How to Outfit Prep on Sunday for The 5-Day Work Week

Raquel makes it simple and streamlined to plan your work week of outfits with easy-to-implement steps.

Sundays are for doing — meal prep, homework, to-do lists, and rest allow you to be your most productive and focused self for the week ahead. But what about planning your outfits?

Whether you’ve dabbled in the process or never considered it before, weekly outfit prep is an easy way to save time and energy, just like all your other Sunday tasks.

On top of the all that, prep will actually help you develop your style even further, and we all want that.

Weekly outfit prep helps you tap into your creativity, work your way through your wardrobe, use what you’ve got, and weed out the pieces that make you feel blah when you wear them.

Weekly outfit prep is super easy, too, so don’t shy away. I know you can do this! Let’s dive in, shall we?

Grab your rolling rack.

If you don’t have a rolling rack, clear part of a row in your closet to line up all the outfits. If you’re looking to add a rolling rack to your routine, check out these ones.

Choose five single items to build each outfit around for each day of the week.

I’ve picked five examples for you here, but you can pick anything.

  • Monday - dark-washed blue jeans

  • Tuesday - floral wrap dress

  • Wednesday - hot pink long-sleeved blouse

  • Thursday - black jeans

  • Friday - leopard pencil skirt

Inspect each item.

Check each item for wrinkles, stains, holes, and pilling. Get rid of any pieces that are pilling. Put any holey items in a tailor pile to mend. Throw any stained items in the wash/dry clean pile. Make a written or mental note of any wrinkled items to be ironed after you’ve pieces together all your outfits.

For any pieces that you had to knock out, replace each with a new item.

Choose five more single items that pair well with your current items.

  • Monday - dark-washed blue jeans, kelly green striped shirt

  • Tuesday - floral wrap dress, scarlet slides

  • Wednesday - hot pink long-sleeved blouse, black culottes

  • Thursday - black jeans, charcoal dressy tee

  • Friday - leopard pencil skirt, black sleeveless mock turtleneck

Inspect each item.

Repeat this step exactly as you did the first time, but with the second set of items.

Remember this guideline:

Don’t wear any of the items twice in one week unless the item is outerwear, jewelry, shoes, or a layering tank.

Choose five more single items that pair well with your current items.

  • Monday - dark-washed blue jeans, kelly green striped shirt, nude pointed-toe pumps

  • Tuesday - floral wrap dress, scarlet slides, turquoise statement necklace

  • Wednesday - hot pink long-sleeved blouse, black culottes, pewter pendant necklace

  • Thursday - black jeans, charcoal dressy tee, black fashion sneakers

  • Friday - leopard pencil skirt, black sleeveless mock turtleneck, black blazer

Inspect each item.

Repeat this step exactly as you did the first time, but with the second set of items.

Repeat the choose and inspect method until each look is complete.

Outfits may end up be complete at different times. For example, a dress may take four rounds of adding pieces and a pair of jeans may take six. Don’t worry about everything having the same amount of stuff for each outfit. To be complete, just know that each look must include clothes (duh), shoes (duh), and jewelry (don’t forget this!).

Here are my completed outfits:

  • Monday - dark-washed blue jeans, kelly green striped shirt, nude pointed-toe pumps, gold watch and stackable gold bangles, mixed metal drop earrings (5 steps)

  • Tuesday - floral wrap dress, scarlet slides, turquoise statement necklace, aqua stud earrings (4 steps)

  • Wednesday - hot pink long-sleeved blouse, black culottes, pewter pendant necklace, fuchsia pumps, diamond studs (5 steps)

  • Thursday - black jeans, charcoal dressy tee, black fashion sneakers, long black cardigan, silver hoops, layered silver necklaces (6 steps)

  • Friday - leopard pencil skirt, black sleeveless mock turtleneck, black blazer, black and gold earrings, black mules (5 steps)

lastly, iron out the kinks.

This isn’t the most fun part, but it’s definitely a necessary part for your outfit. Wrinkles distract you and anyone you might run into during the day, so make sure to iron them out to keep your look in tip top shape for each day of the week.

And don’t forget! Leave me a comment below and share your favorite outfit you put together this week. I would love to hear from you!

