What to Wear to Spring Weddings

Last week I stopped by Studio 512 to chat all about how to put together your latest look for one of my very favorite events: a wedding! Whether you shy away from bright colors or love to pop your boldest hues off each other when the warmer weather hits, I’m giving you easy styling tricks and techniques, so you can knock your outfits out of the park this wedding season.

Watch the video below to learn:

  • how to incorporate color into your spring wedding look no matter your comfort level with color

  • the perfect piece to wear if you love to dance at weddings

  • which metallic to choose to play into the colors of your unique outfit

  • how to carefully choose each piece of your outfit, so your look comes out stylish and effortlessly put together

  • the perfect detail that gives your look a sexy touch, without being too over the top for a wedding

  • what colors to pop off of your classic nude heels

  • how to play into the theme and location of your event using your outfit

  • how to enhance your look by popping one color off of another

Once you’ve watched the video, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’re going to get creative with your unique wedding look this spring.



What to Wear to Every Kind of Wedding in 2018

I've got weddings on the brain.

I'm getting married in March, so planning now consumes every waking moment of the day that I'm not at GIC.

Beyond my own upcoming nuptials, I'm also attending a handful of weddings this year. Each in a different state in a different part of the US, which means a different climate, culture, aesthetic and (I'm predicting) dress code.

It's impossible to know exactly what you're walking into when you go to a wedding, because in a $50+ billion dollar industry, the details and decor a couple can chose from are endless. 

Knowing each wedding is one of a kind makes it easy to slip into that style rut: "What do I wear?" followed by "I have nothing to wear!" and suddenly you're in a black (dress) hole.

SIDE NOTE* : You can kick ass in a black dress, but it needs to have spunk. Like these did at the Golden Globes. #timesup

But today, I want to talk color. 

Whether the invite says "anything goes" like a wedding I'm attending this spring or "cocktail attire" like my own nuptials, you can play with color, texture and pattern to create a truly unique and appropriate look. 

Here are 6 looks I've styled for 5 clients and how you can create them too. 

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right: 

1. Choose a luxurious fabric like velvet or silk to mimic the formality of the event.

2. Cocktail is right below black tie on the formal scale, so balance tradition elements (like Erica's broaches) with fresh accents (like her fringe earrings).

3. Bring energy to a neutral outfit with a bold lip color. Try pink for a zing in the spring and summer or candy apple red in the autumn and winter for a holiday feel. 

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right: 

1. Elegance is the name of the game with black tie weddings, so channel a softer-side of yourself through dreamy colors like cream and blush.

2. Pay attention to every detail. Each element of the outfit should work together seamlessly. For Jen's look, I styled this tulle skirt with a cropped jacket. Both pieces don't intersect or interrupt each other. Instead, they play off of one another.

3. Pop an outfit that consists of many light colors by adding one deeper color (like this wine earring below). It will leave people intrigued and inspired by your look.

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right: 

1. Think outside the dress when choosing what to wear for this occasion. Instead try a silky romper, structured jumpsuit or a simple work pant. 

2. Spruce up the pant by surrounding it with trendier pieces like this cold-shoulder silky top and layered necklaces. 

3. Dress up any of the above by finishing it with a pointed-toe patent leather pump. The pointed-toe will elongate your silhouette while the glossy look makes it more polished.

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right:

1. Make a subtle, yet memorable statement by trying a monochromatic look aka dressing in one color. 

2. Don't ever let your jacket be an afterthought. Choose a piece that works with the rest of your look like Melissa's peplum leather jacket. 

3. All eyes should be on the bride, so try a conservative 1" to 2" strappy, block heel for a look that is easy to dance in and keeps the outfit tasteful.

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right:

1. Play into the setting and occasion with big, bold florals. 

2. Don't be afraid to mix patterns to create a playful look. To mix, simply stick with one color scheme. For Gina's outfit, I've popped her b&w skirt off her b&w snake skin kitten heels.

3. Finish the look by matching the shape of your accessories with the shape of patterns in your clothing. The circular necklaces mimic the round movement in the flowers creating a put-together and whimsical look. 

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right:

1. When anything goes, use the golden rule of fashion: It's better to be overdressed, than underdressed. You don't want to show up in jeans and be seated next to someone in a suit. Instead, embody the vibes of a wedding -- romantic and lovely. 

2. Lace and love fit together like PB&J, so it's the perfect fabric to wear to celebrate the happy couple. 

3. Your outfit should speak to your mood, so let the couple know you're party ready with a boho statement necklace like the one I styled on Joy.