Capsule Wardrobes Don't Work and Here's Why

Even if you don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, the start of 2019 feels like a time to make little and big changes. Eating healthy, journaling more, or creating a vision board may be on the agenda, but there’s one last thing I’d like to add to the list.

It’s time to ditch the capsule wardrobe and the idea of it all together.

Here’s why:

  • Capsule wardrobes don’t teach you anything about your style.

We’re all hungry for knowledge, and instead of nourishing your desire to learn, capsule wardrobes are like a diet pill that will eventually leave you needing more.

  • Capsules wardrobes don’t allow your style grow.

No one wants to be stuck in what they wore back in 1995. Your style should always grow with you, because it should be an accurate representation of you in this current moment.

  • Capsule wardrobes don’t give you meaning, purpose, and understanding.

These three things are inherent human curiosities and when you love your style, you’ve find them in your style.

  • Capsule wardrobes put you in a box, when you style is completely unique.

Your style is 100% unique. Why? Because it’s the physical representation of you. Your closet should be made up of pieces that represent your personality, experiences, and preferences.

  • Capsule wardrobes aren’t designed with your body in mind.

Every woman has a different body type and color palette, which are among the most important factors to take into consideration when building a wardrobe that's specific to you. That's the foundation from which you can grow your style.

  • Capsule wardrobes rob you of your creativity.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, your ability to choose one piece over another in the store makes you creative. Choosing, styling, and playing with your wardrobe is one of the most satisfying and exciting part of style.

  • Essentials and staples don’t exist.

You can’t build a wardrobe and think you absolutely must have certain pieces in your wardrobe, because there are no staples. Even if your job is business formal, you should have the choice between a navy suit or grey suit. Each choice is specific to you.

But there’s hope. There always is with style, because guess what…

You have style. You always have, and you always will. And there are keys is to continuously developing it.

Here’s how:


There is nothing more important than knowing what works for your body type, color palette, and lifestyle. Even if you fluctuate size or change your hair color, your body type and color palette do not change over the course of your life. In learning these guidelines around your style, it allows you to get unstuck and feel the absolute freedom that comes with your unique and thoughtful style.


When I work with my clients, I apply a number of styling techniques in their current wardrobe or when building a fresh one. As I style, I talk through these concepts with my clients, so you can take what you learn and run with it.

You have style. And the concepts I apply you may already be familiar with from other creative endeavors, but you may not know how they apply to your closet.

In understanding exactly how styling works and owning your creativity in your wardrobe, you get the confidence and perspective on your wardrobe that your style has always needed.

Unsure of what that might be like? Hear from these bold and powerful women.


This is such a core part of developing your wardrobe, because it requires you to think about your needs, wants, and goals. What are the words that speak to you when you think about your ideal wardrobe? Is comfort your number one with all your outfits? Do you reach for a smart sneaker in lieu of a pump for a day out in Austin?

I uncover these answers in your wardrobe, so your wardrobe isn’t just a bunch of random pieces. It’s a collection of items that reflect exactly who you are at your core.

Style is a journey. It evolves and shifts with you. It should be fun and rewarding. It should satisfy your curiosity, and, at times be a little self-indulgent. It should celebrate you.

If you’re ready to bring your style up to speed with where you’re at in 2019, I would love to work with you.

In our time together, we would dive deep into your personal, unique style. Together, we uncover your most useful and most loved pieces from your wardrobe that accurately represent you in all facets of your life.

I teach you your body type, color palette, and how to apply styling techniques to your wardrobe based on your particular style. I help you build on what you have, so your wardrobe is made up entirely of pieces you love and have the desire to wear.

Want to connect with me 1-on-1? Let’s chat. Together we’ll discuss your unique goals, hurdles, and style to ensure we find the perfect solution for you and your style.

I wish you so much love and light in this new year,



Prep for the Last Bash of the Season: What to Wear to a Wedding

I was so excited to celebrate my fellow image consultant, Glenda Jean Soriano’s wedding this summer at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. She was an exceptionally beautiful bride, and put together one hell of a wedding. It was sophisticated, playful and, of course, so romantic. Even the food was incredible (sometimes hard to come by at a wedding)! In honor of this very special occasion and the last weddings of summer, here's my:


TOP 5 TO DO’s for the BIG BASH:


Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how wearing the right heels can help spruce up your outfit while maintaining comfort and versatility.