Happy Styling!


How To Create An Impactful Professional Style

This month I had the privilege of presenting in the HERdacity webinar series about the power of professional style. The majority of my clients are professional woman, so I was thrilled to dive into a topic I consistently tackle here at Greer Image Consulting.

In this video, you will learn:

  • The key to creating successful and satisfying style

  • What to consider when crafting your professional look

  • The 5 tools you’ll use to master every office outfit

  • The 1 thing you always need in every outfit

  • Do’s and Don’ts of your professional image

Have a question on what I discussed in the webinar? Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email at to discuss your unique professional style and wardrobe.

3 Easy Outfits For The Office This Summer

Keeping cool in your summer workwear often means working with fewer articles of clothing in your outfit.

You might need to ditch your jacket or cardigan, which means your office look can suffer, becoming boring or stale. 

But fear not! Playing with color, style, and bold details can save your personal style this summer and allow you to create eye-catching looks you'll love for the office.

Here are three ways to make your office outfit pop during the heat ahead:

Pop one color off another. 

To do this, look at the characteristics of one color and match it to a similar type of color. For example, this coral red is bright and clear, so I paired it with bright and clear turquoise accents. They both balance and enhance each other.  

Photography by Natalie Beurskens

Go bold with shoes!

Don't be afraid to invest in a colorful and eccentric pair of shoes this summer. Approach them the same way you would jewelry, and partner the bold color to your clothing.

Express yourself!

Don't be afraid to pronounce your personality in your workwear. It's an easy way for people at the office to get to know more about your unique and outgoing self. As long as you're within the dress code, you can run with the color and style of your look. 

Play with pattern!

It's a common misconception that two patterns are always too much in an outfit. In actuality, two patterns can enhance each other and your outfit. To make sure you're mixing properly, stick to circular patterns or straight lines in both patterns. Below you can see the arrows in my belt pop the arrows in my dress making the look more put together and polished. 

Celebrate your curves. 

Your body is beautiful, so don't be afraid to show it off. Highlight your waist with a neutral or statement belt. This touch won't add a lot of weight to your summer look, but it will add lots of personal style.  

Have fun with your neutrals.

Neutrals often get a bad rap for being boring, but on the contrary, they can be tons of fun any time of year! The key to making them as bold as colors is how you pair them. Try an unexpected combination like black and brown or navy and black. The combination will make your look more exciting and unexpected. 

*Note: If your office is traditional business casual, add a blazer to cover your arms and complete the look. 

Play with subtle and strong details.

Most of your office outfits should balance power and approachability. To do this, pop a light piece off your neutral darks. The light (blush in my case) will give any look a friendly touch, while the dark supports your serious business side. 

Never leave the house without them. 

Accessories, of course! These bad boys will show off the fact that you're detail-oriented, so never forget them. Link your jewelry to any part of your outfit by matching its color to the clothing item. For example, my blush duster is light and soft, so I chose a light and soft heather grey tassel to play into the color. 

Go DIY with your look!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...this duster actually started it's life as a dress! And you can do the exact same thing! Get creative not only by how you pair, but how you re-purpose items in your closet. Open up a button-down dress and make it into a light-weight jacket to finish a simple summer look. 

Enjoyed this article? Leave a comment below and tell us how you love to mix up your outfit for summer. 


How To Wear A Blazer During The Hottest Months Of 2018

The Texas summer is almost here, which means it's time to think about exactly how you're going to dress for days and days of 100 degree heat. 

One issue many of us professional women face is balancing how to dress for the sizzling sun and the icebox of an office. Moving from one severe environment to the next makes it hard to craft an outfit that's successful in both places.

But there is one piece that will always save the day: the blazer. It's just as easy to throw on-and-off as a simple cardigan, and yet, this jacket does so much more than a cardigan ever could. 

It gives you power, structure and presence. It makes you meeting-ready and brings a pop of personality to your work wear. The blazer is the finishing touch any boss lady needs in her wardrobe. 

Which is why this week, I'm giving you 12 tips on how to add your blazer to outfits you'll love to wear all summer long.

