People travel all the time, sometimes for work and sometimes for pleasure. Either way, everyone runs into the same problem: What do I wear?

Regardless of the destination or reason for the travel, it’s easy to trick yourself into feeling like it’s too hard to look good when you’re away from home. 

Whether you’re on your honeymoon, a weekend away with the girls, or a week-long business trip, there’s no need to abandon your sense of personal style when traveling.

In this 90-minute in-home prep session, I get you packed and ready to jet set to anywhere in the world. Whether you’re heading to Fredericksburg or Hong Kong, you’ll arrive to find a suitcase filled with versatile pieces you can’t wait to wear.

I don’t just toss in random articles of clothing from your closet. I teach you how to maximize the space in your suitcase by re-purposing single items into multiple outfits you can wear over the course of the trip. I make sure each piece that comes with you on your journey is versatile, authentic to your style and has an explicit purpose: to serve you well on your time away from home.

Just like the Greer Style Tasting, this session is about going beyond the clothing and teaching you the why behind it all, “Why does this piece work for my trip?” and “Why does this outfit suit me so well?” In showing you the answers to these questions, you become genuinely more confident and calm about the packing process.

No more panic or procrastination when prepping for your trip. Each piece of clothing in your luggage makes you look amazing and feel appropriate at your destination.

Greer Image Consulting - How To Pack For A Trip - Raquel shows Austin women how to pack a tight and stylish suitcase

Style doesn’t stop when you're on vacation. Are you ready to fly? Book this session now!

Greer Image Consulting - How To Pack For A Trip - Raquel shows Austin women how to pack a tight and stylish suitcase


Greer Image Consulting - Help Me Pack For An Upcoming Trip - Raquel does a color analysis on a professional woman in Austin

Color Analysis


Color is the most powerful element of style and, typically, the first thing we see when we look at an outfit.

The wrong colors can make you look tired or sick. They can bring out impurities in your skin and make you look older than you are. The correct colors can make you look energetic, youthful, radiant and present.

The first step in choosing your best colors is knowing your personal color palette. 

In this session, I teach you what colors look best on you and why, so we only pack pieces you look amazing in.

I also show you what colors to avoid.

I give you a color a palette color tool to take with you at the end of the session that you can easily reference when shopping or going through your closet again in the future. 

Greer Image Consulting - How To Pack for An Upcoming Trip - Raquel will style you from head to toe

Personal Styling

Your suitcase is essentially a mini-capsule made up of individual pieces that should ultimately make awesome outfits. 

During this sesson, I dive into your closet to create fashion-forward and fresh outfit combinations you would've never imagined but absolutely love for your trip.

I style you from head-to-toe, so you'll know how your shoes and accessories work with your clothes to create outfits that highlight your power and beauty.

I create a lookbook of all the outfits styled, so you can easily reference the looks when you arrive at your destination and throughout the trip. 

Get excited, because there's so much more in your wardrobe than you ever imagined. 


Lookbook of Travel Outfits • Personal Color Tool • The Greer Guide to Style Digital Booklet • Shopping List of Suggested New Items to Add To Your Suitcase • The Greer Style Boards • Hair Stylist Recommendation • Tailor Recommendation • The Greer Style Profile • Body Type Assessment •         GIC VIP discounts w/ ATX BIZ affiliates • “What to Tailor” List • Makeup Artist Recommendation

(Raquel) has given me confidence by helping me find my perfect color palette and what works best for my body type. She put together a capsule wardrobe for our London trip that worked so well and made packing easy. And those “one-off” items in my closet that I had previously overlooked or didn’t know what to do with? Raquel helped me figure out how to work them into my wardrobe or let them go without guilt.
— Wendy, Entrepreneur
Greer Image Consulting - The Greer Packing Session - Raquel styles an Austin entrepreneur for a trip to London


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Greer Image Consulting - Pack For An Upcoming Trip - A woman heads to Vegas for a girls' weekend


Greer Image Consulting - How To Prep For An Upcoming Trip - Raquel styles you for domestic work travel


Greer Image Consulting - Pack For An Upcoming Trip - A woman heads to Mexico for a weekend getaway


Greer Image Consulting - How to Pack for An Upcoming Trip - Raquel styles women for summer vacation


Greer Image Consulting - How to Pack for An Upcoming Trip - Raquel styles women for a trip to the country


Raquel Greer Gordian is Austin’s top image consultant and personal stylist. Her mission is to demystify style and teach women that every outfit they wear is a reflection of their inherent beauty and power. Say hello on Instagram at @raquelgreergordian or book Raquel now!