Turn your closet into a place you love to go every morning by uncovering stylish, put together, and easy-to-wear outfits in your current wardrobe.

Right now, your closet feels overloaded from years of impulse buys, basics that have stacked up, or clothes from family and friends. To say the least, picking out your outfit each morning is stressful.

You’ve got a handful of pieces you know how to wear in a few ways, but as far as getting creative with the rest of the closet, you’re a little lost.

Pieces like patterned skirts, red pumps, a faux fur vest, a jumpsuit or a colorful blazer take a back seat to the basics you’ve used a hundred times.  

Choosing an outfit with your current knowledge, lack of time, or lack of energy means going back to the same sliver of clothes you wear constantly and outfits you’ve recycled dozens of times.

But you’d like to use more. You want to wear all of the pieces that could truly be viable and get rid of the rest.

In this 3-hour closet overhaul, we do exactly that. I style my way through your closet, so you know how to wear 100% of your wardrobe.

This Session Is All About

  • Giving your wardrobe a thorough evaluation to ensure that it’s comprised of pieces that exclusively suit your style, body type, and current lifestyle

  • Teaching you exactly what types of colors compliment your skin, eyes and hair color, so you can shop for pieces in your palette going forward

  • Styling you from head-to-toe with pieces from your current closet, so you consistently use way more of what you have than ever before

  • Cleaning out the ill-fitting, outdated or unflattering items from your closet, so it’s easy to choose items you know look good in every morning

  • Showing you my styling techniques as I style you, so you can apply them to your wardrobe going forward

  • Making a shopping list to fill any holes in your wardrobe and to include new styles that would be great for you to try, so your closet is truly complete

After neglecting my wardrobe for years while I had young children, Raquel brought a great burst of energy and insight into looking fabulous again! She was amazingly productive...literally and figuratively brushing away the cobwebs in my closet and putting together cute outfits that I didn’t know that I had. Raquel is a pleasure to work with. The whole project of developing a new style for my new phase of live suddenly seems very achievable!
— Rose, Computer Programmer
Raquel went through my wardrobe and showed me so many new outfits I didn’t know I had in my closet! The consultation is worth its weight in gold as you get whole new outfits without having to buy more stuff. Highly recommended.
— Melissa, Digital Marketing Manager
Raquel could see combinations in my closet that I had not considered. She also explained how I could wear some version of any fashion even though I am no longer 21. It was very freeing to see how I could be more creative and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is knowledgeable and clear but also very encouraging.
— Trish, Professor

The Experience

Part 1: Pre-Session

Your personal style is s exactly that: personal.

Which is why it’s so important for me to understand exactly what your life looks like on a daily basis. Before we meet, I’ll send you two homework exercises: The Greer Style Profile and The Greer Style Boards. Together, these assessments will allow me to design our session around your unique life, upcoming events, and desired image, so you get the most out of our time together.

Part 2: The Color Analysis

This is the foundation of all our work in the session, because the color analysis allows us to rule out the not-so-hot colors from your wardrobe and highlight the ones that look amazing on you. 

Part 3: Personal Styling

We head into the closet and put your current clothes to good use by creating fashion-forward outfits that fit your distinct style and life.

These are outfits you’ve never thought to put together before, so get excited, because there is always so much more in your closet than you could have ever imagined.

During this session, I apply the same principle in this session as I do in my own closet: When you have fewer clothes in your closet and more outfits to work with, getting dressed becomes satisfying, fun, and easy.

To do this, I simultaneously clean out as I style you.

Part 4: Education

As I style my way through your closet, I talk through the styling techniques and concepts I use along the way. This allows you to not only see my process, but view your closet and clothing through a sharper lens.

You see your style through my eyes. This means the personal styling doesn’t just happen in our session. Teaching you how I do it along the way allows you to continue to style and use my tips long after I’m gone.

Part 5: The Clean Out

I sort through and show you any ill-fitting, unflattering, or outdated pieces from your closet to ensure your wardrobe is filled only with the pieces that serve you at this time in your life. 

All the pieces you're ready to get rid of, I donate on your behalf to SAFE Austin, leaving you with a fresh feel in your old closet. 

Part 6: Organization

Out of sight, out of mind is never truer than in your wardrobe, which means if you can't see it, you won't use it. Throughout our time together, I'll make little adjustments to your closet layout, so your wardrobe becomes more visually appealing and simpler to navigate any time you’re picking out an outfit.

