Shop Austin: The April Boutique


Shopping is necessary to create a wardrobe that is as fast paced and full of life as you are. And I totally understand: many of you hate it. In the past you may have been stuck with little to no direction on what you should be looking for or what actually works for you. That is undeniably frustrating. 

The good news is shopping does not have to be a mission. It should not cause you to erupt with anxiety the moment you walk in the store.

Shopping is about falling in love with a piece of clothing that you absolutely must have. This is the kind of shopping I love to do. Clothing should always speak to your soul, just like a beautiful song or painting.

Because of this, I created the Shop Austin Style Series: a monthly photo tour of Austin's best boutiques. Explore clothes you'll love, find shops to adore and maybe even get inspired to take a trip across town to find out that your favorite new shop isn't as scary as it once may have seemed.

And if you want a little help along the way, contact me. I'd love to chat. As an image consultant, I uncover your natural beauty, discover your style and help you embrace your creativity through fashion. 

Want the extended list of Austin's best boutiques? Click here. 

For this month's boutique, I ventured out to Westlake to check out an upscale, fashion-forward hub that has been in Austin since '99.