12. Don't be afraid to stand out with a statement blazer. 

Blazers are powerful. Balancing that power with approachability is an easy way to craft a multifaceted personality at work. To do this, try incorporating a bright, light blazer like this coral one I'm wearing. 

In addition to building your image, the color will play into the fun of summer. 

11. Mix serious with silly by popping your light, bright blazer off of black separates. Add other touches of light, bright accessories/prints to play into the color of the blazer. 

10. Match your jewelry to the colors you're wearing. Choose rose gold for pink and red, silver for blue and purple or gold for yellow and orange. 

9. Use the pattern of your blazer to pop this year's trend color: white.

8. Pair the blazer with a sleeveless, sheath dress. When you take off the blazer outside, you'll be at the your coolest. When you head inside and throw it on, you'll be your most professional self for any important task or meeting. 

7. Mix texture. This will make your outfit more interesting, and it will make you look more interesting. 

6. Pair a longer blazer with a shorter dress (not too short though). A just-above-the-knee dress and a hip-length blazer will create ideal proportion making your look appear more stylish and put-together.

5. Don't put away your booties! Pop your booties off your shift dress and blazer combo to put these shoes to good use all summer long. 

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - How To Wear A Blazer During Texas Summer 2018

4. Your go-to blazer is probably a tame color, which means it's the perfect pairing with your most eclectic jewelry. Together, this elements will create a balanced and expressive look. 

3. Just like the booties, don't be afraid to bring out your fall blazer during the summer season. Dark colors are authoritative, so blazers in evergreen, burgundy and plum will still hold up at the office during the summer and give your look power.

2. Pair your blazer with a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are one of my favorite pieces for any office, because they are easy to style, and they are creative and professional. You also have a lot of freedom with the type of blazer you put with them. Add a cropped, long or boyfriend blazer for a look that's on point for summer. 

1. Remember, your style is as unique and powerful as you are, so always stay true to it and tell us about it!

Leave a comment below to share with us your favorite way to rock a blazer during the summer. We would love to hear from you!

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - Raquel Greer Gordian Shares Her Top Styling Tips For Summer

Refresh your summer wardrobe with new ways to wear it.

The summer season is quickly coming to an end, but as us Texans know, the heat won't make its exit until late October. Because of this, it's important to get the most of the clothes you feel most comfortable in during the heat: your summer wardrobe. 

By this time in the season though, you've probably used up all your summer outfits and are now left with the stale remnants of looks you once adored. 

But don't get down! If you still love an item, there are always new ways to piece it together with other clothes in your wardrobe that make it feel exciting again. 

I recently went on "We Are Austin" to talk about exactly that: how to refresh you summer wardrobe with only the contents of your closet. That's shopping required.

WATCH THE CLIP and get ideas on how to create your new favorite warm weather outfit. 

Ode to the Dress Pant

As you may remember, I started a new job a month ago and I’m currently at a sweet spot with it. I’ve felt out the vibe, I now know what to expect, and am more comfortable with embracing my own version of our dress code.

It’s the same feeling you get when you’ve been dating someone for a while. You stop caring as much about being a perfect vision of yourself, and start embracing your best self.

It is actually the best part of dating – the walls come down and the real fun begins.

When it comes to my workwear, I make the transition from a first-date state of mind to honeymoon-phase relaxation (without immediately jumping to the sweatpants phase) through suit pants.

The dress pant has an undeservingly bad wrap for being the fallback for lazy day professional attire. I suggest, instead, that they can and should be used as a stylish staple. When a pant’s fit and form work well with your body type, they make a powerful, feminine statement.

Spring Brights

Who says you can’t wear a graphic tee with tailored pants? Pair a wide leg trouser pant with a tucked in tee, a neutral jacket, and a powerful pump to show that you know how to work hard without taking yourself too seriously.

Click the pic to get a closer look. Outfits Styled by  Raquel Greer Gordian

Click the pic to get a closer look.
Outfits Styled by
Raquel Greer Gordian

Tailored Twist

Remember, classic doesn't have to mean boring, so channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a textured pencil pant and a secretary blouse. Give it a modern feel by adding a pearl cocktail ring.

Click the pic to get a closer look.

Click the pic to get a closer look.

