What to Wear to ACL: Part 1

Austin is the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world and, over the past 15 years, Austin City Musical Festival has become an iconic symbol of our city and what music truly means to us. Musical acts will be traveling from near and far to perform at one of Austin's largest annual events. 

But, of course, it's not just about the music. Festival fashion has expanded and evolved over the past decade into a show of style and personal expression. What you wear to this event can easily dictate how present and excited you feel to be there. 

For this year's festival, there is one key thing to keep in mind: CREATIVITY.

Music is about creative expression. Fashion is too. 
Music is about freedom. Fashion is too.
Music is about celebrating the human experience. Fashion is too. 

The two are intrinsically tied by these facts, thus with the kick off of the festival a week away, it's time to think about exactly what you'll wear.

Here's 7 tips to create outfits you'll love for the festival ahead. 


It's not the most exciting fact to consider, but comfort is key, so knowing how you're going to be comfortable means knowing the weather ahead. And right now, it's looking like 80 degree temperatures are here to stay. 


To think creatively about your wardrobe, you must take a fresh perspective on your wardrobe. Don't choose a whole outfit you've worn before. Instead, choose one piece from where you want to build your outfit. 


If you've chosen a dress, romper or jumpsuit, you've picked the easy way. Certainly not a bad thing though! It just means there will be less moving parts to your outfit. If you're eyeing a top, choose a bottom by length. Long tops balance well with jeans. Short tops will be complimented skirts or shorts. 


Don't just settle on flip flops or old sneakers. There are lots of comfortable options for a day of walking in the park. My personal favorite for this occasion is a sturdy cowboy boot. They make it easy to trek through the dirt and if you've broken yours in, the level of comfort has no limits. If western isn't your thing, try a fashion sneaker. While blush is great for work, dark colors like black and grey make you less likely to ruin them during the day-long event. Other options include booties and statement sandals. Go back to your outfit and see which of these blends well with your the style and colors of your clothing choice. 


Why not kill two birds with one stone? A hat gives you sun protection on the hot day and adds style to any outfit. Try an embroidered ball cap for a sporty, romantic look, a burgundy floppy hat for a boho finish or a flat-brim black hat for an edgy touch.  


You can’t have an outfit without accessories. Not only do they show the complexity of the outfit, they show the complexity of who you are. For ACL, don't worry so much about the rules, focus on the creativity and playfulness of your look. Mix silver & gold, layer necklaces, try wooden bangles with metal ones, or add an arm band. The event is eclectic. You should be too. 


Backpacks are trending right now, but make sure to treat yours like another layer of your outfit. If your outfit is sporty, go with a utility sack. If your look is edgier, try a leather pack. If you don't have a ton of goodies you want to bring the festival, a crossbody is the way to go. Apply the same principals to a handbag as a backpack: your style should be reflected in this piece and connected to the rest of your outfit. 

Leave the pants. Take the booties.

Pants are a placeholder. Yes, there are some truly fabulous pants that will make you feel like a million bucks, but so often I find my clients reach for them, not because they love pants, but because they aren't sure what else works. This motion is intensified when we enter boot season. 

Booties (and all boots) are perfect for this week of weather, but you don't need pants to wear them. Try pairing them with shorts, dresses or skirts. It can feel tricky, but these more summer-y pieces can be a perfect weather-appropriate boots-included outfit.

Mixing pieces from different seasons indicates you've got style intuition, because you're creative and pair what you love, not what outfits you've been handed from the J.Crew catalogue. 

Whenever trying something new, you may have questions.

"Do I need stockings, leggings or tights?"
"Will my legs look stumpy and cut-off?"
"Am I too short to pull this off?"
"Am I too old to wear boots like this?" 

The answer: no. 

No matter your age, height, or body type, this is a fun, easy and fashion-forward way to style your outfit this fall.

Whether you're the kind of gal who likes to dip her toe in at the pool or cannonball in, it's time to test the water and love your fall look. 

Here are 4 to get you started...

