almost every color, so they’re the perfect addition to any outfit.

Beaded By W makes the best tassel earrings in town, which means they’re a perfect spot to visit at Le Garage Sale in Austin, TX.

Shira Melody Jewelry

Redbird Boutique


Beehive has a colorful and eclectic collection of pieces that can easily brighten up your day. Stop by Beehive at Le Garage Sale for some of the best steals in the whole place.

Solid Gold

Spring Frost Boutique

Bloomers & Frocks

Vink Boutique

The Art of Shoes

Dylan Wylde

Esperos Soho

Alma Boutique


Powder Vintage

Rose & Violets Boutique

Teddies for Betties

Love your lingerie by adding the perfect piece from Teddies for Betties to your collection at Le Garage Sale.
Shop for your sexy little pieces at the Teddies for Betties booth at Le Garage Sale.
Need some fresh bras and panties to 2019? Stop by Teddies for Betties at Le Garage Sale in Austin, TX to find your perfect addition.

Uptown Cheapskate Austin

Now I want to know, what boutique are you most excited to see at Le Garage Sale? Leave me a comment below and tell me where you’ll be shopping this Saturday and Sunday.



Where To Shop For The Perfect Wedding Dress in Austin, Texas

I'm getting married on March 31st, so to say the very least, I've got weddings on the brain. 

One of the biggest challenges to finding the perfect wedding dress in knowing where to start. Bridal boutiques are as varied in price point, style and aesthetic as other boutiques, so it can be hard to find the one that's right for you and your style. 

Luckily, I'm doing the legwork for ya. 

Check out my top 5 picks of where to shop for your wedding dress. No matter your style or age, you're sure to find something at one of these gems that will make you feel beautiful on your big day. 


Walking into this store is like walking into a bridal fantasy. It's simple stunning -- wall-to-wall dresses hand-picked by the owner, Erica Janke, and manager, Kristen Arriola, that create a collection unmatched by any other shop in Austin. Designers include the best in bridal such as Martina Liana, Enzoani, Eddy K, Elizabeth Dye, Lotus Threads, Carmen Marc Valvo and Mikaella Bridal. 

If you get the chance to work with Kristen or Erica, you are a lucky gal, because no one knows bridal like these two, which is very helpful when you've never been shopping for a wedding dress before. 

Blush Bridal Lounge is closed Sundays and Mondays, and by appointment only, so make sure to give them a call ahead of time to book at (512) 407-9236. 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You want a luxurious bridal shopping experience
  • Price point isn't much of a factor in choosing your dress
  • You want the latest trends in bridal fashion
  • You want to customize the dress to your liking (often times their dresses can be ordered in a different color than is featured in store) 

Images via @BlushBridalLounge on Instagram


This isn't exactly a shop, but rather a custom bridal designer who is absolutely amazing at her work! While I didn't go custom, I worked with Kira to alter many parts of my dress: the bottom, top and back. 

images via @KiraKoutureATX Instagram

While some were for function (the bottom was too long) and some for fashion's sake (I brought down the top to give it a sexier look), she excelled at all the tasks I put in her hands. 

Kira has also made custom dresses for friends of mine, which have turned out beautifully. She is beyond creative, which means she'll help you explore what you want in a dress, so your vision comes to life through a dress that's perfect for you in every way. 

Custom dresses start at $1500, but honestly, that's pretty modest in the bridal world, so if you're looking to dabble in design, head to Kira! 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You have a very specific idea of what you want for your dress
  • You looked and looked and can't find the perfect dress
  • You have vision when it comes to your style
  • You want a dress that unique to you and only you  

bloom by blush

This boutique is exclusively for plus-size brides, which to say the very least, is amazing! Erica, the owner at Blush Bridal Lounge, also owns Bloom, so it's located in the same spot as Blush. 

One of the biggest issues with bridal shopping is that if you are plus-size, you often only get to hold up the samples to see how they might look, rather than try them on. This can make for a very disappointing shopping trip, but with Bloom, they have a plethora of dresses to try, so you can have a clear idea of how stunning you'll look on your big day.

Note*: They just moved both shops (as of 3/22/18) to 5501 N Lamar, so this is the perfect time to book an appointment and see the new digs! 

