What To Wear For Your Holiday Parties

December is here, and soon the holiday parties will be to! Whether you're keeping it low key at a friend's shindig or attending a client party downtown, you need to find an outfit that reflects who you are and how you want to be seen.

Each occasion will be festive, fun and full of energy. So should your getup.

With all of the tasks to tackle during the holiday season like gifts, decorating and holiday cards, it's important to look at creating your outfit not as another chore, but rather an exciting way to get into the mood of the season. This mindset will make you more enthused to attend parties and celebrate your style this season.

You don't have to spend a ton of money adding a bunch of different pieces to your wardrobe. Adding 1-3 fresh pieces will instantly bring your closet basics up a notch. 

Every single outfit you wear should make you feel fabulous, and your 2016 holiday look is no exception. 

Get festive

Option #1
Swap your classic cardigan for a more festive outer layer.

What goes underneath: A Little Black Dress or A Silk Blouse + Dark Denim

Click through to shop each look.

Option #2
Swap your dainty jewelry for statement pieces.

When adding bolder jewelry to your outfit, choose a statement necklace and stud earrings or statement earrings and a single strand necklace. Don't overcrowd your headspace. It's can easily become distracting, rather than enhancing. 

If you want to add more jewelry, bring in a cocktail ring and an arm full or bangles. 


Option #3
Swap your classic flats for statement heels.

Click the pics to shop each piece.

Option #4
wap your neutral makeup for a bold accent look.

Add a cat eye look with liquid liner.

Add a bold red lip for a dramatic and festive touch.
If you want a trendier (rather than classic) look, try plum. 

Want a look you don't have to mess with the night of the party? Get your lashes done.

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Option #5

Need more help styling or shopping for your holiday look? Contact Raquel to book a session before your next party.

Recreate Red Carpet Looks in Everyday Style

I have to say that I'm kind of glad award season is over. I always feel stressed about be attentive for every second of each show, and on top of that, I've tried to squeeze an exorbitant number of trips to the movies in over the last couple months. Of course, the movies aren't the important part. It's all about the fashion. 

That's why I'm exploring exactly how to translate red carpet looks and trends into everyday style this week. Although these are just a drop in the bucket of red carpet fashion, they're some of my favorite trends from this awards season. 


   Raquel Greer Gordian displays the scarlet trend of this year's award season. 
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits looks that incorporated the scarlet trend at the Golden Globe Awards.


Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits an alternative look for Emma Stone's menswear look.
Raquel Greer Gordian displays red carpet looks that incorporated the menswear trend.


Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits an alternative look for Taylor Swift's blue Grammy Awards look.
Raquel Greer Gordian shows looks from the Golden Globe Awards that embraced the bright in blues trend. 


Raquel Greer Gordian provides an alternative, everyday outfit for Anna Kendrick's pink look at the Oscars. 
Raquel Greer Gordian displays red carpet looks that embodied the pretty in pink trend.

Now I would love to know! Which red carpet trend do you think you'll incorporate into your everyday style? Leave a comment below to tell me how it turns out!

Take Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with These Six Looks

I've learned to always carry a purse big enough to fit a sweater, because every afternoon, that's exactly where my sweater ends up. Austin's weather is unpredictable, to say the least, and the past two weeks have been the worst of it. I'm really never sure what I'm going to get when I step out of my apartment. Even if the day starts out at 40 degrees, you could be sweating by the end of it. 

So! Because Austin likes to keep us guessing, I've put together looks to incorporate both winter and spring pieces for a chic style statement for whatever weather comes our way. 


Winter Pieces: Leather Jacket + Infinity Scarf

Spring Pieces: Floral Dress + Open-Toe Pumps

Bad Romance  

Winter Pieces: Oversized Cardigan + Booties

Spring Pieces: Graphic Tee + Floral Skirt

Dinner and A Movie

Winter Pieces: Jeans + Booties

Spring Pieces: Faux-Fur Vest + Silk Blouse


Winter Pieces: Midi Skirt + Scarf

Spring Pieces: Light-Weight Cardigan + Sandals

The Girl in the Coffee Shop

Winter Piece: Heavy Cardigan

Spring Pieces: Flats + Mini Skirt


Winter Pieces: Knee-High Boots + Overcoat

Spring Pieces: Shift Dress + Sunnies

Now, I would love to hear from you! How do you stay prepared for any kind of crazy Austin weather? Let me know by commenting below which elements of winter and spring you'll mix together!