1. Actually wear comfortable heels. I feel like this is something I always say to myself, but often times I pick something that I think will “wow.” I ultimately suffer. Spare yourself the agony and find something in between. For Saturday night, I picked a gold bootie from Steven by Steve Madden. It was won-der-ful!!! I was able to dance and keep my heels on, which is always convenient, when you have a 6’1” boyfriend to measure up to and pull around the floor.


My issue with heels tends to be that they are too narrow, not too high. If you prefer a shorter heel, go with a kitten heel with a pointed toe. A pointed toe will extend the leg, therefore, making you look taller and slimmer.


If you can stand high heels, I love Pour La Victoire. Their heels are wider than most, and they have an incredible variety of go-to pumps and closet classics that can go with anything from jeans to wedding cocktail attire to a business suit. 


2. Don’t forget your hankie! I’m a big crier at weddings, so I never leave home without one. My mother has a collection of vintage handkerchiefs, so she always taught me that it’s not only an essential part of your big bag of tricks aka your purse, but it’s a fun way to express your style. Like all parts of our wardrobe, they are a small detail that adds to a much bigger picture and makes a sophisticated, elegant, romantic statement. Ooh, the possibilities…


3. Dress to the season that the wedding is taking place in. The bride and groom chose this time of the year for a reason, so it’s important to embrace their vision by embracing the season. Although it’s no longer necessary to do this in fashion (white is okay after labor day!), there is a good chance that a Fall wedding will include autumnal colors and a spring wedding will include spring brights or pastels.  When I think about dressing for a wedding, I think about the personality of the bride and being part of her larger vision. We all know we have an ideal color palette for ourselves, so it’s not necessary to step completely out of your comfort zone, but tailor a detail or two (cocktail ring, shoes, scarf…) to the particular wedding you’re attending. If you’re not sure what to expect, the invitation is a good indication what’s to come.


4. Prepare your entire look the night before the occasion. How many times have you said you’re going to do this, then 45 minutes before the wedding you’re steaming your dress? Well do it this time! A wedding is an occasion to celebrate, relax and, of course, party. When you’re ill-prepared and poorly put together, you don’t have as much fun as you would or feel as confident about your personal image. Personal image is representative of how we feel about ourselves and it’s important to always remember that. Taking care of each detail means you care. To take care of each detail, advanced preparation is necessary.


If you want to wear your hair down, think about if your usual product will work for the weather at the wedding. Will it be humid? If so, it’s best to take the time to blow dry sections of your hair rather than the whole mop. This way, it’s less likely to frizz.


If you want to wear your hair up, blow-drying is still incredibly important to create the perfect texture. Don’t use just any old rubber band or clip, either camouflage or accentuate a beautiful hair accessory.


For makeup, choose to accentuate lips or eyes, not both. Unless your make-up is subtle and classic all over, accentuating both eye and lip color will distract people and take away positive attention.  If you choose to do a dramatic eye or lip, make sure both the accentuated and subtle part of the look are meticulously executed.


5. Wear something that works for you, looks great, but isn’t your statement dress — or as Beyonce would call it, your ‘Freakum Dress’. It looks tacky to try to bring too much attention to yourself when it’s the bride’s day.


To avoid doing this, use primarily simpler patterns and one or two colors, or form-flattering (not fitting) clothing. There are many different messages that colors can send, but when you choose just one or two colors, people don’t feel ambushed by it. Rather, it appears pleasant and gracious at a wedding. You can wear red (along with every other color except white of course) to weddings, but if you choose red along with every other color, the dress cannot be body-conscious. It’s important to always dress to your body type, but there’s a clear difference between flattering your body type and wearing your clothes as a second skin. If you have to suck in, to zip it up, don’t wear it. If you have to routinely check if any body part is popping out, don’t wear it. And remember! Weddings are for eating, drinking, and being merry, so if it’s not comfortable before those crab cakes, it’s certainly not going to be comfortable after.


Now, I would love to hear from you! Comment below to tell me how you like to spruce up your look for a wedding!