RAQUEL IS AMAZING!!!! For my 57th birthday, I wanted to start a new chapter in my life, and shake things up a bit. I gave myself the gift of Raquel Greer Image Consulting/Stylist. I could not have picked a better gift! As women we spend our lives always giving and caring for everyone around us. As wonderful as that is......we lose ourselves in the day to day, and our style and appearance takes a back seat. Well Raquel changes all that. She is extremely talented in helping you identify your color palette, wardrobe pieces that work for your body type and lifestyle, and teaches you how to shop and mix and match your entire outfit. EVERY WOMAN, AT ANY AGE, SHOULD GIVE THEMSELVES THE GIFT OF RAQUEL GREER!!!! YOU DESERVE IT, AND SHE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! It is such a fun process, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Raquel thanks a million, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!
— Diana, Pharmaceutical Sales
Diana Solis Searcy shares her wonderful experience with Raquel’s personal styling and personal shopping services.
Raquel is amazing! As a senior business executive, I never thought to use a stylist or perhaps it was the thought of “embarrassment!” Raquel puts your mind at ease—she works with what you have and doesn’t try to change who you are but accentuate it! I always thought I was a “summer or fall” color palette, but with Raquel’s help I found out I’m “winter!” I have had so many compliments on my new looks and truly am now focused on shopping on the colors that work for me! I will definitely use Raquel in the future for special occasions, etc., she’s the BEST!
— Linda, Executive
An Austin executive shares her positive experience in working with Raquel Greer Gordian.
Working with Raquel was great! I’ve recently come to terms that I’m an emotional shopper and faced a closet was an anxiety-inducing, uncohesive mess. I did a huge purge on my own, which left me with a lot of random things and a loss of what to put together in my current wardrobe. I initially contacted Raquel to run a color analysis and learn the basics of styling for my body so I could be a smarter shopper in the future. We chatted about my lifestyle and personal goals, then she sent along some homework. It was great to stop and think critically about my style, likes, and dislikes. In the session we quickly went over basics: favorable colors for my skin tone and hair, body type, why things “work” in styling, and how to do it with what I have. As everyone else mentioned, she found AMAZING combinations in a wardrobe that gave me little confidence. We managed 17 (!!) new looks in the hour and a half session. She made me realize that I had TONS of possibilities. Seriously… I had mentally given up on what I currently had but she brought it back to life. Raquel will provide tips on what to tailor or buy, but honestly does a great job using what you already have so my list wasn’t long at all. Everything was sent quickly after the session. Super impressed by this wonder woman. 🙌
— Shelby, Visual Artist
Whenever I wear outfits that were styled by Raquel, I get a lot of compliments. She really IS that good. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn about their style and feel confident about the styles that work for them. Her advice is reliable, educated, honest and effective. I could not have asked for a better stylist. My styling experience with Raquel was amazing!

I was transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to working as an entrepreneur, and I was looking to overhaul my wardrobe. I was tired of my clothes, I was tired of feeling lost every time I had to dress, and feeling devoid of any creativity when it came to style. I am a creative person, but for the longest time, this was not reflected in my outfits. Dressing up for me was usually a stressful experience filled with self-doubt and lack of creativity. I stuck with plain, classic outfits, usually ended up looking “momsy” (after having 2 kids). I really wanted to learn about style and styling. I wanted to be educated, empowered and inspired about my style. Raquel did just that by discussing colors, sizes, shapes, patterns and how those fit with my personality.

After speaking to her, I decided to get a wardrobe makeover. Her price was reasonable and comparable to the industry, but it was still a significant amount for me. After trying to clear out my wardrobe on my own (12 bags for donation!), it struck me how I had wasted a lot of money over the years on clothes that did not bring out my best. I decided it was worth it spending it on educating myself so that I would not make the same mistakes again. Raquel’s services are well-worth the money.

