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Being stylish is about defining yourself and your body. Often times the term 'stylish' is applied to people who keep up with the latest trends. Trends come and go, but paying attention to exactly what works for you is important to creating a genuinely chic closet. 

Applying the ABC's of image consulting is a good place to start...accentuate, balance, camoflauge. We all have the good, great, and not-so-great things about our body. Understanding, acknowledging and accepting these parts empowers us to create the perfect wardrobe.

There's a couple things to keep in mind when learning your ABC's...

Create Balance 

When trying to cover up your less desirable bits, don't forget to accentuate your best attributes. The articles of clothing you use to do these two things should work together harmoniously.

If you want to cover your abdomen, choose a flowy top. Do not also choose flowy pants. Pair a skinny jean. Accentuating the good is just as important as camouflaging the bad.

Find your best fit 

Clothing should fit like undergarments, like it was made for you. Since there is no standardized sizing in the US, it can be hard to find the perfect size for you. Instead, find your favorite designers and make them your go-to. 


Use color and print strategically 

Play with color to create an ensemble all your own. The brighter and bolder the more attention will be driven to that part of you. Think it through and then construct the look. Where do you want the attention driven?  

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Try something new 

Often times we pick fabrics based on preconceived notions of what is good or bad. Choose fabrics not because of what you think should or would work. Step outside your comfort zone. Try new things. Uncharted territory is often the most exciting.

And don't forget to #shoplocal

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Now I would love to hear from you! Make sure to leave a comment below and tell me how applying the ABC's of image consulting went for you!

New Year, New You...Not Quite Yet.

So you've rung in the New Year by eating and drinking your weight in cookies, crab cakes, and cocktails. Hopefully you're already on your way to a full detox, but until you're back to the pre-foodbaby weight, here's a couple ways to disguise that pudge from all that fudge. 

Dark Colors

Dark colors to the rescue! No matter if it's black, grey, navy, or even burgundy, live in it. We all know dark colors camouflage whatever's underneath them, so make sure you dress up the darks with pieces specifics to your body type. For instance:

If you're an apple, don't just throw on a pair of black leggings. You're hiding your best asset. Instead, pair a bright pant with a simple black sweater. The pop of color will not only flatter the part of your body where you gain weight, it will draw attention to your slimmer features. 

                                  J.Crew Campbell Capri Pant

                                 J.Crew Campbell Capri Pant

For hourglass, always accentuate the waist, and pair a dark sweater or dress with a dark belt. You tend to gain weight in the middle too, so there's a delicate balance between showing your shape and covering the wobbly bits. 

                       Lene Dress by Maeve at Anthropologie

                      Lene Dress by Maeve at Anthropologie

Skip The Potato Sack.

Despite popular belief, a sack of an outfit will make you look LARGER, much larger. Instead, stick to something form-fitting that doesn't have the suction of an octopus to it. As Marilyn once said, "Your clothes should be tight enough to show you're a woman, but loose enough to show you're a lady." 


Create Inside Lines.

People will look where you want them to, if you help them. Drawing their eyes to the inside of your body will create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Strong vertical, colorful lines on a dress or the lapel of a blazer will do the trick. 


Don't Forget Your SHAPEWEAR.

Most of us have it, though it tends to be tucked away in the underwear drawer for special events. Don't be afraid to use this tool for every event from networking to business formal to happy hour. You have it for a reason. Now use it. 

                                           Classic Shapewear by Spanx

Now, I would love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know which methods are going to be helpful on your way back to a full detox.


Interview with Elaine Wiart: Plus Size Image Consultant and Model

From having no choice but to wear mens’ jeans once upon a time to becoming a model and role model to plus-size women, Elaine Wiart has been through it all in the world of plus-size fashion. As a Montreal based consultant, Elaine founded CurvesnStyle to challenge and redefine the world’s perception of beauty. She is incredibly talented, driven, and stylish, and continues to impart her knowledge of plus-size fashion on everyone that comes across her path. 

R: Define plus size vs. straight size.

E: Straight sizing is up to 12. Most stores that are plus size are going to carry 12+, but I like that designers now are doing clothes up to a size 16, 18.

R: So tell me a little bit about transitioning from working as a plus size model to working as a consultant to plus size women?

E: Being a model was good for me. I found it was possible to be plus size and fashionable, but it just was not enough. I wanted to help other plus size women, but I didn’t have the science behind me to help other people get dressed. That’s when I started studying image consulting. I went to Dominique [Isbecque] and FIT.



R: Would you say there’s anything different about dressing plus size women as opposed to straight sizing?

E: No, the principles are still the same. You are still going to be dressing a body shape, highlighting the assets, trying to not call attention to what you don’t want to show. 

R: What would you say your biggest challenge is in doing plus size consulting?

E: It’s the lack of options. It’s much better than when I was 18.  I had to buy mens’ jeans. Now they do have a lot of options of jeans, but it can improve a lot.

R: Your favorite plus size designers?

E: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, those are my favorite.

Those three are doing really well and have lines that are really affordable. There are other specialty stores like Lane Bryant too.

R: How do you manage your wardrobe in your daily routine?

E: When you organize your wardrobe with things that fit well, the process is really quick. I’m just going to dress based on the location and situation I’m attending.

R: What would be some tips you could give to plus size women?

E: First, try on, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing or what your body shape is.

Second, accessorize. Accessories are such an important thing.

Third, don’t hide. Plus size women try to hide their bodies and that makes them look older and bigger.

You don’t have to try to fit in the same thing that a skinny friend does. You need a bigger print, more proportional to your body. The little dots, little flowers don’t work. It’s going to make you look bigger.

R: What do you love about working with your clients?

E: It’s very rewarding when you find somebody who feels good about themselves when they wear the right clothes. Maybe months later you see someone in a grocery store, and the person looks much better. You see they’re paying attention to details you pointed out.


*Answers edited for clarity and content 

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