Cape Cod Darling

Wedges are the ultimate in professional summer comfort – so don’t forget about them! To keep cool, add a linen trouser pant and a cotton, striped sailor top. 

Click the pic to get a closer look.

Click the pic to get a closer look.

Laid back Lovely

We don’t typically think of suit pants as being comfortable and bohemian, but you can beautifully mesh these styles by pairing a lacy, flowy top with a patterned pant. The mix of lace and pattern keeps the outfit fun and unexpected. Add a huge stack of bracelets to complete the look.

Click the pic to get a closer look.

Click the pic to get a closer look.

The beauty of slacks is that they give you a tailored look that brings real comfort to your relationship with style. Rather than throwing them on as a last resort, look to them as a diverse piece that allows you to explore the many sides of your style.  

Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems. 

Monday to Friday: Styled

This week, I started a new job in Austin. As I mentioned in The First Impressions Post, how you present your style in the workplace is an integral part of setting the tone for how you'll be treated as a female professional. 

In general, the workplace wardrobe rules have significantly relaxed over the years. Many employers are less focused on what employees wear, frequently allowing t-shirts and jeans, as long as the job gets done well. To a degree, this may sound refreshing. I tend to believe that foregoing that level of casualness and maintaining a more polished look is beneficial, and I'll explain why. 

Great style isn't what you wear, it's what you embody. Who do you become when you look and feel fantastic? What you wear to work should allow you to become that best version of yourself, enabling you to give your all every single day. For me, taking the time to look presentable and professional makes me more productive; I embody the hard-working leader I strive to be when I am polished. 

I know, and am even teased about, that I tend to be "fancy."  I wouldn't mind if I was required to be dressy every single day. All that to say, my job encourages business casual attire. For my workday outfits this week, I tried to choose pieces that strike a balance between my love for style and professionalism, without being too formal.






Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems. 

How to Make a Flawless First Impression

The #1 rule I abide by when I’m getting ready is this: it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. If I’m uncertain about how formal an event is, I know I’d rather look put together than ill-prepared and inappropriate. My mom engrained this philosophy into me, and it has saved me from embarrassing outfit mishaps on numerous occasions! The reason this philosophy is so important is because first impressions are essential to how we view each other personally and professionally.   

When the maid of honor is giving a speech at a wedding, when a boss is reflecting on an employee’s hard work, or even when friends simply want to reminisce on old times, the most referenced stories are their first impressions – what they thought of the other when they first met.

First impressions set the tone. They show others who you are through a multitude of nonverbal cues, and what you’re wearing is one of the biggest contributing factors. This can be both exhilarating and intimidating, thus I’ve compiled a few outfit rules and ideas to assist you in confidently making your professional mark.  


The Interview

Emily Blanco models a professional outfit perfect for a job interveiew. 


Choose an outfit that shows your personality.


Go too bold with the patterns or colors.

When choosing an outfit for an interview, it is important to research the company to find out as much about the workplace atmosphere as possible. You want to stand out to the company while showing that you can mesh with their vibe. For this look, I went with a business professional outfit that was tailored to my body and was in flattering colors. I felt confident because I was staying true to what I love about my style, as well as dressing appropriately.


Client Meetings

Emily Blanco displays a look styled by Raquel Greer Gordian that is appropriate for client meetings.


Make a statement.


Go too casual.


When you’re meeting with a client, you want to express to them exactly who you are and why you are trustworthy.  Expressing yourself through your outfit allows you to showcase your personality and professionalism while simultaneously allowing them to feel confident and secure in working with you.


Networking Event


Bring in a bold pattern or trendy piece.

Emily Blanco models a bold red blazer that is perfect for a networking event.


Take yourself too seriously.

Whether you’re looking for a job, new clients or new employees, make sure that you’re properly representing your company and the standards you keep. That being said, formality isn’t as necessary in these settings.

There is more freedom to bring in slightly trendier pieces at these events, so give it a try!

When choosing an outfit for my most recent networking event, I started with a tailored track pant and worked my way up from there. I’m obsessed with nudes right now, so I chose a simple silk, nude top and a bright coral (one of my best colors) blazer to maintain a level of professionalism. I finished the look with a springy open-toed heel.

