Creating stylish outfits is not just about what's in your closet, it's about how you put it together. 

The Greer Style Tasting is a 90-minute, in-home personal styling session designed to teach you how to work with your current wardrobe in new ways that will make your closet and style feel fresh and fashion-forward.

I apply the same principle in this session as I do in my own closet: When you have fewer clothes and more outfits to work with, getting dressed becomes satisfying, fun and easy.  

by knowing exactly what works best on your body type, what colors suit your natural beauty and how to style what’s in your closet, the sky’s the limit as far as how many outfit combinations you can continuously create.

In this session I style my way through your wardrobe, while simultaneously teaching you how to do it along the way as well, which means you feel genuinely confident and creative in your closet long after I leave.

I talk about how necklaces work with particular necklines, how colors link together to create an effortlessly stylish outfit, how the ideal proportion will make any outfit pop.

This session includes five core parts, and each part is 100% tailored to your unique style needs and wardrobe wants.

The first part is the color analysis. Knowing your color palette is crucial for three main reasons.

  •  The right colors will make you look rested, radiant, alert and professional. The wrong colors can make you look tired, bored and older than you are, so knowing the difference is key to always looking and feeling your best.
  • Colors from one color palette seamlessly flow together, which means if your entire closet is in one palette, it makes it easier for you to style your wardrobe in the future.
  • When you know your best colors, you can then use those colors to create personal and professional messages in your clothes that make you look powerful, approachable, confident, etc...Color then becomes a useful tool for you to apply in any situation.

Once we’ve completed the color analysis, we head into the closet to begin exploring. In the closet, we tackle many different tasks.

The first component of diving into the closet is personal styling. I put together a number of different outfits (approximately 10-20) in ways you’ve never thought to put them together before. I style you from head to toe, so we incorporate your jewelry, scarves, shoes and of course, clothing.

I tailor the session entirely to your wardrobe needs, which means we can style you for all seasons or for the specific season we’re in at the time. We can focus on styling you for an upcoming trip or prepping your every day work wear. We can style you for running around with the kids or entering the dating scene again. I style you for your lifestyle. As I style you, I also take pictures of each outfit styled, so you can easily reference them when getting dressed in the future.

The second piece of the diving into your closet is educating you on the styling techniques and wardrobe tricks I use.

I put a big emphasis on education in all the work I do, because I want you to genuinely feel confident in your closet and clothing in the future.

This means I don’t just slap a bunch of clothes on you leaving you without a clue of how to do it on your own. Instead, I talk through why two pieces of clothing work together, how to easily roll your jeans up with booties, how to tie scarves, how to belt blouses, etc…I answer your particular style questions, so you can apply my styling techniques in the future.

The third part of digging into your closet is the closet clean out.

closets should consist of fewer clothes and more outfits to choose from, which is why I weed through your wardrobe as I style you.

This is a very sensitive part of the process, because even if we don’t want to admit it, we are all emotionally tied to our clothing. Because of this, it’s important that you know, this is a democracy and not a dictatorship. I will not make you get rid of anything you are not ready to get rid of. I will simply bring to your attention anything that’s ill-fitting, unflattering or outdated, so that if you’re ready to part with it, we can say goodbye to it together. From there, if you don’t have a particular charity you would like to donate those pieces to, I donate them on your behalf to Dress for Success or Goodwill depending on the type of items they are (professional wear or weekend wear).

The last piece of working through your current closet is creating a shopping list. Now while I’m a firm believe in fewer clothes, more outfits, there are sometimes small holes to fill in your current closet. That’s where the shopping list comes in. The shopping list is your guide to knowing what to buy that will be a helpful addition to your closet. Pieces like a black pencil skirt or open-toe brown booties or a long, silver pendant necklace might be just the thing to elevate what you’ve already got in your closet. Whatever it is that will work well in your current closet, I add to my Greer Guide to Style digital booklet, which I send you after our session.

In addition to the shopping list, my Greer Guide to Style digital booklet includes my hair stylist recommendation, professional dressing tips, closet tips, a tailor recommendation in your area, a list of pieces that need to be tailored (if any) from your current closet, my make up artist recommendation, GIC VIP discounts to local Austin businesses, plus my list of wardrobe hacks that will make it easier to work with your clothes in the future.