Raquel is professional, confident, approachable, methodical, efficient and creative. I loved that she gave honest and constructive feedback. She earned my trust right away. First, she took an inventory of my existing wardrobe, took out the pieces that didn’t work. Then we set up an appointment for shopping. Until that experience, shopping filled me with DREAD. However, this fitting ran really smoothly. She had picked out a range of pieces for me to try out, and in 2 hours, I experimented with a broad range of different looks. She kept the selection under my budget, and tracked the essential pieces I needed. It was truly an eye-opening and confidence-building experience! Finally, she paired the new pieces with my existing wardrobe and put together at least 30 different looks! I was so amazed. Having a collection of styled outfits is perfect for me, because it saves so much time - particularly on days I need to rush out the door. All in all, I’m so glad I worked with her!
— Sharanya, Entrepreneur
Want to know what it feels like to not just feel comfortable, but empowered to take on the world in your own skin? Work with Raquel.

Raquel taught me my color palette (the colors that look best on me), so that I always choose the colors that make me feel seen rather than hidden.

Raquel really inspires and teaches you to gain a new understanding of yourself. When shopping, Raquel pushes you to try new things that you would have never chosen for yourself that end up being your new favorite pieces.

The closet clean out was also seriously life changing. It was insanely therapeutic to purge the pieces that needed to go. Having an accountability partner and someone who will challenge you with “do you LOVE this?” leaves you with a closet that feels like a genuine reflection of who YOU are, not who anyone else may expect you to be.

Your closet becomes filled with styles that make your heart happy—how many times have we all had the “closet full of clothes with nothing to wear” convo with ourselves? No more once you’ve worked with Raquel.

I highly recommend working with Raquel and Greer Image Consulting if you’re ready to change your perspective on your style and self.
— Lauren, Account Manager
A woman is styled by Raquel Greer Gordian of Greer Image Consulting in Austin, Texas.
Raquel has been so encouraging and helpful to me! As we go through the clothes in my closet and shop together for new pieces, she pushes me past my comfort zone and helps me elevate my wardrobe in such a caring way; showing me styles and outfits I would never have thought to put together, and always dressing me in clothes that fit with my preferences and lifestyle.
Schedule a session with her now, you will be so glad you did!
— Jessica, Personal Trainer
A personal trainer works with Raquel to build her professional and casual wardrobe.
Where have you been all of my life, Raquel?! You have such a gift for styling and were able to put together outfits that I love - all without shopping for more clothes. I highly recommend your services.
— Jennifer, Executive Coach
Greer Image Consulting - Women Say - A Professional Woman Shares Her Experience Of Being Styled By Raquel Greer Gordian of Greer Image Consulting
Raquel is a godsend. She was able to purge my closet of unnecessary, outdated items while creating stylish outfits, and this was all before we ever stepped into a store. As a young professional, Raquel gave me the basic items and style tactics I needed to put together numerous outfits. Not only that, she alerted me to the color palettes that look best on me, which increased my confidence when shopping on my own. Now I feel great mixing and matching my own outfits based on her recommendations. And the results are tangible! Getting repeated compliments on your outfits at work is a huge confidence booster! Long review, but Raquel is so worth it! I’m ready for everything from work to date night. I will recommend her whenever I can, 10x over!
— Uwana, Tech Writer
Greer Image Consulting - Women Say - Raquel Styles Women For Life In Austin, Texas
I’ve always been the person that bought what looked good on the mannequin, or try to pull off styles I found on the internet (with no clue what didn’t or did work for me). I even tried Stitch Fix for awhile until I realize I still was not getting what I needed. “You always look so classy!” Was something I NEVER heard until I hired Greer Image Consulting. Raquel was simply amazing at helping me identify MY Style by making me feel super comfortable from the first minute we met. She taught me which colors I should be wearing (year round) and how a piece of jewelry or scarf can make an outfit come together. Since I had very little jewelry to begin with she picked out pieces that are so versatile I can interchange with pretty much everything. She built confidence in me by helping me with professional day to stunning night outfits for my busy work days that lead to long meeting dinners then late night caps, as well as casual cute or romantic weekend wear.

Hiring Greer Image Consulting was the best gift I ever gave myself, and I will continue to utilize Raquel’s expertise for tips or the awesome shopping sessions she offers!
— Shauna, Sales Director
Greer Image Consulting - Testimonials - What Women Are Saying
Raquel came to my house, looked through my closet, and helped me put together lots of fantastic outfits from the clothes I already own. She has an amazing eye for seeing what works and what doesn’t work. She was great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to “minimalize” their closet. I now have half as many clothes and twice as many outfits. And I now get comments everyday on my outfits!