Designers like Stella York, Allure, Ashley & Justin, Callista Couture, Da Vinci, Hayley Paige and Moonlight Couture grace the walls of Bloom leaving you with so many beautiful, fashion-forward gowns to order from. 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You're between a size 16 and 26
  • You're looking to try on the dress of your dreams
  • You're looking for a designer gown that won't necessarily break the bank
  • You want a glamorous bridal shopping experience 


Now just hear me out on this one...

If you're a bride who's been married before or your wedding plans include escaping to Tulum or getting married in a chapel in Vegas, you may not want to go the traditional route.

Each woman's vision is different, which is why it's important to think outside of the box with where you shop for your wedding dress.

Neiman Marcus has a stellar collection of long and short cocktail dresses, and since it's spring, the colors out right now are light, bright and feminine -- perfect for an off the grid wedding. 

And one more thing... 

White is big this spring -- like HUGE! So if you still want to stick to white, but are looking for a short, less-formal wedding dress, this is also a great spot to stop into for a look.

No appointment necessary. Images via NeimanMarcus.com

This shop is good for you if:

  • You don't want a white wedding dress
  • You want a short wedding dress
  • You want something no one attending your wedding will expect
  • You want an off-the-rack gown

Second Summer Bride

Me after finding my favorite dress ever! 

Me after finding my favorite dress ever! 

This is where I got my dress, so I'm probably a bit biased, but honestly, Second Summer Bride is amazing! The shopping experience they provide is unmatched by any other boutique (bridal or not), I've ever been in to in my whole life. 

The women who works there are knowledgable, caring and genuinely listen to what you want, so that the dress you end up with makes you feel like a million bucks. 

The great thing about Second Summer Bride is that it's a bridal consignment shop, so the dresses are off the rack. You pick your dress, you pay for it, and you take it with you that same day.

A small percentage of the dresses are consigned by brides, but most of them come directly from the designer (overstock) or they're samples from larger bridal boutiques. 

Because it's a consignment shop, you're able to get dresses from some of the best designers in the bridal industry such as Hayley Paige, Justin Alexander, Lela Rose, Sally Eagle, Enaura, Val Stefanie and Jenny Packham. 

Second Summer is by appointment only and closed Sundays and Monday. To book, call them at (512) 419-9001, make sure to tell them Raquel sent you and ask to work with Natalie or Kara. You can thank me later. :) 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You don't have a ton to spend on a dress (dresses start at $500)
  • You don't have a clear idea of what you want and are open to exploring
  • You don't mind a dress that's been worn before
  • You like the satisfaction of walking out of the store with your dress in hand

Shop Austin: The September Boutique


This is a store you can't miss.

First, because it's smack dab next to Perla's on South Congress. The boutique is almost completely glass, so it's a head-turner from the street.

Second, because the shop is fun, fabulous and already rolling out fall goodies.

Jill, the manager, describes the vibe of the clothing as "wearable". I would have to agree with her. All the pieces are trendy and eye-catching without giving you the feeling of "oh my god, I could never pull that off."

You won't have to shy away from any pieces, but instead will covet everything in the boutique.

As Jill said "people feel like they're on vacation when they come in the store." 

The clothes are relaxed and unpretentious. 

Easy to rock tees, sundresses and denim mix in with suede and leather to create a swarm of pieces that any Austin gal would love in her wardrobe. 

This boutique is relatively new. It moved from it's pop-up shop (which was located behind the current store) to it's new location in January 2016. They aren't stopping there though. E-commerce will soon be available on their website, and next year they plan taking over the upstairs to host more of their oh-so cute collection. Take a peak...


September is finally here and although the weather hasn’t changed much in Texas, our style expectations have. There’s been mention of booties, jackets, and scarves…but it still feels like swimsuit season!

When it’s this hot outside, getting into the mindset of fall is a unique challenge. You can plan to wear your new comfy sweater all day but the second you leave the house you’re going to be a sweaty mess. So while we’re in that transition period, let’s look at some fall trends that will work for us.

One major thing to note this season…

The 90’s are back!

Each time a trend makes an encore appearance though, it is reimagined and restyled by designers and image consultants alike.  The trick to reoccurring trends is choosing the ones you love best at this moment in your life (not the ones you loved in 1996).