* Photographer: Natalie Beurskens

The Boots

Black and Chocolate Booties

The Outfit

Your style is a reflection of your city. Create an eclectic and energetic Austin look by pairing a party-top with your cowboy classics. 

Where to Wear This: Girls Night Out, Date Night, Sunday Brunch

Don't forget your accessories!

Style is the physical manifestation of your unique personality. Love your look, and you'll shine through to whoever you meet.

The boots

Calf-height Cowboy Boots

The Outfit

Link different elements of your outfits together to create a cohesive look (i.e. sand-colored scarf with sand-colored boots.)

Invest in a pair of classic hoops to finish any outfit.

Pop the same color in multiple parts of an outfit (i.e. the lapis blue scarf detail and the lapis blue ring.)

The Boots

Knee-High Suede Boots

The Outfit

Add a brown accessory to a black outfit for an autumnal accent.

Add a watch to any outfit for a more professional, polished look.

Try statement earrings when your hair is down to create a boho element.

The Boots

Brown Booties

The Outfit

The vest is my favorite Austin autumn piece, because it adds a bit of warmth without having a full fall coat.

Tie up your button-down to create a more feminine and flirty look.

For a more free-spirited look, mix and match patterns in an unconventional way.

Want more style in your wardrobe? Let's chat. I would love to hear more about your unique and deeply personal style. I'll create a wardrobe full of outfits and clothes you love and love to wear. 

Summer Style meet Fall Fashion.

We're all eager to welcome fall into our hearts, our bellies (courtesy of pumpkin pie) and, of course, our wardrobes. That can be difficult because of where we live. Texas is my home and oh, I love it so, but we are all ready to kiss this heat goodbye. As the weather takes small steps towards going down a few degrees, so can we take baby steps towards a wardrobe filled with autumnal inspiration and fall fashions. 

So Long, Summer! 
Outfit #1

The Fall Fashion Staple: Wine

Yes, we could all use a glass, but I'm talkin' about the color. This is the color for fall. There are a few variations on the color, and if you prefer to call it burgundy or crimson, those work too! Either way, it's rich, deep and oh-so autumnal.

*Photo cred: Natalie Beurskens

The End of Summer Tribute: The Vest

For most business occasions I like to have a blazer on hand to make my look more assertive. When it's still warm out and you want to create a similiar powerful and polished look, use a vest instead of a blazer. This look is edgy, elegant and perfect for the office in October.

Adieu, Summer!
Outfit #2

The Highlight: The Light-Weight Wrap Jacket

The End of Summer Tribute: Multi-Layered Peach Necklace

A light colored necklace can often seem like it only fits in spring and summer, but if you pop it with a deeper hue of the same color, you can easily bring it into October. 

Orevwa, Summer!
Outfit #3

The Fall Fashion Staple: The Closed-Toe Booties

Booties are like breakfast in my house. I rarely have a day without them. In the fall, it's off with the open-toed guys and in with the pointed-toe pairs. This is an easy way to feel like you're in fall without actually adding stuffy layers to your look. 

The End of Summer Tribute: Pop of Color

Popping your cool weather darks with a bright color is always a good way to give an outfit energy and lighten your mood.

*For warmer days, leave the jacket off and add the vest. 

*For warmer days, leave the jacket off and add the vest. 


The Fall Fashion Staple: Military Jacket

This is one of my favorite fall pieces to wear, because it works so well in with Austin's ever-casual vibe. Add this piece over a sundress or shorts and a tee to finish the look.

The End of Summer Tribute: The Cotton Dress

This dress is breathable, light-weight and easy to throw on for all the casual occasions. It is a closet staple in any wardrobe and easily pairs with fall pieces for right now.

Want to know exactly how to style your entire wardrobe?

Talk with me 1-on-1.

I work with women of all different sizes, ages and styles to create a wardrobe that speaks to who they are and how they want to look.

I teach my clients what works for their body type, color palette and personal style. I show you exactly how to style your whole wardrobe, so you feel empowered to use your style every day. I give you the information necessary to finally feel that clear sense of style you've always wanted.