First Day

Emily Blanco displays a look styled by Raquel Greer Gordian that is a good way to start off a first day at work.


Tailor your look.


Forget to maintain modesty

How your present yourself when meeting new co-workers is key to how they will treat you and work with you.

When you feel authentic and confident in an outfit, others will feel comfortable around you. In other words, maintain a level of professionalism that encourages productivity rather than gossip. If you can feel how cold the chair is when you sit, your skirt is may be short. If you have to hold your blouse up when you bend over, wear an under shirt.

Emily Blanco is a freelance writer based in San Antonio, TX. She has studied creative writing, journalism, and has a degree in English Lit. She loves to blend her snarky observations with helpful truths, encouraging people to love reading again! When she isn't being a complete book junkie, she loves to travel with her husband and pup, as well as explore local hidden gems.

Now I would love to know! Did this guide help you execute a flawless first impression? Any favorite looks? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Style Strategy 101: The Pencil Skirt

To no one’s surprise, springtime is basically here in Austin. I suddenly feel like I'm playing catch up to get my warm weather outfits ready, so times like these call for a back to basics strategy.

Emily Blanco discusses how a pencil skirt is a style staple. 

In this situation, I have a go-to piece that never fails. It’s my little style secret: THE PENCIL SKIRT

It's classic, yet never boring. It's professional with a touch of sexiness. It's bold without being loud.

Everyone experiences style differently. Every woman has her own feelings about the pencil skirt. Some of you ladies love the piece for its dependability and versatility. Others of you might think it too difficult a look to pull off. And still others might find it stiff.

Hourglass and Pear Shape: Just Add a Cropped Top

Emily Blanco displays a look with a tweed pencil skirt paired with a lace crop top, black leather booties, and a statement necklace. 

I'm here to tell you that this piece has a lot to offer for every shape and style. 

When choosing a pencil skirt, it needs to hit at your natural waist (the smallest part of your midsection). Depending on your shape, this will either give you some curves or accentuate what you've already got.

This piece is timeless and easy to transition from work to play. 

Heading to a happy hour after work? Untuck your button up, tie it in a knot at your waist, and add a bright red lip. This will highlight your skirt and give you a fresh, more casual look.

Emily Blanco exhibits a versatile day-to-night look with a striped pencil skirt, chambray button-up, and red flats and accessories.


Want more info on how to style your workwear staples? Schedule a Style Breakthrough Session with us. We’ll chat about what styles you love, what’s been holding your style back and create a customized plan of action that will take your style from banal to brilliant. 

Brighten it up with florals:

Emily Blanco suggests brightening up a workwear look with floral prints.

Add wedges for a business casual look:

Emily Blanco suggests adding wedges to add more of a business casual vibe.

Now I would love to know! How do you like to pull off a pencil skirt look? Any questions about scheduling a Style Breakthrough Session? Make sure to leave a comment below and ask!

Austin Bridal Secrets Interview

I had such a blast being interviewed by R.J. Johnson of Austin Bridal Secrets this week.  If you want more info about exactly what I do as an image consultant, take a listen! 

Now I would love to know! What did you learn? Make sure to leave a comment below and ask any questions you have! I'll be more than glad to answer them.

How to Wear Denim to Work

Figuring out how to take denim out of it's natural weekend habit can be a bit dicey. It's perfect for your Saturday stroll, but incorporating it into your workwear takes a bit more skill. The trick is to treat it like your other workwear staples. It's a substitute for the white blouse, navy blazer, etc...The reason to wear it instead of those staples? It's unexpected. That's what style is all about. When a style element is unexpected, it's interesting. And so are you. Here's how to execute it:  



Raquel Greer Gordian displays an outfit incorporating denim shorts that you can wear to work.
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits an outfit utilizing denim that can add to your workwear style.

The dress

Raquel Greer Gordian displays a professional outfit that incorporates  a denim dress.
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits an outfit that is professional yet unexpected in the workplace.