Don’t rely on friends or magazines to tell you what you must have. Only incorporate pieces that speak to your style and soul. As expected, they will eventually go back out of style. At that point, you don’t want peer into your wardrobe at pieces that you never really liked anyways and ask that terrible question we’ve all asked ourselves “Why did I ever wear that!?!”

Your closet should only be filled with clothes that, even after the trend ends, make your heart sing.

And now (drumroll please), our six favorite trends for your fall of fashion:

The Bomber Jacket

We can’t get enough of these jackets! They are extremely lightweight and go with everything in the closet. For work, pair it with a flowy dress and stilettos. For a date night, wear a high-waisted pleated skirt, your best crop top, and sandals. And for the ultimate in fall coziness, wear with an oversized t-shirt, jeans, and booties. Just grab your pumpkin spice latte, and you’re both in season and comfortably in style.

The Choker

I’m going to be honest, when we saw this trend coming back around I wanted to run the other way. I’ve since seen it take many simple, cute outfits up a notch to become fashion forward & unforgettable. To make this trend inimitable, add it to an outfit that you feel is fine but needs to be fantastic. That off the shoulder top or dress you wore all summer? It isn’t obsolete just because fall is around the corner – add a suede choker and wear it another season!



Speaking of suede – give it a chance! Although it has a bad rep for being hot, you can add small doses of it to your outfit to ground your look through texture. Add a simple suede bag, skirt or bootie and see how it instantly transforms you into fall fashion perfection.


Is there anything more versatile than a trench coat? It is my absolute favorite pick for fall this year because this single piece can take an outfit a million different directions, while simultaneously flattering any body type. The tie belt easily accentuates your waist, the long silhouette will make you look statuesque, and the weight is absolutely perfect for autumn in Texas. Count me in!

Fall Florals

The ultimate nod to romanticism, fall florals are perfect for cozying up on a cool day to watch the rain fall or livening up an outfit for work. Add neutrals for a subtle & chic look, pop the florals with bold jewel tones or add dusty blues accessories for a vintage flair.


Strappy Heels


This trend is sweet, sultry and also, perfect for the office. Strappy heels are the perfect pit stop between your summer sandals and fall booties. Pair them with a shift dress and trench for professional occasions or jeans and a tee for girls night out. They will keep your feet a bit cooler, which again, is perfect in Texas, while indicating you’re in style and in the moment.

Now we want to know, which fall trend are you most looking forward to wearing?

Leave us a comment or chat with Raquel to see which trends would work best for your style, body type and color palette. 

Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems. 

Emily Blanco

Shop Austin: The August Boutique


DYLAN WYLDE is located on South Lamar in a space which has had many lives, this current life being the most fabulous. Once a motorcycle shop in the 1980's, the space is industrial, but the owner of DYLAN WYLDE, Jessica, has brought it color and charm. DYLAN WYLDE carries reasonably priced jewelry, clothing, home and apothecary goods from around the world. 

When I spoke with Jessica, I could see her love of every piece she brought into the boutique: vintage beaded necklaces, African woven baskets and silk blouses that could double as work or play pieces. 

This boutique is not only impressive for what it carries, but it's strong aesthetic and brand. I had to ask where the name came from. 

DYLAN WYLDE is her alter ego: a woman of the sea who is...(you guessed it) wild. 

This is one of my favorite boutiques I've visited, and yes, you should visit it too. It's sexy, playful and powerful in its femininity. 

Biker Jacket Clutch

Biker Jacket Clutch

Chartreuse Jumpsuit

Chartreuse Jumpsuit

Jessica, the owner of DYLAN WYLDE

Jessica, the owner of DYLAN WYLDE

Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Vintage Bolo Tie

Vintage Bolo Tie

Where to Shop in Austin

It's no secret. We love to shop, and if you do too, then you should definitely take advantage of all that Austin has to offer. Not sure where to head? 

Take our too-cute quiz (below) to find out where you should find yourself this Saturday afternoon.

For the full list of our favorite shops in Austin...

Emily Blanco displays a quiz on style inspiration that leads to an appropriate Austin shopping destination.

want Raquel's expertise on your shop Austin excursion?
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A sneak peak inside...
southern hippie

Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend her snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems.

Now I would love to hear from you! Did you find any special pieces at some of Austin's best boutiques? How accurate was the quiz? Tell me all about it in the comment section below!