8 Ways To Style Your Top And Pant Set This Summer And Fall

As summer comes to a close, everyone seems to be flocking to malls and hitting up Amazon’s Prime Day in order to get in on the last of the summer trends. One trend exploding both in stores and on social media is the matching set. Printed tops and shorts can be spotted everywhere from music festivals to summer weddings. We’ll always look back on head-to-toe prints as part of the Summer 2018 look.

Here are 8 ways to maximize this trend for late summer and bring this bold look into early fall:

Stick with the set.

It’s important to not overpower the full set with busy accessories, so for this silky printed long-sleeve/pant combination, I’ve paired a white clog – my favorite shoe right now. These heels pick up the bright white in the floral print to enhance the set, while still playing a supporting role through their simplicity.

Bailey keeps it simple and wears the top and pants together with a white clog to finish the look. 

Switch up the top

Add your personality to the look by unbuttoning the set top and adding a graphic tee or plain top underneath. By unbuttoning the top, you’ve now converted it to a light-weight summer jacket. Tie up the tee and add a structured bag to complete the look.

To add personality, unbutton the top and add a fun tee underneath.

Add a neutral top

Ditch the band tee and add a neutral top for a sleek, downtown look. I picked a form-fitting tank top to coordinate with the color palette of the set and balance the billowy nature of the pant. If you’re an hourglass or pear shape, try a summer set with high-waisted pants like these to highlight your shape and curves.

Put a neutral top underneath to make the look nighttime worthy.

Set them apart

While there are several ways to style the set as a whole, there are many outfits you can create using just one piece of the set. With the right finishing details, like these nude open-toe heels and white power blazer, the pants alone can take you from the office to an after-work networking event.

Add a white power blazer for a fresh look at the office.

Make it daytime

A floral printed pant is perfect for a day of shopping with friends or attending a birthday brunch, because the pattern plays into the lighthearted and fun filled events. Pair your pant and tee with a nude flat to add a comfortable and practical touch.

Ditch the jacket for the perfect weekend look.

Ditch the pants

Styling the shirt in different ways can shift the overall vibe of the look and give the outfit a more put-together feel. Tie up the shirt up with a high-waisted skirt or pant to add a feminine and flirty touch. Tuck in half of the shirt to add the trendiest tuck of the season.

Rock the blouse with a neutral bottom like this white denim skirt or ripped boyfriend jeans. I finished the look with a small hip belt to make the outfit classic and polished.

Do a half-tuck for an on-trend look.
Tie up the top for a fun and flirty touch. 

Bring in the essential

No outfit roundup is complete without a good pair of jeans. I paired the top of the set with bootcut, cropped jeans I found at a thrift shop. The button-down is perfect to throw on over an outfit for a night at a rooftop bar. A pair of playful sunglasses are an easy way to complete the look.

Pair your jeans to make the look classic and clean. 

Now we want to know...
What is your favorite trend this summer?  Leave us a comment below to share the piece(s) you've loved to wear this season. 

About Bailey Bosworth

A California native, Bailey uprooted her life in Los Angeles and moved to Austin last fall, site unseen. She immediately fell in love with her new city and the quirky different styles found in the Live Music Capital of the World. Prior to moving to Austin, she interned at both Trunk Club and The Zoe Report where she learned the in's and out's of the fashion scene. With her newfound residence in Texas, she continues to evolve her style and pursue her passion for the fashion industry. 

3 Easy Outfits For The Office This Summer

Keeping cool in your summer workwear often means working with fewer articles of clothing in your outfit.

You might need to ditch your jacket or cardigan, which means your office look can suffer, becoming boring or stale. 

But fear not! Playing with color, style, and bold details can save your personal style this summer and allow you to create eye-catching looks you'll love for the office.

Here are three ways to make your office outfit pop during the heat ahead:

Pop one color off another. 

To do this, look at the characteristics of one color and match it to a similar type of color. For example, this coral red is bright and clear, so I paired it with bright and clear turquoise accents. They both balance and enhance each other.  

Photography by Natalie Beurskens

Go bold with shoes!

Don't be afraid to invest in a colorful and eccentric pair of shoes this summer. Approach them the same way you would jewelry, and partner the bold color to your clothing.

Express yourself!

Don't be afraid to pronounce your personality in your workwear. It's an easy way for people at the office to get to know more about your unique and outgoing self. As long as you're within the dress code, you can run with the color and style of your look. 

Play with pattern!

