How to Organize your Jewelry

Make sure your jewelry is all in one place (i.e., on top of the dresser) or in one area where you can see it all if you have too much to fit on a single surface.

Ask yourself these three questions to make sure everything you’re putting in the organizer(s) is in good condition and paired with its mate.

Has the item turned?

This is when jewelry oxidizes and changes color to a not-so-pretty orange, green or bronze.  If it isn’t real silver and can’t be polished, it’s time to go.

Is the item broken?

If so, ditch it.

Hold onto jewelry for repair only if you absolutely love it and can stick by your word of fixing it. If it’s been sitting in your drawer for years, and you’ve been promising to fix it, but haven’t yet, it’s likely time to say goodbye to it.

Do you have both earrings?

If not, get rid of the single one.

Just like the broken items, it’s easy to hold on to one earring for years, wishing that the other one will turn up. Chances are that it won’t, and you’ll spend more energy feeling bummed about it than you’ve got time for.

Untangle all tangled necklaces.

Each piece needs to be in the shape that allows you to wear it, so make sure your necklaces are ready to go for styling and wear.

Decide on an organizer based on your space.

Take a look at the open spaces in your bedroom, bathroom and closet to determine where an organizer could fit. On the wall? On top of a dresser? In front of your clothing in a hanging organizer?

 You can add jewelry to just one of those spaces or all three if you have room. Just make sure you’re able to see and access everything easily.

 For a free wall, try a hanging organizer. For a large dresser or empty shelf in one of those rooms, try a freestanding organizer.

Choose your organizer based on what jewelry you have.

Take a look at all your jewelry laid out. Is your pile dominated by necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings? Do you have the same amount of rings as you do earrings or do you have an overwhelming amount of necklaces?

Some organizers allow room for a variety of pieces and others are exclusively for necklaces or earrings. Some have a little room for bracelets and a lot of room for necklaces.

If you have multiple spots open, you can also separate different types of items among the free spaces. For instance, try a wall organizer for long necklaces and a free standing one for bracelets.

Order your organizer!

There are many good places to shop for organizers outside of this list. Some of my favorites: Bed, Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, Etsy, Anthropologie, West Elm, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Choose the organizer(s) that speaks to your style and fit the criteria above.  

Here are some ideas:

Wall necklace organizer

Greer Image Consulting - How to Organizer Your Jewelry - Wall Necklace Organizer
Greer Image Consulting - How to Organizer Your Jewelry - Wall, Bracelet, Earring, and Necklace Organizer
Greer Image Consulting - How to Organizer Your Jewelry - Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Greer Image Consulting - How to Organizer Your Jewelry - Tabletop Jewelry Organizer