The Greer Guide to Austin : Coco Coquette

It’s a reliable rule of thumb in the fashion world that great style always comes with a compelling story. Austin is no stranger to either of these things, and the city attracts people with style (and stories) in spades. In just the last few years, those people have helped the vintage scene in Austin explode, flipping the script on what it means to look “current” or “modern” in today’s sartorial landscape dominated by fast fashion, with its oft-cookie-cutter looks and trends that burn brighter (and fizzle faster) than the latest flash-in-the-pan viral video sensation.

Their stories have shaped their successes; their visions are what breathes new life into small local business. 

In Austin, Texas, it’s not enough to just have style. You gotta have soul.

Coco Coquette  

2109 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Much like her outpost on East Cesar Chavez, Allyson Garro herself brings an element of fanciful glamour that is somehow, paradoxically, completely accessible. An L.A. transplant with five years of wardrobe experience under her belt, Garro wanted a departure from the high-stress life that "The Industry" comes with. After a lot of soul-searching (and a retail stint in New Orleans where she gained her chops in retail), she opened up shop in her current East Austin location nearly eight years ago.

Garro knew she wanted to create a space where people could come and be presented with everything they could ever want to costume themselves. Having been a part of the burlesque scene in both L.A. and New Orleans throughout the late nineties and early aughts, her shop is a clear manifestation of a combination of her experiences. 

“There’s something about putting a wig on that’s very disarming. It gives you permission to be someone else. I think it’s better than alcohol!”
— -Allyson Garro, Owner of Coco Coquette

With an infectious enthusiasm for playing dress-up, Garro lights up when talking about hosting events and “wig parties” at the shop: While wigs are the mainstay of her business, Coco Coquette offers a full costuming experience with a wide range of skincare and wellness products, an impeccably curated selection of vintage party-appropriate clothing, and all the accoutrements one could need to transform themselves into a vision of vintage romanticism.  

For Allyson Garro, style will always been deeply personal, and is influenced by her mood. She recalls a memory growing up, having missed the bus on a stressful morning of fourth grade and her mom having to drive her in to school. Her mom recognized that something was wrong due to her daughter’s silence throughout the entire ride, Garro finally mumbled something about hating what she was wearing. Her mother, understanding the feeling of just not feeling right in what she’d chosen to wear, turned the car around so her daughter could change into something that suited her that day. Style didn’t just influence her mood, it changed the way she thought about work and what her role could be in helping other people feel good about themselves. 

Glamour, as it turns out, is a language in and of itself. And after spending just a few minutes inside Coco Coquette, you’ll be speaking ‘glamour’ fluently.

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The Greer Guide to Austin is a bi-weekly column written and photographed by Liz Feezor of Liz Feezor Creative. 

Greer Image Consulting loves supporting local small business, and vintage style is a daily dose of self-expression that is truly unique, sustainable, and supports a network of men and women committed to bringing the best of past style into your wardrobe. 

Top 10 Boutiques to Shop at Le Garage Sale

It's almost here, and I'm beyooooooond excited! 

Twice a year on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Le Garage Sale is held at Palmer Events Center. 100+ boutiques gather together with the best deals ever ever ever. 

What's so cool about Le Garage Sale is that it's not just about shopping. It's about celebrating local businesses and women entrepreneurs in one space. While it's not exclusively women, the majority of boutiques and shops are represented or owned by women. 

The energy, the fun and, of course, the fashion make this my favorite Austin event I've ever attended (and I did grow up in this little town, so I've been to a lot of stuff over the years). 

Whether you're a first time attendee or have loved Le Garage Sale since day one, it's good to have a plan going into it. You should always know what to bring...

  • Clothes you can easily change in and out of throughout the event

  • A reusable bag to put all your treasures in

And you should also know where to go first. Yes, you'll probably hit up every boutique in the place (or at least that's my plan), but you don't want to run with the stampede. Do your own thing, girl. 

Here are 10 of my favorite boutiques that will be attending this weekend to get you started on carving out your own little treasure map for the big event. 

Happy Hunting!

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - Raquel shares where she likes to shop at Le Garage Sale


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Greer Guide to Austin: January Shop

Bloomers and Frocks

1628 S 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704


A new year means exploring new shops in Austin, and Bloomers and Frocks is a perfect place to start.

My favorite part about Bloomers and Frocks is the variety of pieces in the shop. Not only do they have a diverse selection of garments from the greater part of the 20th century (1920's -1980's), but there are variety of sizes starting with XXS and going up to XL.

Rarely do I find this at vintage shops. 

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Owner, Rebekka Adams, could not be more knowledgable about vintage clothing. While personal shopping and styling are a daily part of my life, I wasn't sure where to start in this shop. Each piece is unique, so I didn't know what would or wouldn't fit. Rebekka took my measurements, giving me a clear idea of pieces that would work for me. 