— Liz, Attorney
Worth every penny. Raquel was polite, professional and fun! After thinning my wardrobe out, I was worried she wouldn’t have much to work with. I was so wrong! I can’t believe how many outfits she was able to put together. She has absolutely saved me hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration trying to make the “perfect outfit”. I loved how she showed me how to accessorize and what to avoid putting together.

I also appreciated her ability to identify pieces that needed to go. She made the most of every minute in my closet.
— Lisa, Entrepreneur
I knew I needed help with my wardrobe. My closet was overwhelming. Admittedly it was a little scary inviting someone into my closet, but Raquel quickly and accurately assessed my style and we went to work. We tossed all the clothes that were the wrong size, didn’t fit properly, were wrong for my color type, etc. It felt great to get rid of it all and I don’t feel so overwhelmed walking into my closet now. Raquel put together so many outfits from the things I already had. It was amazing!! I would have never thought to put those pieces together myself. While I may have fewer clothes I actually have more choices now! I’m more confident in knowing everything fits well and is the right style and color. She also is helping me with a shopping list for the things I really need. My husband even had positive comments and said hiring Raquel was one of the best investments I’ve made.
— Lori Steiner, CFO
Raquel is decisive, fun, supportive, and highly competent in her craft. She is like the personal trainer you’ve always wanted—-not too easy but not overly tough either. Thanks for all of your help, Raquel. I look forward to our future workouts!
— Lorinda, Attorney
Raquel is AMAZING. I’m a mom of 3, and I’ve been very very comfortable in tshirts and jeans. However, I decided to go back to work, and I knew I wanted to get a makeover. My husband surprised me with a consult with Raquel for Valentine’s Day since he knew I really wanted to get a makeover. I ended up working with her for another 3 months, and I feel like a new woman. After 7 years of living in jeans and tshirts, I now know and am starting to feel confident about matching clothes to my body that make me feel pretty, strong and sexy. :) I am having fun trying new outfit ideas and am not shying away from it. It feels good knowing that when I go to the office or out on a date with my husband or girlfriends, I don’t have to make excuses for my run-down, ill-fitted clothes, but instead to feel happy and sexy in the clothes I’m wearing. I love it. It’s been a gift that I’m glad to say keeps increasing with time - the more I spend time with Raquel, the more fun I have in figuring out what looks good on me and makes me feel great walking out the door each morning!
— Maruxa, Executive Client Management
Raquel Greer is one-in-a-million. Raquel worked with me to reach my goal of creating professional outfits to wear to work. Raquel patiently worked with me to determine my style and and my vision for desired outfits to wear to work. Raquel took me shopping was able to create outfits that I could have never done on my own. She was energetic and positive and zipped around the store pulling together several outfits. Later, she came to my house to help pull together jewelry and accessories. I could have never done that on my own. Raquel took pictures of all the outfits so I would be able to recreated the look on my own. I highly recommend Raquel to help anyone that feels “stuck” and needs a fresh perspective on her wardrobe. I have gained confidence in the work place and feel terrific wearing my new outfits to work.
— Sandy, Nurse
Raquel is fantastic. I opted for a 3 session package and she helped to reduce the non-essentials in my closet and created an entire new wardrobe with multiple options. I’m able to mix and match and have many options from casual to dressy. She listens to your needs and what it is you want to accomplish and makes suggestions to help you step out of your comfort zone or what one typically might never choose to wear. I highly recommend Greer Image Consulting.
— Melissa, Non-profit Development
The other day, someone said you always look so great, where do you shop? I said, “Well, I have a secret weapon. Her name is Raquel Greer.” Love this lady. She is creative, has a great eye and helps me think about my clothes in a fresh, different way. I have worked with her twice now and will continue to do so. Since our last session, I’ve gotten compliments each day. The last one, “By the way, your outfit is on point.
