How to Pack | Episode 1 -- Camping Trip!

I'm excited to announce the launch of my latest video series: How to Pack! This year I'm going to be traveling a lot, and I'm excited to take y'all along for the ride! I get so many questions about how to prep a suitcase without it being a failure/disaster/disappointment. Thus! I created this series to show you how exactly I do it and end up satisfied + styled at my destination. 

Before you dive into the video though, I also want to say one thing...

packing is stressful.

And if you feel that next trip inducing anxiety, you are certainly not alone. It's stressful, because it truly is hard. You basically have to take what you do every day (create an outfit), but multiple it by at least double. That's a lot of outfits made up of a lot of pieces that you've got to conceptualize at one time. 

It took me many tries and trips before getting in touch with myself enough, gaining the perspective and developing the courage to say, "yes, I will definitely wear this." or "That's a nice idea, Raquel, but you know you won't wear that." Nice ideas are great, and at home, nice can be fun and pleasant. On vacation though, you only want to pack stuff you absolutely love that fits you like a glove. Because loving your outfits every day of a trip will enhance your trip and give you that enviable glow we all want in vacation pictures.

So grab a glass of wine, a pen & paper and hit play to get inspired to create the style under the stars you'll absolutely love. Oh and if you have questions, I'd love to chat.

Got a trip you're taking soon? Let me help you pack for it. 
Have a place you'd like me to feature on "How to Pack"? Comment below with where you're heading next.


Sweat + Style

I don't take choosing work out gear lightly. Probably because one of my most embarrassing life moments occurred when I split my stretch pants open a few years ago at the front of a trainer...who happened to be a guy. 

Yes, it was terrible, and while I certainly don't love reliving that moment, it's a reminder of how important it is to choose workout gear (especially pants) that fit, make you feel comfortable and, above all, are secure. 

That's is why I decide to share some of my favorite, dependable brands this week and how to style them for your next workout.

Photographer: Natalie Beurskens

Why I love this brand + style: Crop tops are one of my favorite pieces in the summertime, so the Spark top is the perfect piece to fit my style in with my workout. This top and legging provide extra support with compression fabric, along with UV protection and quick dry technology that make it easy to wear outside in the Texas heat. Shop Ethona here.

My Go-To Weekly Workout: 

Why CG'S different: It's a bootcamp style work out with a strong emphasis on community and togetherness. Whether you're working out for the first time or are a lifetime marathoner, Camp Gladiator pushes you to your next level without intimidating you. Camps are held in different neighborhoods all over Austin, so give your local one a look here.


How to style your workout look: Working out is all about getting pumped up, which means it's the perfect time to bring out the energy through your outfit. Mix and match patterns to easily amp up your look. When pattern matching, try mixing pieces with similar colors and patterns, like these black-and-white-striped Zella leggings with the black-and-white H&M striped dolman sweatshirt. Finish with your favorite graphic tee. Go Knicks!


Why I love these brands + styles: Zella creates cute patterns to fit women with curves. Many of their pants are available in a high-waisted style, which makes it dependable for everything from yoga to strength training. They're also incredibly affordable, so stocking up on all the prints is a must. Take a look. 

The Ivy Park tank is my go-to for workouts, because the cut is freeing, the fabric is soft and of course, it's Beyonce's line, so it gets you in the boss mentality you need to push yourself in every workout.