What to Wear to Spring Weddings

Last week I stopped by Studio 512 to chat all about how to put together your latest look for one of my very favorite events: a wedding! Whether you shy away from bright colors or love to pop your boldest hues off each other when the warmer weather hits, I’m giving you easy styling tricks and techniques, so you can knock your outfits out of the park this wedding season.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • how to incorporate color into your spring wedding look no matter your comfort level with color

  • the perfect piece to wear if you love to dance at weddings

  • which metallic to choose to play into the colors of your unique outfit

  • how to carefully choose each piece of your outfit, so your look comes out stylish and effortlessly put together

  • the perfect detail that gives your look a sexy touch, without being too over the top for a wedding

  • what colors to pop off of your classic nude heels

  • how to play into the theme and location of your event using your outfit

  • how to enhance your look by popping one color off of another

Once you’ve watched the video, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’re going to get creative with your unique wedding look this spring.



How To #WERKIT As A Wedding Guest

When you see an outfit on someone else that catches your eye, consider what that person is telling you about themselves. Maybe she's shy, which translates into soft, subtle colors. Maybe she needs more than just one cup of coffee to take on the world that day, so she's wearing red, the most energetic of colors.

Every day, we tell a story with what we wear. We get to choose the clothes we wear, like we pick the words we use to tell a story. Sometimes your style story is about more than just you --- it's part of a celebration, a life event or another special occasion.

Case and point…Wedding Season! How do you truly maintain your look (feel and look awesome at the big event) while still playing your role in another person’s big moment?

This particular occasion requires you to consider three things to create the perfect wedding guest look.

1. Consider the location of the wedding.

Practically speaking, of course you’ll want to make sure to account for the weather. But, go further than that --- think of the culture surrounding the location and embrace it!

If you’re headed to a beach wedding in Miami, add flare by wearing bright colors or a sun hat. If the wedding is at a lodge in Colorado, tell an earthy tale by weaving together neutrals in your outfit with layered jewelry with bright stones.

At The Beach

Raquel's picks for the best of season. 

Raquel's picks for the best of season. 

Click the dresses to shop. 

Click the dresses to shop. 

In the Wild


Headed to a dressy wedding in NYC? You can’t have too much sparkle. This is the perfect time to add to the festivity by glittering it up. Your style shows the couple that you care about the occasion and that you’re embracing the celebration.

2. Consider the level of formality.

It is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed. If you’re going to a black-tie event, you can pull out all stops and wear a floor-length gown with the attitude to match. Think of elegant, regal love. Think of structure, high-fashion, or stunning jewelry as inspiration.

Black Tie

An easy way to remember the rules of a semi-formal event: take a step down from gowns and a step up from sundresses. Harness the side of you that enjoys red-carpet looks and bring out your fierce side. Think of comfortable, energetic love. Think of geometric lines paired with softer lace, or unique necklines and striking accessories to inspire you.

If you’re going to a garden wedding, you can really hone in on the sweeter side of style. More than likely, this couple wanted more simplicity surrounding their wedding and wanted the focus to be on beauty found in nature, so don’t overdo it. Your outfit should reflect the romanticism and idealism that goes hand-in-hand with the celebration. Think of ethereal, transcendent love. Think of flowy florals, subtle colors or a messy braid as inspiration.

In the Garden

Raquel's picks for the best of season. 

Raquel's picks for the best of season. 

Click the dresses to shop. 

Click the dresses to shop. 

3.  Consider your style.

You will never feel like a million bucks if you are trying to dress just like someone else. Embrace the feeling you get when you see an outfit you are inspired by, hone in on that vibe, and emulate it.

When you go to a wedding you are not trying to take the spotlight away from the couple or their big day. In fact, you want to add to it! If you are feeling joyful because you look great, you’re going to embrace the celebration .

Style is created through the attitude you embody, not just the clothes your wear. Everyone has style. 

Need a little help with your style? We help you understand personal style, embrace the creativity that comes with it, and shape your style to represent you in all facets of your life. Want to learn exactly we do it? Let’s chat.

Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems. 

Austin Bridal Secrets Interview

I had such a blast being interviewed by R.J. Johnson of Austin Bridal Secrets this week.  If you want more info about exactly what I do as an image consultant, take a listen! 

Now I would love to know! What did you learn? Make sure to leave a comment below and ask any questions you have! I'll be more than glad to answer them.

What to Wear for Weddings Galore

Repeat after me: "I will not wear the same boring thing to every wedding this year."

Wedding season is a funny one, because it's really not like any other occasion or seasonal event. Even my daily getup gets more thought than my wedding season one. For some reason, I am so distracted by gifts, travel, and agenda up until the day of the nuptials that picking any outfit is inevitably a last minute decision. No more.

This year is the year to find something you feel and look beautiful in. Now, to find that special something...There are a lot of factors to consider when putting together a look for a wedding.



The first is subtlety.

Be subtle, not too sexy, and as always, incredibly chic. This is probably the only non-work occasion where an outfit should be understated, because you never want to take attention away from the wedding dress and the bride. This rule applies to the dress, the jewelry and the shoes.

Having said that, your understated look may be someone else's over-the-top outfit. Stick to what you consider understated. Your style is your own, and even when toned down, you should still always be able to express it. 


Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how subtlety is important in order to avoid taking attention away from the bride.
Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how you can still stick to what you consider understated and express your personal style.

The second is comfort.

I worry about being comfortable for the duration of a wedding much more than any other occasion, even if it's just as long. Perhaps it's the dancing or the amount of food that I'm predicting I'll eat or perhaps it's both. Either way, comfort is important. If you also relish the fact that dancing and food are the best parts of a wedding, I would give your dress a test run. Pop on some music and dance in it at home.



The third is environment.

Weddings are so often indoor and outdoor, so picking the right fabric and layering pieces is key to staying warm enough or cool enough wherever you are. Terrain is also a factor to consider. This year I have a few weddings where they were very specific about wearing shoes to fit the outdoor venue. Even if it isn't mentioned to you, the venue needs to be on your radar. 


Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how the type of terrain the wedding will be in is important to consider when planning an outfit.
Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how the environment of the wedding determines the right fabric, layering pieces, and shoes to wear.

Now I would love to know! Was this helpful for your wedding season experience? Let me know in the comments below how you managed to mix-up your wedding season outfits this year!