If you're a gal who loves vintage or who hasn't tried it before, but loves the idea of it, Rebekka makes the process of finding what's perfect for you simple and satisfying. And if you need help styling your new oldies into the wardrobe, you know who to call


1960's Floral Baby Doll Dress, $68

1960's Floral Baby Doll Dress, $68

1980's Earrings, $10

1980's Earrings, $10


1980's Polka Dot Top, $58

1980's Polka Dot Top, $58

1980's Bracelets, $38 each

1980's Bracelets, $38 each


1940's Sequin Dickie, $38

1940's Sequin Dickie, $38

1970's Floral Jacket, $88 1950's Black Taffeta Skirt, $78

1970's Floral Jacket, $88
1950's Black Taffeta Skirt, $78

Shop Austin: The October Boutique


The concept of Adelante was dreamed up over three decades ago by the current owner's mother. When Adelante first opened in the 1970s, it was located in San Antonio, and many of the pieces that made up the boutique were inspired by or hand-picked during the owner's trips to Mexico. 

The store moved to Austin 25 years ago and has since expanded its labels and space. Still, there are many pieces in this boutique that are definitively south-of-the-border style: embroidered mumus, off-the-shoulder blouses and jewel tones prints. These vibrant pieces separate Adelante from other shops in Austin. 

When walking into this boutique, it's hard not to think Adelante aims to sum up Austin style. Luckily, they do an impeccable job at it.

With everything from the boho blouses to the upbeat casual looks to the vintage embroidered pillow cases to art deco candles, they manage a cohesive aesthetic of clothing and home goods. Much like Austin, it is eclectic and full of energy, but still has a clear identity. It is even known for bring in a collection of burnt-orange-game-day-girl-gear on August 1st, which takes up half of the entire store (and the store is big!) 

This store is tucked away a bit from the road on 38th St., but if you venture in, you will not be disappointed. In addition to all the playful pieces from brands you know (Johnny Was, Lush, Lucky Brand, Free People) and many you may not, this boutique has exceptional gifts (I got many of my holiday presents here last year.) If you walk in, you won't walk out empty handed, so proceed with caution...

But also...

Take a peak here...

Trend Alert: Velvet + Fall Florals

Cozy up in these maxi sweaters!

Tulle party skirts for the holidays!

Tunic by Johnny Was -- The California King of Boho

They're prepped and ready for sweater weather!

Party clutch perfect for the holidays

The faux fur vest is the perfect autumn piece for Texas weather.

Closet Essential: The Plaid Shirt

Closet Essential: Basic Hoops 

Burnt orange galore!

Turtlenecks to keep you cute and cozy.

Shop Austin: The July Boutique

Feathers Boutique

Sometimes when you wander into a local shop, you become thoughtful of your environment in the same way you would in a museum. You examine each piece carefully as you stroll through. With Feathers, this is a must, because like a museum, each piece at this SoCo side-street shop has a story. 

This boutique is filled with mostly vintage and some new pieces (from their in-house line) that all deserve a little stop-and-stare action. There are pieces that have been preserved since the 1800's, and others that were worn by Texas celebrities. 

One of the things I love about this place is that the owner's point of view is crystal clear. This store is a celebration of women who don't follow the rules, but rather create their own path in life, love and style.  

It is not just about selling the clothing, but rather the magic behind it. To say each piece is chosen carefully for this boutique would be an understatement. If you visit Feathers and find something you love, it's inevitable that purchase will yield a compliment or two. 

A dress from the 19th century

A dress from the 19th century

A dress from the collection of the first female Texas governor, Miriam A. Ferguson

A dress from the collection of the first female Texas governor, Miriam A. Ferguson

Squash blossom necklaces circa 1960's 

Squash blossom necklaces circa 1960's 

Above and below: rings from jewelry designer,  Adina Mills

Above and below: rings from jewelry designer, Adina Mills

Necklaces by local artist, Rebecca Frazier

Necklaces by local artist, Rebecca Frazier

Shop Austin: The May Shop

Maya Star

Located on South Congress, this boutique is eclectic, fun and a must-stop-into for playful summer dresses and statement jewelry. This boutique is filled to the brim and will take you some time to search through, but if you're willing to do the work, you're sure to find something irresistible nestled in the racks. 

Shop Austin: The April Boutique


Shopping is necessary to create a wardrobe that is as fast paced and full of life as you are. And I totally understand: many of you hate it. In the past you may have been stuck with little to no direction on what you should be looking for or what actually works for you. That is undeniably frustrating. 

The good news is shopping does not have to be a mission. It should not cause you to erupt with anxiety the moment you walk in the store.

Shopping is about falling in love with a piece of clothing that you absolutely must have. This is the kind of shopping I love to do. Clothing should always speak to your soul, just like a beautiful song or painting.

Because of this, I created the Shop Austin Style Series: a monthly photo tour of Austin's best boutiques. Explore clothes you'll love, find shops to adore and maybe even get inspired to take a trip across town to find out that your favorite new shop isn't as scary as it once may have seemed.

And if you want a little help along the way, contact me. I'd love to chat. As an image consultant, I uncover your natural beauty, discover your style and help you embrace your creativity through fashion. 

Want the extended list of Austin's best boutiques? Click here. 

For this month's boutique, I ventured out to Westlake to check out an upscale, fashion-forward hub that has been in Austin since '99.