Part 7: The Shopping List

While I’m a firm believe in fewer clothes, more outfits, there are sometimes holes to fill in your closet. That’s where the shopping list comes in; it’s your guide to knowing what helpful additions to buy. Pieces like a black pencil skirt, open-toe stacked heels, or a long, silver pendant necklace might be just the thing to elevate what you’ve already got in your wardrobe.

Part 8: The Greer Guide To Style

After we've completed your session, I'll send you a look book of all the outfits I've styled, so you can easily reference them in the future. Along with those, I'll send my Greer Guide to Style digital resource booklet filled with professional dressing tips, closet tips, my hairstylist recommendation, my makeup artist recommendation, a tailor recommendation in your area, a list of items to be tailored from your wardrobe, my Greer VIP Austin discounts and more. 

I had such an amazing experience working with Raquel during our 3-hour Style session. She is such a fashion inspiration and all-around good person, it was truly a joy to work with her! I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to keeping old clothes :O And it only got worse after inheriting my mother’s entire wardrobe (clothing, jewelry, purses, scarves). I found myself with an overflowing closet yet somehow nothing to wear, or at least nothing I liked. That’s when Raquel came to my rescue! She helped sift through my disaster-of-a-closet and evaluate what worked and what didn’t, what I loved and what I hated, and what to keep and what to throw out. She made it easy to part with old worn-down pieces that no longer fit my style, while showing me the upmost respect and professionalism not pressuring me to part with anything I wasn’t ready to. She taught me about the color pallets that best complement my complexion, and how to make full use of all the items in my closet. She took note of all the small things like which items need to be tailored or what I need to be on the lookout for, and provided a compressive list with recommendations, and helpful tips for the future. She styled several killer outfits that make me feel like a strong confident lady boss, using items I would’ve never thought to pair together. I am constantly complemented on the outfits she styled for me and am still inspired from our session. I can’t say enough about this wonderful lady, and look forward to working with her again in the future!
— Carolyn, Creative
Raquel was just what I needed to lighten and refresh my closet. She gave me the courage to get rid of many things that were no longer (or ever!) a good fit for me. I just couldn’t do it alone. Grateful for the experience.
— Jenny, Realtor

This Session is Perfect for You if

Your closet has built up over the course of a decade or more to overwhelming proportions. 

You’ve inherited pieces from a relative or friends and are now ready to part with what you don’t love.

You want fewer clothes and more outfits, so getting dressed for work is a streamlined process.

You’ve tried to tackle cleaning out on your own, but only seem to make a dent.

You want to incorporate all parts of your closet such as necklaces, hats, and scarves into outfits you love.

You’re unsure of what looks trendy or dated in your closet, and want expert advice on what must go.

Your career is more casual than ever before and you want to know how to dress for it.

You want to look as creative as you are by learning how to put together fashion-forward outfits everyday. 

You want the courage to date again and need outfits that make you feel confident for the journey.

You want to make the most out of your existing wardrobe.

Your style is not lost. You always have your style, but in the clutter and uncertainty of your closet, it can feel that way.

What You'll Get

  • 3 hours of personal attention, expertise, and advice to get your style back on track

  • Color analysis: Learn exactly what colors look best on you and why.

  • Personal styling: I create 20-40 different outfits you've never thought to put together from your current closet.

  • Style + body education: I want you to feel empowered in your style, which means I teach you simple styling techniques as I work through your closet.

  • Closet clean out: We'll get rid of anything ill-fitting, unflattering, or outdated that you're ready to part with.

  • Organizational tips to improve the aesthetic, layout, and navigability of your closet

  • Lookbook of styled outfits to reference in the future

  • Unwanted item donation to SAFE Austin

  • Personal color palette color tool

  • The Greer Guide to Style digital booklet and resource guide

  • Shopping list of new items to acquire

  • The Greer Style Boards to explore your individual style

  • Hair stylist recommendation

  • Tailor recommendations in your area

  • The Greer Style Profile assessment

  • GIC discounts to local businesses

  • List of items to tailor from your closet

  • Makeup artist recommendation

  • Post-session text and email support

Raquel Greer Gordian is Austin’s top image consultant and personal stylist. Her mission is to demystify style and teach women that every outfit they wear is a reflection of their inherent beauty and power.