It's a common misconception that two patterns are always too much in an outfit. In actuality, two patterns can enhance each other and your outfit. To make sure you're mixing properly, stick to circular patterns or straight lines in both patterns. Below you can see the arrows in my belt pop the arrows in my dress making the look more put together and polished. 

Celebrate your curves. 

Your body is beautiful, so don't be afraid to show it off. Highlight your waist with a neutral or statement belt. This touch won't add a lot of weight to your summer look, but it will add lots of personal style.  

Have fun with your neutrals.

Neutrals often get a bad rap for being boring, but on the contrary, they can be tons of fun any time of year! The key to making them as bold as colors is how you pair them. Try an unexpected combination like black and brown or navy and black. The combination will make your look more exciting and unexpected. 

*Note: If your office is traditional business casual, add a blazer to cover your arms and complete the look. 

Play with subtle and strong details.

Most of your office outfits should balance power and approachability. To do this, pop a light piece off your neutral darks. The light (blush in my case) will give any look a friendly touch, while the dark supports your serious business side. 

Never leave the house without them. 

Accessories, of course! These bad boys will show off the fact that you're detail-oriented, so never forget them. Link your jewelry to any part of your outfit by matching its color to the clothing item. For example, my blush duster is light and soft, so I chose a light and soft heather grey tassel to play into the color. 

Go DIY with your look!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...this duster actually started it's life as a dress! And you can do the exact same thing! Get creative not only by how you pair, but how you re-purpose items in your closet. Open up a button-down dress and make it into a light-weight jacket to finish a simple summer look. 

Enjoyed this article? Leave a comment below and tell us how you love to mix up your outfit for summer. 


How To Wear A Blazer During The Hottest Months Of 2018

The Texas summer is almost here, which means it's time to think about exactly how you're going to dress for days and days of 100 degree heat. 

One issue many of us professional women face is balancing how to dress for the sizzling sun and the icebox of an office. Moving from one severe environment to the next makes it hard to craft an outfit that's successful in both places.

But there is one piece that will always save the day: the blazer. It's just as easy to throw on-and-off as a simple cardigan, and yet, this jacket does so much more than a cardigan ever could. 

It gives you power, structure and presence. It makes you meeting-ready and brings a pop of personality to your work wear. The blazer is the finishing touch any boss lady needs in her wardrobe. 

Which is why this week, I'm giving you 12 tips on how to add your blazer to outfits you'll love to wear all summer long.

12. Don't be afraid to stand out with a statement blazer. 

Blazers are powerful. Balancing that power with approachability is an easy way to craft a multifaceted personality at work. To do this, try incorporating a bright, light blazer like this coral one I'm wearing. 

In addition to building your image, the color will play into the fun of summer. 

11. Mix serious with silly by popping your light, bright blazer off of black separates. Add other touches of light, bright accessories/prints to play into the color of the blazer. 

10. Match your jewelry to the colors you're wearing. Choose rose gold for pink and red, silver for blue and purple or gold for yellow and orange. 

9. Use the pattern of your blazer to pop this year's trend color: white.

8. Pair the blazer with a sleeveless, sheath dress. When you take off the blazer outside, you'll be at the your coolest. When you head inside and throw it on, you'll be your most professional self for any important task or meeting. 

7. Mix texture. This will make your outfit more interesting, and it will make you look more interesting. 

6. Pair a longer blazer with a shorter dress (not too short though). A just-above-the-knee dress and a hip-length blazer will create ideal proportion making your look appear more stylish and put-together.

5. Don't put away your booties! Pop your booties off your shift dress and blazer combo to put these shoes to good use all summer long. 

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - How To Wear A Blazer During Texas Summer 2018

4. Your go-to blazer is probably a tame color, which means it's the perfect pairing with your most eclectic jewelry. Together, this elements will create a balanced and expressive look. 

3. Just like the booties, don't be afraid to bring out your fall blazer during the summer season. Dark colors are authoritative, so blazers in evergreen, burgundy and plum will still hold up at the office during the summer and give your look power.

2. Pair your blazer with a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are one of my favorite pieces for any office, because they are easy to style, and they are creative and professional. You also have a lot of freedom with the type of blazer you put with them. Add a cropped, long or boyfriend blazer for a look that's on point for summer. 

1. Remember, your style is as unique and powerful as you are, so always stay true to it and tell us about it!

Leave a comment below to share with us your favorite way to rock a blazer during the summer. We would love to hear from you!

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - Raquel Greer Gordian Shares Her Top Styling Tips For Summer