— Jen, Social Worker
My New Year’s resolution was to clean out my closet. Every morning I would go in to a closet full of clothes and couldn’t find anything to wear. Raquel has been incredible! First she came over and went through my closet and we got rid of loads of clothes that was just taking up space. Then she put together outfits with clothes I already had in my closet. The shopping experience was the best one I’ve ever had. I’ve learned a lot about “my style, color and body type”. I’ve gotten compliments on everything I’ve worn. It’s been amazing, I only wish I had done this years ago.....I don’t think you can find anyone who is more professional and a joy to work with than Raquel.
— Vicky, Business Owner
Raquel did a masterful job of purging my closet, and artfully arranging the remaining pieces into cute, sexy, comfortable, rocking outfits that I personally love. She helped me find my style, based on what I am drawn to, and what looks really good on me. As she says, “Does it speak to your soul?” That’s a pretty high bar, and the beauty of it is that when you use it as a discriminator, you are left only with things that make you feel like a million bucks. And they don’t necessarily cost that. When you feel good, you look good. Besides being an expert with an excellent eye, able to adapt to your individual style, Raquel has unerringly good fashion sense, and will never leave you hanging, or looking less than your beautiful self. She has excellent taste herself, and she did her best to explain her choices and encourage me to learn how to dress myself more confidently / competently. Raquel is a genuinely kind and caring person who wants you to be successful in looking your best, and will assist you in whatever way you need to get there. She is patient, helpful, encouraging, and super easy to work with. She has passion for what she does, and does it well: professionally competent, personally gracious. She wants to be of service, and she is. It is not about the money for her, she truly loves what she does and wants to help. It may seem like a splurge, but it was worth every penny and I intend to continue to use her services as seasons change. Once you see what she can do, it is easy to see the value, and how in the end, it will save you money as you will be able to work with what you have, and be far more informed about what works for you and what you need (and don’t need). I highly recommend Greer Image Consulting to anyone who wants to look and feel his or her best, and to anyone who feels overwhelmed with their choices (closet full of clothes and nothing to wear). Raquel made it easy for me to get dressed. Priceless.
— Lynn, CFO
I was so highly impressed with Raquel! I would like to think that I have a good style but she put together things I wouldn’t have ever thought of and now I have a better idea of what I have going on in my closet. It was so comfortable to work with her and I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment. I definitely recommend her service!
— Lauren, Marketing Manager
I wanted to have someone come into our office and talk to us gals about fashion. In real estate, there aren’t very many hard and fast rules for ‘what to wear’ so it’s easy sometimes to fall into a fashion rut and wear a pair of tennis shoes and chucks everyday. But our clients appreciate it when we look professional. The way we dress at the office conveys not only our personality, but communicates to the outside world how we approach our work. Luckily, in our industry, there’s a lot of room for adding your own personal touch to your clothing choices if you know how! Enter Raquel. I interviewed several consultants but I instantly felt like Raquel understood the heart of why I wanted to make her services available to the office. She helped me put together a plan: first, she presented to us all as a group, she brought in sample clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. and explained the basic ‘rules’ of business casual and then gave us lots of examples on how to pair things. She was patient, even when a team member became uncomfortable and made a comment or two that seemed less than polite. She explained the definitions of types of clothing when it was clear a team member didn’t know what ‘peplum’ or ‘kitten heel’ meant. We made a ladies party out of it with snacks and cocktails and Raquel very graciously (but firmly, never waivering from what I’d told her I wanted our dress code to be) walked us through not only the ‘dos’ but the ‘don’ts’ of office fashion (cleavage! Mini skirts! Hot pants!). After our office party, she booked 1-1 closet time with each lady on the team. She helped us go through our closets, weed out what didn’t fit anymore and helped us take what we already owned and loved and turn it into more outfits than we could have possibly imagined. Everyone on the team had an enjoyable experience with her and reported back that they felt she had helped them come up with more ways to wear their current clothes in a way that made them feel great than they would have been able to come up with on their own. I definitely saw a marked improvement in office attire and, even more importantly, everyone left the experience feeling great about themselves and the way they looked. Totally worthwhile business investment. If you are looking for a fun way to talk about ‘what not to wear’, give your team the clothing confidence they deserve, and see an improvement in professional attire at the office, you need to call Raquel!
