While you’re most likely familiar with the term personal stylist, you might not be as well acquainted with image consultant.

An image consultant gives you access to all the styling and shopping a personal stylist does, but in addition, there is an emphasis on educating you on the science of style (the reasons why certain outfits look amazing on you and others don’t do you justice).

A stylist focuses on creating outfits from the outside in. An image consultant focuses on creating style from the inside out.

Image consulting also requires certification, which I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Image Resource Center of New York, thus I apply technical skills to our work together.

I teach you what colors look best on you, what styles fit your body type, what outfits work for your lifestyle and how to think more creatively with your wardrobe. As a result, you gain a clear understanding of why a piece or an outfit looks amazing on you, so you are genuinely more confident about how to pull together fresh and thoughtful looks in the future. 

Working with an image consultant is an intrinsically personal experience, because I focus on who my clients are, not on who society tells them to be. I focus on developing your wardrobe for everyday occasions such as work, weekend activities, and date nights, rather than the red carpet or an editorial shoot. 

As an image consultant, I help you express who you are today and who you want to become tomorrow. Your personal style then reflects your power, beauty and most authentic self.