Raquel Greer Gordian shows an outfit you can wear to work that incorporates a denim jacket.
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits a professional outfit that utilizes a denim jacket to add a pop of style.

the shirt

The jeans

Raquel Greer Gordian displays an outfit that you can wear to work while still maintaining your style.
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits a workplace outfit that incorporates denim through the jean.

the pumps

Raquel Greer Gordian displays a fun, professional outfit that incorporates denim through a stylish pump.
Raquel Greer Gordian exhibits an outfit that incorporates a denim pump with a moto jacket and floral dress. 

Now I would love to know! Was this guide helpful? Let me know in the comment section below which way you incorporated denim into your professional style!

Take Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with These Six Looks

I've learned to always carry a purse big enough to fit a sweater, because every afternoon, that's exactly where my sweater ends up. Austin's weather is unpredictable, to say the least, and the past two weeks have been the worst of it. I'm really never sure what I'm going to get when I step out of my apartment. Even if the day starts out at 40 degrees, you could be sweating by the end of it. 

So! Because Austin likes to keep us guessing, I've put together looks to incorporate both winter and spring pieces for a chic style statement for whatever weather comes our way. 


Winter Pieces: Leather Jacket + Infinity Scarf

Spring Pieces: Floral Dress + Open-Toe Pumps

Bad Romance  

Winter Pieces: Oversized Cardigan + Booties

Spring Pieces: Graphic Tee + Floral Skirt

Dinner and A Movie

Winter Pieces: Jeans + Booties

Spring Pieces: Faux-Fur Vest + Silk Blouse


Winter Pieces: Midi Skirt + Scarf

Spring Pieces: Light-Weight Cardigan + Sandals

The Girl in the Coffee Shop

Winter Piece: Heavy Cardigan

Spring Pieces: Flats + Mini Skirt


Winter Pieces: Knee-High Boots + Overcoat

Spring Pieces: Shift Dress + Sunnies

Now, I would love to hear from you! How do you stay prepared for any kind of crazy Austin weather? Let me know by commenting below which elements of winter and spring you'll mix together!

How to Give Your Workwear a Facelift in 5 Minutes

I’m a big believer in the fact that making a few simple changes in anyone’s closet can make a huge difference, which is why I’m so excited to write this post this week. When it comes to styling a look for work or play, how you put it together is half of the battle. The other half is investing in quality pieces. Together, they are the key ingredients to creating the ideal outfit. 

I've put together some tips to take your average workwear from predictable to eye-catching. Because to get what you want in life, you must always stand out. 

Mix Neutrals Like a Pro

Forget what they taught you. Abandon how you've always seen it put together. 


SWAP: Black AND Grey for Black & Cream

SWAP: Charcoal AND Light Grey for Charcoal & Brown

SWAP: Black and White for White & Cream 

SWAP: Brown and Cream for Brown & Black

Add a Colorful Pump to a Staple Suit

I know you have a pair of fabulous pumps that need a little love. Now is the time. Don't be scared to incorporate more fun weekend wear into your workwear.

More personality in your clothes gives people more hints about who you are. The better they know you, the more likely they are to trust you and work with you.

And if you don't have them lying around, here's a few I've picked just for you...Click the picks to peruse.

For the Traditional

For the Creative

FOR THE ROMANTIC                            FOR THE POWERHOUSE

Ditch the Pants. Don a Power Dress. 

Now of course, you've worn a dress to work before. You may have a very favorite that you wear over and over again or something you're sure looks good that you wear over and over again (those may be the same thing). The difference in the power dress is how you're wearing it. Instead of a cardigan or trench coat, pair it with the jacket from your power suit.

The jacket will give you an assertive presence, while the dress will add the pop of personality.  


Now I would love to know...were these tips and tricks helpful? Will you don a power dress or vibrant pump? Comment below and tell me how your workwear got a facelift!

The 5 Essential Sweaters for Your Closet

We all fill our closet with a certain level of impulse buys. I always find myself buying a plethora of loud and out-there sweaters. While a trendy piece can seem fun for a season or two, it eventually seems outdated and uninteresting. You need staple pieces. You especially need staple sweaters because sweaters have a big task to accomplish. They have to work well with many other things in your closet: workwear, jackets, pants, dresses, skirts...pretty much everything except your swim suit. Thus, I've dedicated this week to the five essential sweaters you need in your closet. 