— Meagan, Office Manager
Raquel has the talent of understanding how to bring out the real you. While she will ask questions to learn more about you, it’s her intuition, knowledge, and unique gift of combining current style with fashion awareness that help you create the wardrobe of your dreams
— Dee, Entrepreneur
Raquel has worked absolute magic piecing together clothes I already own into stylish outfits. Not to mention she has reduced a lot of stress by decluttering my closet and helping me plan outfits for my trips. I highly recommend her to anyone that wastes time standing in the closet wondering what to wear...those days are over for me. I look forward to continuing to work with her.
— Nicole, Research Director
Efficient, easy to work with and a great eye for what I wanted and needed! Raquel did an amazing job working with me to update my wardrobe and get me into cuts, colors and styles that flattered my body type and moved my professional image up more than a notch!
— Jeanne, Health Care Executive
Raquel did an amazing job styling my closet. My closet was packed with stuff I never wore and had no idea what to do with. Raquel removed things that just didn’t work for me anymore and then went to town putting outfits together. Everyday I get complimented on my outfits and I’ve had two co-workers approach me and tell me how great I look lately! Thank you Raquel for showing me how to step up my style!
— Gloria, Entrepreneur
This was a great experience. Raquel comes right to your home and helps you work with what you have in your closet. She is very professional, forthright and honest. I had a great time and am amazed at the outfits she pulled together from my existing wardrobe. Raquel even “holds” your hand in parting with some of those ‘old reliables’ that probably are not so reliable anymore, and she offers to tote them away with her so you are not tempted to sneak them back out of the bag! LOL.
— Donna, Department of the Army Civilian
Raquel originally came to help me clean out my closet. I’ve lived at my house now for 15 years and the closet was overflowing. We worked over three sessions to capture my style and get rid of things that either didn’t fit, or didn’t match my style anymore. She also made outfits and took pictures of them so I have those ideas on hand every morning when I dress.
Reality is, now I have fewer items in my closet and MORE to wear!
Raquel was also punctual and professional. I highly recommend her image consulting services.
— Sandy, Energy Services Industry
Raquel was amazing! She really helped me narrow down what I did and did not like, and was very up front and honest about what clothes made me look better or not so much. She didn’t have a cookie cutter style that she tried to fit me into, but instead went along with my preferences, lifestyle, and quirks! She really helped me meet my goals for this next step in my life (finally finished graduate school and felt as though I needed an extra boost wardrobe wise). I have gotten so many compliments so far! Best of all- I didn’t feel pressured to buy a whole new set of clothes. Raquel worked with me to make so many outfits out of my current clothes, and then worked within my budget to supplement where we both felt might be helpful! I highly recommend Raquel to anyone- she was so easy to work with, friendly, and honest!
— Hilary, Psychiatrist
Working with Raquel was AWESOME! She is very professional but personable. We had a great time! Raquel has a natural ability to bring out a woman’s personal style. I highly recommend her.
— Jane, Musician
A client shares her story of how working with Raquel helped her build a wardrobe she loves.
As a Speaker, I never enjoyed shopping and quite frankly, who has the time for it? I had very little clothing because of traveling and speaking around the country for the past 2 years so when I contacted Raquel, I needed the pieces that I had to work for me. I could not believe Raquel was able to go into my closet and put together 44 different outfits that worked for me... Now I feel even more confident as a speaker and because of Raquel, I now have a greater satisfaction in selecting what I wear. Don’t make another move until you contact her today.
— Cathy, Professional Speaker and Author
Raquel got what look I was striving for and showed me how to get what I envisioned. She also cleaned the chaff out of my closet so I could buy and wear clothes I really love and make me feel confident.
— Colleen, Nurse
I initially contacted Raquel just to do personal color analysis. After meeting with her I realized she would be able to provide more help for me. We have just begun reviewing my closet, and she has given me ideas of how to use what I already have in order to develop new looks. She works with helping me get out of my comfort zone (jeans and tees), but not so far away that I am uncomfortable. She is amazing in what she seems to see in my closet and is able to put together. She put things together I would never have thought of and they look amazing! I’ve even booked her for a shopping event a few months from now and I’m sure I will enjoy it. Raquel is professional, friendly, helpful, experienced, and easy to work with. I look forward to each meeting with her. I highly recommend Raquel for color analysis, styling, closet clean out/review, and shopping. I hope to continue working with Raquel, not just now, but in the future.
