How to Shop Like An Expert

Raquel Greer Gordian shares her secrets on how to shop with joy, fun, and success.

Whenever I go shopping with a client, I pre-shop, which means I pull everything in the store well-suited to them before they arrive.

 I do this, because I always want you to have the most luxurious and stress-free shopping experience, and I want to open you up to new things you’ve never tried before but absolutely love.

 This means I take my time to sift through each piece in the store and think through all the parts of you that make up your style: your color palette, your body type, your personality, your lifestyle, and the things types of clothes that really excite you.

 This could surface in the most literal sense like when your love of travel is reflected by choosing a graphic button-down with an Eiffel Tower print. Or this could be a not-so-subtle print like cheetah that plays into your go-getter spirit.

 I see you in ways you may not always see yourself, but in ways that are oh-so true to you.

 I shop with joy, excitement, and curiosity, and I want this for you too.

 So this week is about helping you try something new: shopping like an image consultant.

 Here are my tips to keeping it fresh and fun on your next trip:

 And if you ever want to see what I’d pick for you, let’s chat. I would love to work with you.

4. Forget sizing.

There is no standard sizing. We all know this, but you may be looking to create a framework around your style by going back to the same size over and over again.

 That size will inevitably be too big or too small sometimes, because no piece is designed with you in mind and each piece is designed differently. A XS in Free People is often very roomy, and going up one or two sizes past your usual size may not be enough in TopShop.

 You can look at the tag for a reference point, but always, always eyeball.

 Does the XS look like your size, but you’re sure it’s a medium? Try it on. Don’t psych yourself out.

 And the more you eyeball, the better you’ll get at it, and the less you’ll have to try different sizes. You’ll naturally gravitate towards to size that’s juuuuust right in a piece.

 3. Forget the path you’ve carved.

 It’s easy to get stuck on a style that you think works for you and never deviate. Forget about 5 or 10 years, this can leave your style feeling stale after even 1 year.

 Your style has to always move forward and keep up with where you’re at.

 If you’ve had any transitions, big or small, professional or personal, your style needs to shift with it. This is the only way you can feel fully seen at this current moment in your life.

 So if you’re wearing the same tees you wore when you were 22, chances are you need an update. You need to step outside the box. And it may not even be just a departure from the style of tee. You may not be a tees gal at all anymore, outside of the gym. You may be the new queen of bodysuits.   

 But you never know unless you try one on.

 2. Indulge in the trend.

 A wardrobe should be a lot classics and some trends.

 But this mindset can leave you feeling guilty about buying trends—as if the requirement to be sophisticated is that you’ve gotta be all classic, no zing.

 It’s not true. You can still be and feel stylish your whole life, while incorporating pieces like a faux fur royal purple full-length jacket or rose gold mid-calf booties or cropped flare jeans.

 The trends are in the store and in your closet for a reason. They bring joy and excitement and energy to your closet. They bring humor and make you question why you’re attracted to something, but know you undeniably are.

 They can give you something to look forward to each new season, so let them do their job. And indulge in them whenever you want.

1. Stop looking for something in particular, just focus on you.

 When I go shopping with a client, I have a list to reference.

 The key being reference, because this list doesn’t rule my life or the shopping experience. Instead, I always keep an open mind, so if I see something that’s toooootally you, I give myself the freedom to add it to my cart.

Have you ever wanted to find a black t-shirt, and for some reason, the only black t-shirts you can find happen to be the worst fit, fabric, and just plain sad?

 It’s because you’re looking too hard and, often times, when you think you might need something, you might not need it at all.

It’s easy to fill your wardrobe with things you think you need like a white button down or a black tee, but style is all about you. You get to fill your wardrobe with whatever you want.

 When shopping, focus on what pops out at you and indulge in it. And if you really need a black tee, keep it on your mental list, but not top of mind.

Just like soul mates, the right tee comes along when you’re picking up a stapler at Target and least expect to find your favorite tee of all time. 

If you enjoyed today’s post, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and tell me which tip you’re most excited to try on your next shopping trip.

Lots of love and joy,