JUGGLING work and family makes it close to impossible to find the energy or time to switch up your style.

But your life is different now than it’s ever been before, which means your wardrobe needs to reflect that.

Your style should give you the confidence to keep on target all day and make it easy to get dressed every morning.  

You need to know what to wear, how to style it, and why it works for you, so whether you’re hunkered down in your Austin office or heading to NYC on a business trip, you know you’re killin’ it with your outfit.

The Greer Style Solution is a 3-session wardrobe makeover designed to make you feel powerful, excited, and put together in every single thing you wear.

This package begins with a 2-hour, in-home session.

After transitioning from one career to another, I needed assistance in putting together a more professional image. Raquel was my image angel! She was able to blend my fun & quirky style with the polished image that I needed as a business owner. I chose the Greer Style Solution and could not be happier with the services received. Raquel was professional, prompt, creative and just plain amazing! The combinations that Raquel put together using clothing I already had was absolutely phenomenal. We also went shopping together to secure necessary pieces for my wardrobe. It might sound really cliche, but Raquel really changed my life! It used to take me forever to get ready in the morning because I didn’t feel comfortable or confident in my clothing selection. Now I have the knowledge and confidence to be the professional business woman that I knew I always could be. Raquel certainly has a gift. This is one of the best investments that I have ever made in myself! Thank you, Raquel!
— Lindsay, Owner, HomeCraft Staging
Raquel’s client shares how Raquel’s personal styling and shopping package, The Greer Style Solution, was a life-changing experience.

Session One: Digging Into Your Closet

This styling session includes…


Even before we meet, we explore your personal style through two homework exercises: The Greer Style Profile and The Greer Style Boards. These assessments allow me to design our session around your unique life, upcoming events, and the image you want, so you get the most out of our time together.

Then, the first step in our first meeting is the color analysis. I begin all of my services with this part, but it's especially important in The Greer Style Solution. For us to constructively shop for you in session two, we need to know what colors look amazing on you and what colors to avoid.

In session one, we then go into your wardrobe to make the most of what you’ve already got through personal styling. I put together fresh and fashion-forward outfits that help you get excited about what you have, and encourage you to look at your closet more creatively going forward.

I take pictures of all of the outfits I style, so you can easily look at the pictures, throw on an outfit, and go.

I also talk through my styling techniques as I work through your wardrobe, so you understand the concepts I use and can easily use them in the future too.

At the same time, I clean out. Anything ill-fitting, unflattering, or outdated that you’re willing to part with, we get rid of.  If you don’t have a particular charity you want to donate to, I donate them on your behalf to SAFE Austin, an organization dedicated to ending domestic abuse in our community.

And for the pieces that you want to keep, but don’t fit exactly right, I’ll create a tailor list. On the list will be the item to be tailored and what should be done to it.

While I style, teach you, and clean out, I create a shop list of new, useful additions and organize your closet.

Then, we tackle that shopping list in session two.

I’m plus-sized and have felt very stressed when shopping in the past. Raquel made the shopping and style experience a total blast, plus she taught me how to truly develop my own personal style.

Raquel is friendly, professional, detail-oriented, and a fashion expert. She helped me build a whole new work wardrobe from scratch. I have received many compliments from the outfits she helped me style, but nothing compares to the boost in my self-esteem that she helped me find while working with her. Whatever your situation or size, I highly recommend Raquel. I will be a repeat customer!
— Whitney, Tech Writer
A tech writer in Austin, Texas talks about what an amazing experience she had when working with Greer Image Consulting.

The Greer Style Solution is all about…

  • Evaluating and refreshing your entire wardrobe, so each piece in your closet is useful and well-suited to your current lifestyle

  • Giving you a luxurious shopping experience designed to open you up to brand new options you’d never think to try, as well as finding you personalized wardrobe essentials

  • Styling individualized looks using a mix of new purchases and old pieces, so you have lots of outfit options and the inspiration to create more in the future

  • Changing your perspective on your distinct style by teaching you the fundamental techniques of styling, along with educating you on your body type, color palette, and ideal styles


This shopping session includes…


This is one of the most exciting parts of the process because shopping is where I show you a bunch of new pieces that look amazing on you, feel authentic to your style, and you would’ve never tried before.

We go outside of your comfort zone and into a world of clothes that make you feel powerful, sexy, edgy, approachable, confident, and seen.

I choose a location based on your budget, shop list, and personal style, and I pre-shop. This means I pull everything in the store that’s well-suited to you, so when you arrive, you head directly into the fitting room. No sifting through racks or feeling overwhelmed. Just lots of joy.

I’ll be in the fitting room with all of the clothes set up, so you start trying on immediately.

I don’t put a time cap on the session, but it’s typically about 2 to 4 hours, depending on where we go and the pace you’re comfortable with moving. I really want us to get everything you need, so we don’t focus on time. We focus on you.   