— Cat, Graduate Student
I was amazed at the number of outfits that were created from clothes I already had! This made me more confident and gave me more options without spending a dime. I definitely appreciated that and would definitely hire again.
— Karen, R&B Artist
Raquel was wonderful to work with. I am starting a new business and needed help with a professional look. Her intuitiveness and insight to my personality has given me a new wardrobe that I can be proud to wear and the confidence I need for the business world. I wish I would have gone to Raquel much sooner. Thank you so much for one of the best experiences I have had!
— Annette, Nurse and Entrepreneur
Raquel is so talented!! I enjoyed our session together so much, as she consistently generated awesome ideas for outfits and overall style. I recommend Raquel to anyone looking for an image consultant without reservation!!
— Shannon, Psychotherapist
Greer Image Consulting helped tailor my look from recent grad to polished professional. Using pieces that I had already, GIC was able create a professional look for the office and the perfect Austin weekend look that reflected my personality.
— Casei, Public Relations
An amazing value! Raquel is wonderful to work with. She quickly identified my style and then we worked on getting rid of all the clutter in my closet. She is so comfortable to work with. I felt at ease and had a blast!
— Teri, Business Coach
Raquel assisted me in redesigning my wardrobe in a way that created a space of creativity. Her style and eye for what works and doesn’t is unprecedented. She worked with what I have, rather than encouraging to go buy new. She worked with me from top to toe, including shoes, belts and jewelry to create an updated look. Her patience made me very relaxed and eager. Raquel left me with a complete guideline, a chart of colors that work with my skin type that I reference on a consistent basis. That color chart also allowed me the freedom to toss those items that sat in my closet collecting dust and uncovered why in the world I never wore those items. DUH- because they were totally the wrong color for me. I buy smarter now and would recommend Raquel for anyone who feels stuck with their style, wanting to update their wardrobe without having to buy an entire new closet of clothes. Having her consult your closet is way more affordable than buying new.
— Karen, Small Business Owner
Raquel took my personality and desired image into account, in addition to working with what I already had. Her knowledge is very apparent and she does a good job at tailoring to individual needs and styles.
— Alyssa, Tech Sales
I met Raquel a couple of months ago and with some trepidation I decided to use her services. I am style and fashion-challenged and got tired of spending money on clothes that just hung in my closet. I had used a personal stylist at Nordstrom’s before and while I like her she had very different taste and wasn’t picking things I felt comfortable in and I felt like I was spending way more than I should. Raquel took the time to find the right color scheme for me and fit it into my lifestyle and profession. I was looking for a combination of “dressy casual” attire that I could use at work, nights out with my husband or girl friends and also for my business and networking. Raquel really helped weed out the bad/old clothes taking up space in my closet and causing stress. Then we worked with the good stuff and she helped me style it better, mix and match more colors and accessorize. I feel like I came out of this with at least 12 new outfits and without buying anything new! Raquel was so professional and made me feel comfortable great about my total lack of style! Of course shopping at the Rack with Raquel to add more to my closet was FUN and easy because she did the hard work! We did it economically and I don’t feel like I overspent at all, in fact I know I’ve saved a lot of money and stress now. I highly recommend Raquel!
— Lori, Attorney
Raquel is very talented. She helped me put together my clothes in ways I hadn’t imagined. I had a lot of fun. Also made great suggestions for some key pieces missing from my wardrobe and to purge others.
— Jennifer, Therapist
Such a wonderful experience! Raquel helped me find my color palette to look my best. I have so many ideas on outfits now that I never realized I could put together and all from my own closet! I would strongly recommend Greer Image Consulting to all ladies who want to look more in style! Thank you so much Raquel for all you helped me accomplish!!!
— Christal, Teacher
I thoroughly enjoyed my very first session with Raquel. She came over ready to jump in and get to work. I’ve never been one to call myself a very fashionable person, but it was cool to see how she took items from my closet that I already own and put them together to form awesome outfits I would have never thought to wear! I now have a better idea of what colors work best with my skin tone and feel I can apply that knowledge to my future shopping trips. I’ve already spread the word to many of my friends and acquaintances about Greer Image Consulting and am interested in the one -on-one shopping day in the near future!
— Kellie, Tech Sales