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Raquel helps me perk up my style!
I was feeling a bit in a rut and did the “Taste” session. Raquel could see combinations in my closet that I had not considered. She also explained how I could wear some version of any fashion even though I am no longer 21. It was very freeing to see how I could be more creative and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is knowledgeable and clear but also very encouraging.
— Trish B., professor
After neglecting my wardrobe for years while I had young children, Raquel brought a great burst of energy and insight into looking fabulous again! She was amazingly productive in the initial 1 1/2 hour meeting, literally and figuratively brushing away the cobwebs in my closet and putting together cute outfits that I didn’t know that I had. Raquel is a pleasure to work with. The whole project of developing a new style for my new phase of live suddenly seems very achievable!
— Rose, Computer programmer
Raquel went through my wardrobe and showed me so many new outfits I didn’t know I had in my closet! The consultation is worth its weight in gold as you get whole new outfits without having to buy more stuff. Highly recommended.
— Melissa P., Digital Marketing Manager


Greer Image Consulting - Style Your Current Closet - Raquel doing a color analysis on a professional woman of Austin

Color Analysis

Color is the most powerful element of style and, typically, the first thing we see when we look at an outfit.

The wrong colors can make you look tired or sick. They can bring out impurities in your skin and make you look older than you are. The correct colors can make you look energetic, youthful, radiant and present.

The first step in choosing your best colors is knowing your personal color palette. 

In this session, I teach you what colors look best on you and why.

I also show you what colors to avoid.

I give you a color a palette color tool to take with you at the end of the session that you can easily reference when shopping or going through your closet again in the future. 

Greer Image Consulting - Style Your Current Closet - Client tying up a shirt to make an outfit more interesting

Personal Styling

In this part of the session, I dive into your closet to create fashion-forward and fresh outfit combinations you would've never imagined but absolutely love.

I style you from head-to-toe, so you'll know how your shoes and accessories work with your clothes in outfits that make you look and feel powerful and beautiful.

I take pictures of every outfit I put together, so you can easily reference the photos in the morning before work, when you're headed to your child's soccer game or when you're headed out for date night with your partner.  

Greer Image Consulting - Style My Current Closet - image consulting tool for clients to use as they learn to style their wardrobe


My biggest goal with all of my clients is to help them feel genuinely confident and clear when styling their wardrobe long after they leave the session.

As I style your wardrobe, I teach you how to do it along the way.

I talk about why certain necklaces work with necklines, how to dress your body type, how to color match, how to cuff up your jeans over your boots, how to create balance in any outfits, etc... 

Sharing these details with you allows you to see what I see, understand my techniques, use my styling tools and ultimately style your own wardrobe more creatively on a consistent basis. 

Greer Image Consulting - Style My Current Closet - get rid of clothing items that no longer suit you in the Greer Style Tasting

Closet Clean Out

Out of sight, out of mind is never truer than in a closet. 

When you have a bunch of clothes that don't suit you, it can stifle your ability to use pieces you love and want to wear consistently by blocking your view and distracting you. 

In this part of the session, I weed out the ill-fitting, unflattering and outdated items from your wardrobe. At the end of the session, I donate those items to Dress for Success or Goodwill Industries depending on the type of items you have. 

You'll leave the session with less clothes and many more outfits to work with in your wardrobe.

Additional Greer Style Tasting Amenities

Lookbook of 10-20 Styled Outfits • Unwanted Item Donation • Personal Color Tool • The Greer Guide to Style Digital Booklet • Shopping List of Suggested New Items • The Greer Style Boards • Hair Stylist Recommendation • Tailor Recommendation • The Greer Style Profile • Body Type Assessment • GIC VIP discounts w/ ATX BIZ affiliates • “What to Tailor” List • Makeup Artist Recommendation


Your wardrobe isn't hopeless, far from it.
There are underutilized basics and unexpected gems tucked away in all corners of your wardrobe.

The Greer Style Tasting breathes new life into your closet, which means you feel a renewed sense of excitement about your clothes and how to work with them.

By showing you and teaching you new outfit combinations, a weight is lifted. There are many ways to repurpose your clothes into stylish outfits that you never considered and absolutely love.



day to night capsule wardrobe


from the boardroom to networking


from dinner and a movie to greenbelt hiking


from brunch with girlfriends to shopping Austin


from moto jackets to midi skirts


from a gala to a wedding


from the soccer game to school functions


from the snow to the sand


from your mother of the bride dress to your birthday bash 


from acquiring new clients to celebrating success

Raquel Greer Gordian is Austin’s top image consultant and personal stylist. Her mission is to demystify style and teach women that every outfit they wear is a reflection of their inherent beauty and power. Say hello on Instagram at @raquelgreergordian or book Raquel now!