The Fabric of Society: Fashion and Style Throughout the Twentieth Century

Fashion evolves. The work of every generation is broken apart by newcomers, who discard what they dislike and use the remaining rubble to build the next generation’s styles and trends. One thing I’ve always loved about fashion is that it is an expression of everything that's going on around us. Social, political, and religious movements are reflected in what each generation wears.

When I think about MLK Day, my first reaction is to consider the developments in fashion that stem from the remarkable, unprecedented change that occurred in that decade. Then I feel guilty. How shallow can I be, considering fashion in the context of the greatest social movement in history? But putting my self-consciousness aside, truth be told, it is astounding. How quickly the conservative, traditionalism of the 1950’s shifted into the forward-thinking 1960s, only to be radically transformed into the free-loving 1970s.

Fashion of course can never fully honor the work, or the pain and suffering, of those who fought during the civil rights movement. But it is fascinating to study the broad-reaching impact generational change has. To honor that, I’ve pulled together a few looks that pay homage to each generation and the change they saw.






Now I would love to hear from you! What are some trends that you remember from the twentieth century? Leave a comment below and tell me how you might pull some outfit inspirations from past decades! 

Dress to Impress at the Holiday Party

The key to being stylish is being unpredictable, whether you’re at the office party or a friend’s holiday shindig. Being unpredictable doesn’t mean dressing like someone else. It means you avoid the drab, campy, overworked holiday costume of years past. This year, you should stand out… in the right ways.

I’ve put together a few ideas that will bring a little whimsy to your next holiday function.

Skip the red and green. Stick to black and white.  

Flip a Classic.

Whether it's your mother's pearls or a vintage brooch, it can be incorporated into your outfit in a fun, exciting way. 

Bring the Bling.

This is the only time of the year when tacky can turn chic. Embrace it. Costume jewelry is the perfect touch for any party look that A. won't burn a hole in your pocket and B. gets you in the mood to celebrate. 

Dress Up Your Denim. 

Denim can be worn to many semi-formal occasions as long as you follow one rule: The denim cannot be the star. A subtle dark blue or black denim paired with vibrant heels or a sequin sweater allows you to be comfortable and edgy while chatting around the punch bowl.

Now, I would love to hear from you! Comment below to tell me how you plan to stand out at your next holiday function!

SLIPPERY WHEN WET: A Guide to the Best Moisturizing Lipsticks This Season

It's almost impossible to escape the one big side effect of cold weather: dryness. Layering with sweaters, scarves, and beanies will help protect your body and hair, but guarding your face from the winter winds is another story. The moment you leave the house, it often feels like your best attempts to keep your lips radiant and soft have fallen by the wayside. Not only do you experience discomfort due to irritation from the cold, but the cold can leave you looking less than attractive when you arrive at your destination. Dry, cracked lips can be an unsightly little detail, but thanks to lipsticks that protect and perfect your pout, winter can be a little more pleasant and pretty.

Click the pics to find your perfect shade of the best moisturizing lipsticks this season. 

5. Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick 

This all natural lipstick provides moisture to plump your lips even in the coldest winter.

My favorite Hourglass color : Nocturnal


4. Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick:

Also all-natural, this lipstick is long-lasting, so there's no re-application necessary during your 9 to 5. It also comes in a wide spectrum of colors, so whether you love a classic red, an understated nude, or an eye-catching purple, Bite Beauty has the perfect one for you. 

My favorite BB color: Tannin

3. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

I've loved Urban Decay for so many years because their make-up is so playful and eclectic. The Revolution Lipstick exceeds those expectations. This lipstick is narrow for easy application when you're on the go. From matte to shiny and peach to plum, this lipstick will provide the party girl with her perfect look. 

My favorite Urban Decay color: Shame


2. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick 

Classic, elegant, and subtle, this lipstick provides all day coverage from the morning meeting to the dinner date. Vitamin E and olive oil provide constant moisture and antioxidants to protect and heel your lips on the driest days. 

My favorite Laura Mercier color: Sienna


1. Nars Audacious Lipstick

Nars is my #1 pick for this season's best moisturizing lipstick because it gives necessary moisture without the worry of smudging onto skin or teeth. One swipe of color across your lips is enough to keep you looking fabulous for 6 to 8 hours. Nars also has the perfect variety of colors for all seasons like coral for spring or bright pink for summer. Stick to this stick and you'll be set for whatever your day brings. 

My favorite Nars color: Jeanne  

Now, I would love to hear from you! Make sure to tell me how you manage to perfect your pout with a moisturizing lipstick!