5. V-neck

The V-neck is naturally slimming and versatile, both of which are important things for almost anyone's lifestyle. You're ready for work or play.

PERK: It doubles as a top when you aren't in the mood to handle layering.

JUST ADD: dark denim + a pointed toe pump




4. Shawl Collar 

This sweater is all about the one thing we all love about sweaters: the COZY factor. Slip into this outfit, and you'll remember exactly why you love this season.

PERK: It's perfect when running to the grocery store or a walk in the park.  

JUST ADD: classic white tee + colorful pant + infinity scarf


3. Maxi Sweater

One of my favorite elements to play with in style is proportion. The Maxi Sweater gives any outfit a playful touch. Dress it up, dress it down. It's a piece that works well with your other closet classics. 

PERK:  This simple piece can become eye-catching just because of it's relationship to other parts of your outfit.

JUST ADD: mini skirt + booties +  graphic tee



2. Cropped Sweater

This is my favorite piece during the couple weeks when it's not quite necessary to have something heavier. 

PERK: This sweater accentuates your sexy, feminine shape.

JUST ADD: High-waisted skirt + flats




1. Cardigan

This is a piece for all occasions. Whether you love neutrals or a big pop of color, add this piece to any outfit for a sophisticated finish.  

PERK: It goes with everything from grandma's pearls to a body con dress. 

JUST ADD: tank + midi skirt + statement necklace


Now, I would love to hear from you! Tell me in the comment section below which sweater essential you'll be rocking this fall!


Spicing Up Your Workwear

It’s so easy to slip into routine when it comes to workwear. Routine can be so wonderful in other parts of life, especially in work tasks, but when it comes to workwear, it’s always important to keep in fresh and exciting. Simple changes and additions can make every day (even Mondays) a bit more bearable and a bit more fashionable.

Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how to update your workwear with a colorful blazer. 

Add a bright blazer!  

This is an excellent piece to have in your wardrobe, because it brings a spark to your outfit and it can go with more than you’d think. Wear it with a neutral top and pants or use it to contrast with your favorite dress. If you are worried about it working with the other elements of your outfit, link it to accessories! For instance, a coral blazer connects to a coral cocktail ring. That way, it’s clear that you had intent and an idea behind your choice. 

Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how a statement bag can pull different parts of your outfit together. 

Pick up a statement bag!

Just like the blazer, a bag can pull together different parts of your outfit. Link a turquoise bag to a turquoise ring or scarf. If it’s a day when you aren’t feeling like much more than a basic black suit, an animal print bag is an easy choice to make you look more polished and exciting. If you don’t have a lot to lug to work, choose a playful printed or pastel clutch. At the end of the day, it’s the perfect size for happy hour or a date. 

Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how a scarves can complement many different aspects of your professional attire. 

You can never have too many scarves!

I am a huge fan of scarves because they can fit any situation. They can be a little extra creative element in the summer and something to keep you cozy in the winter. At the office, silk scarves can take the place of a necklace. They also create visual appeal: If you take your blazer off, they can help you maintain authority. Matching a shoe to a scarf is good, because it’s not too excessively coordinated, but it’s professional and shows that you are thoughtful about your professional attire. 

Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how statement jewelry can be used to create relationships between pieces that will make your outfit stand out. 

Add statement jewelry!

Most statement necklaces are long enough to fit under the collar of a silk blouse or dress shirt, which is great with a suit, dress pants, pencil skirt. Match or contrast a statement ring to create a relationship between pieces. If you have three quarter length sleeves on your jacket, dress, or blouse, a statement cuff will also pop. Make sure it’s not noisy when hitting the desk though (like bangles). While it’s always important to be fabulous, you’ve also got to be mindful of co-workers.  

Add exciting colors to your neutrals!

Bright or out-of-the-box colors added to your neutrals can easily make you look more creative, authoritative, and intriguing when used correctly. Here are some unexpected options to mix with your classics: 

To Go With Navy:   

Kelly Green/Mint Burgundy/Pale Pink 

To Go with Charcoal: 


To Go with Tan:    

Emerald/Robin’s Egg/Terra-Cotta Pomegranate

Now, I would love to hear from you! Comment below to tell me your favorite way to spruce up your workwear!