The Greer Style Solution is perfect for you if…

  • You want unique-to-your-closet staples and trends that will last you a long time.

  • You want an expert eye on your overcrowded wardrobe.

  • Self-care is a top priority in your life.

  • You’re heading back to work after staying home with the kids and want to outfits to match. 

  • You’re turning 30, and your college-casual clothes don’t support your professional goals.

  • You’ve never felt stylish and are ready to see what the hype is about.

  • You have little time to shop, but really need an update.

  • You hate to shop and, for once in your life, you want a stress-free and successful shopping experience.

  • You want to insert color into a closet that’s currently consumed by neutrals.

  • You beat cancer and want to celebrate.

  • You’ve tried clothing-to-your-door services, and they just don’t get you.

  • The saying "quality over quantity" resonates with you, and you want that to come to life in your closet. 

  • You've been pushed to buy by sales associates before, and you want an unbiased, expert opinion on what looks good and what does not. 

  • You’re retiring and need casual clothes for all the fun ahead.

  • You want your closet to be one of your favorite rooms in the house.

  • You want to get compliments that make you confident.

  • You’re a seasoned professional with a stale wardrobe.

  • You love to shop and want to update for this season.

  •  You value honesty and kindness and want to work with someone who gives you both.

I cannot say enough about how incredible my experience with Raquel was! I have told everyone who has complimented my style about it. I most recently had a shopping session with Raquel. After sharing with her some elements of my style, the direction I want to take it, and the environments I would be in, I showed up to the store and all of the work had already been taken care of for me. She pre-selected every outfit, helped me decide what I liked, catered to every whim (like how badly I want a pair of overalls), and was extremely complimentary and realistic at the same time! The extra twist? I’m pregnant and she considered every element...what fits now, what will fit later, and how to style everything in between. She refreshed for me the way I saw certain pieces by demonstrating at least 3 ways to wear everything...multiplying the number of new outfits I have to wear! She honored my time and my budget and relieved all anxiety I had about shopping.
— Emily, Director of Client Relations
Raquel styles and shops for an Austin executive.
Raquel ROCKS. I received a 3 part styling session for my birthday. When she told me the first part would be going through my closet, I kind of freaked out. It turned out to be amazing, actually. Although we did toss a few things (which needed to go), she was a genius at pairing some of my stuff together that I would not have otherwise. She helped me to double the number of outfits I had, without buying a thing. THEN WE WENT SHOPPING. :) Best part for sure. I showed up and she had a cart full of stuff for me to try on. I think I bought almost every single thing she picked out, along with some of my own picks! She helped me to branch out of my comfort zone which is pretty much black & grey everything. Last session, she came back over and we styled all of the new items & mixed them in with the existing stuff I had. Again, we doubled the number of outfits in my closet. I am consistently getting complimented on my clothes now. Can’t say enough good things about her services! Plus, she is precious and very easy to talk to. Hopefully I get to do this with her all over again one day!
— Natasha, Catering Manager


This styling session includes…


In this 2-hour session, we pull it all together to fully transform your wardrobe.

I style all the new pieces in with the old, so you see how everything works together and supports your lifestyle.

I continue to take pictures of each outfit I style and talk through my styling concepts along the way.

Organization is also a huge part of being able to use 100% of your wardrobe (which is my ultimate goal!), so I organize your closet throughout this session, so you can easily see what you want to wear and throw it on in a flash.

If there’s any remaining clean out, we do that too.

Even after I leave, our work together isn’t done. I love what I do, and I want you to gain as much confidence in your style as possible. Because of this, I offer unlimited text and email support to all of my clients after our three sessions.

If you’re shopping in the future or coming up with a new outfit in your closet, you can always text me and say “Hey Raquel! Does this work?” I’ll give you my honest opinion about what does and what doesn’t, so you’ve always got me there to help.

And if you want more shopping or styling with me later, we can build that out too. I offer a la carte services for recurring clients, so we can refresh your wardrobe any time you want.

I would highly recommend Raquel. I called her because I hadn’t updated my wardrobe in months. maybe years, and I had clothes falling apart and it was really getting a bit sad. Raquel came over and did a color analysis for me to help me understand why different colors would or would not compliment my skin tone...I wasn’t sure if hiring a personal shopper was only for people who wanted to spend a ton of money, but it wasn’t. Raquel helped me stick around my goal of spending around $50 or less per piece, and I came home with tons of clothes that I wouldn’t ever have picked for myself but that I now love. I plan to continue working with Raquel and will definitely be calling her for seasonal updates.
— Isabel, Realtor

 Raquel Greer Gordian is Austin’s top image consultant and personal stylist. Her mission is to demystify style and teach women that every outfit they wear is a reflection of their inherent beauty and power.