4 Ways To Style A Silk Dress

This month I stopped by Art & Soul Design on South Lamar to see what this little Austin shop is all about. I’m a South Austin gal, so when something pops up in my hood, I’m especially curious to see if they’ve got anything interesting for myself and my clients. And they did!

Art & Soul Design on South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas, holds many great gifts and accessories for any Texan woman.
Art & Soul Design on South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas carries a variety of silk dresses, gifts, books, jewelry, crystals, and more.
Art & Soul Design on South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas has lots of great accessories for fall.

Art & Soul Design has a unique approach to retail — the store is all about self-care, wellness, and community. Owner Melissa Hargus says what makes her store special is her “focus on natural goods that are both ethically and sustainably handcrafted by (mainly) local artists/small businesses.” The store is beautifully designed and smells uh-mazing — candles, oils, incense, aaall the things in your nose at once.

They carry everything: western-style jewelry, sage bundles, crystals, silk scarves, dresses, books and more. It’s a collection of random pieces that add up to a really fun place to shop for home, wearables, and gifts.

Among all the goodies, a silk dress caught my eye — with the right jacket, it’s the perfect piece to style for a cool, but not cold, fall day. All the dresses are hand dyed by Carol Hargus, Melissa’s mother and co-owner of Art & Soul. Carol gave me a tour of the back of the shop where she actually dyes the silk garments with all-natural dyes, which made the silk dress feel like an extra special piece to take home.

And today, I’m showin’ ya how I styled it! While Art & Soul is a great place to pick up a silk dress, these styling technique will also work on any simple, silky, above-the-knee dress.

At Greer Image Consulting, I’m all about mixing higher end pieces (like the silk dress) with easy trend items, so your closet and style are a completely unique blend of items that represent all facets of you. So to complete each outfit, I popped over to Target to see what fun fall pieces they were carrying.

I picked up 3 outerwear pieces: an emerald sweater, a fleece-lined jean jacket, and a charcoal corduroy jacket. The rest of the pieces came from my own closet (and you may have something similar too).

And voila! Here’s 4 ways to make your simple, silky dress pop this fall.

Belts & Boots

Western is a huge trend this season, so my first instinct was to pull out my go-to fall shoe: Tecovas cowboy boots. I played into the warm brown leather boot by adding my similarly shaded Anthropologie waist belt and Beaded by W mustard earrings. Underneath the belt is my emerald Target sweater, and to finish the look, I added my Nina Berenato gold cuff.

Use code “GreerVIP” at NinaBerenato.com to get 30% off all full priced jewelry!

photographed by Natalie Beurskens

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress

Texan at Heart

Hats are the perfect addition for weekend fall looks because they add both warmth and style to your outfit. For this look, I pulled out my cowboy hat from Favor The Kind on South Congress to give it some flare. I finished the outfit with gold layered necklaces, the vintage-inspired, fleece-lined jean jacket from Target, and my Steve Madden dusty rose platforms. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable and would be perfect for dancing the night away in!

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress

90’s Inspired

For this look, I went a little grunge and oh-so 90’s with a corduroy charcoal-colored jacket from Target and military-style boots from Kork Ease. I picked up these boots back in March for my honeymoon in Europe, but I loved pairing the corduroy jacket in this look, because it really popped the boots. Both dark colors played into each other and enhanced one another. Since the whole look was neutral, I added an ultra violet (Pantone 2018 color of the year) beanie to bring a playful touch to the whole look.

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress

Power Play

I love to style business pieces for date night looks, so for this outfit, I brought out my classic black blazer by Vince. To make it not-so-business, I added the ultimate date night shoe, the knee-high boots. There are few pieces more dramatic than these. I finished the look with dark wood bangles and resin earrings from The Big Little Box.

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress
Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 4 Ways To Wear A Silk Dress

more photos from my trip to Art & Soul Design…

Art & Soul Design on South Lamar Boulevard carries silk dyed scarves, perfect for year round in Austin, Texas.
Raquel took a look inside Art & Soul Design, located on South Lamar Boulevard, and found many gifts and home decor items perfect for Austin, Texas style.
Art & Soul Design on South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas carries crystals along with jewelry, clothing, and gifts.
Art & Soul Design offers a selection of books along with jewelry, scarves, and dresses.
Art & Design on South Lamar Boulevard carries vintage-inspired pieces for any outfit.
Raquel visited Art & Soul Design and discovered the perfect silk dress and accessories for fall 2018.

Now I would love to hear from you! What was your favorite way I styled the little silky dress? How would you put your own twist on the look to make it perfectly you? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!



Oh yes, it has arrived. Fall is quite possibly my favorite season to dress for. It's the perfect time to combine warm and cold weather pieces to create a look all your own. 

To have style is to repurpose pieces into looks that are unique, innovative and eye-catching. Fall, we thank you for bringing us the perfect weather to do this in. 

So let's get into it, shall we? 




5. Booties

I put these at the bottom of my list, not because they don't have the biggest place in my heart. They do. I absolutely love booties. This is the time in elementary school where someone would say, "Well why don't you marry them?" And I would boldly reply, "If I could, I would." They are amazing and versatile. They work in any season from the bar to the baby shower. They're glorious. And here are some of my picks: 

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - FALL FASHION Has Landed.

4. Plaid 

No matter how you characterize your personal style, plaid is an easy-to-wear wardrobe staple for any woman. Plaid is classic and unpretentious; sophisticated and chic.

Pair with your neutral staples (pencil skirt, navy pants, or maybe even white jeans), and you've got the perfect look for a breezy day. 


3. Hat 

Women always have specific accessories they believe they cannot wear. How do I know this? Because I hear it all the time from my clients. One of those accessories is a hat. People are funny about hats. But the truth is...everyone can wear hats. The key is finding the correct one for your face shape, neck length and style. 

2. Leopard

The fall has a certain richness to it that is captured in everything from the food to the fashion. Which is why I love leopard prints for the fall. It is seductive and sumptuous.  

As Jenna Lyons once said, "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." Just like plaid, leopard is bold but works with many different styles in many different scenarios. The trick is knowing where to draw the line. At the office, subtlety is key. During the day, choosing a flowy, more palatable piece. At night...go big or go home. 

1. Suede

Yes, it's in and I'm loving every minute of it! Whether you're obsessed with the 70's (like me) or a millenial who's pulling looks from the 90's, now is the time to shop for suede. One of my favorite parts of having a suede piece in your wardrobe is also it's easy transition to winter. It pairs easily with a tall boot in a few months. 

For now, use it to dress up your casual look. Suede is down-to-earth, but enticing. Whether it's a skirt, shirt or jacket, it will give you the allure that comes with effortless style. 

Now I would love to hear from you! Let me know which piece is your favorite! Was this guide helpful? Make sure to leave a comment below to tell me about your fall style!