You aren't generic.
Your style shouldn't be either. 

There’s a unique personal style that suits you, and once you uncover it, you’ll discover a world of confidence (and compliments) that make you feel powerful and attractive in your own skin. All it takes is a little understanding, like knowing how to dress for your body type and finding the color palette that enhances your natural beauty.

After that, getting dressed is no longer a morning stressor. Your style becomes a daily reminder of your uniqueness and creativity. It is your tool to show who you are to the world—your daily dose of self-expression.

Style is about you, and you have style.

Ready to create the wardrobe that makes you feel effortlessly put together every day of the week?

My New Year’s resolution was to clean out my closet. Every morning I would go in to a closet full of clothes and couldn’t find anything to wear. Raquel has been incredible! First she came over and went through my closet and we got rid of loads of clothes that was just taking up space. Then she put together outfits with clothes I already had in my closet. The shopping experience was the best one I’ve ever had. I’ve learned a lot about “my style, color and body type”. I’ve gotten compliments on everything I’ve worn. It’s been amazing, I only wish I had done this years ago.....I don’t think you can find anyone who is more professional and a joy to work with than Raquel.
— Vicky, Business Owner


Greer Image Consulting is devoted to empowering women by making style understandable and attainable for every day occasions. Through a combination of styling, education and coaching, I give women the foundational tools to continuously develop a wardrobe that suits her unique personality and busy lifestyle.

Have had one session with Raquel. It was amazing how much she was able to accomplish in a very short time. I like the fact that she made me really stop and think about my personal style and the look I’m most comfortable wearing. Before Raquel I would walk into my closet and be instantly overwhelmed seeing all the clothes that don’t fit anymore, not my style, outdated, etc. After Raquel I feel there’s actually hope!! Looking forward to our next sessions!

— Lori, CFO


Throughout our work together, I teach you about the rules of having great style  -- about pattern matching, how colors work together, how proportion works for your body type, how to accessorize any outfit, how to get creative.

I want you to take what you learn and run with it.

When we shop, I talk about exactly why the new items align with you, so you connect the dots between yourself and your style. When styling, I put together outfits in ways you wouldn't have imagined, but fall in love with. 

I build a closet full of clothes that represents you in all the facets of your life. 

I’m not naturally fashionable, so I thought I might have been a lost cause for Raquel. Not so! The assignments she had me complete got me thinking critically (as in, analytically, not in a mean spirit...) about what I wear, well before our consultation. When she tackled my closet, I was surprised by the versatility of my existing, and fairly minimal, wardrobe. And while I was a little anxious about someone coming over and going through my clothes and style with a fine-tooth comb (kind of a personal thing!), Raquel was non-judgmental and enthusiastic; it was like having a friend over. Glad I did this, it was a great investment!
— Laura, Non-profit Communications Director

The Result

Finally, walk into your closet and grab outfits that were made for you. Your closet is a carefully curated collection of pieces that represent who you are and how you want to be seen.

With my expertise, it’s possible. It is a daily ritual. Whether you’re heading to a meeting, a little league game, a first date or a gala, you aren’t lost.

You know what to wear, how to wear it and why to wear it. And you get a heck of a lot more compliments too.

This is the sigh of relief you have been in need of your whole life. You feel the energy that comes along with effortless style. Each outfit represents you, thus you can enjoy each activity without anxiety or negative self-talk. You don't second guess how gorgeous you look. You know you look good. 

I whole-heartedly believe you are perfect exactly how you are, and when you dress to highlight that, anxiety and fear slip away.

When you’re able to let go of what you’ve nitpicked for so long, you are able to see your beauty in its entirety. This becomes apparent to you and everyone around you.

You look powerful. You look put together. You own your personal style.

Raquel is amazing!!! I was tired of wasting money on clothes that didn’t fit well or didn’t work with the rest of my wardrobe. I originally purchased 2 sessions, Raquel came over and worked magic in my closet. She matched items together that I hadn’t worn in years! Then the fun part, we went shopping. I can’t imagine going shopping again without Raquel. I showed up and she already had amazing items pulled for me. I have pictures of all the outfits that I can reference. I do need to warn you, sessions with Raquel are addicting! I purchased a 3rd and can’t wait to see her for a 4th. I highly recommend her!
— Samantha, HR Management

Clothes are more than an everyday necessity; they reflect your personality and point of view.

Is Greer image Consulting Right for you?

You've spoken, and I've listened. Many of my clients have vocalized the same style issues when speaking with me. I am confident I am the right choice for you if any of the following sounds familiar:

You recently had life-changing surgery

You still have clothes your ex-partner liked more than you

You'd love to look like your stylish friend

You rely on friends to tell you what to buy

The thought of shopping stresses you out

You're new to Austin and have a minimal amount of clothes

Your closet is made up of one item many times (aka 15 t-shirts or 20 pairs of jeans)

Your go-to color is not a color (aka BLACK)

You wear clothes that were given to you more than clothes you bought yourself 

You don’t think of yourself as a stylish person

You have one or more closets full of clothes you don’t wear

You wear the same outfits over and over again because they “work”

You compulsively shop

You haven’t updated your wardrobe in years

You’ve gone through weight gain or loss

You're heading back to work after taking time off with the kids

Know your style. Love your style. Live your style.

Did you know most women only wear 10-20% of their wardrobes?

Getting dressed ends up being treated like eating breakfast. Whatever is there will do. A white blouse and navy trousers with a red sweater is about as satisfying as that cup of yogurt with a week old expiration date. It's stale; it's bland. More importantly, it doesn't tell anyone who you are. Clothing, after all, is an extension of our personalities. 

When you’re stuck in the rut of using the same outfits every week, it’s easy to lose sight of the greater potential your closet has. Looking at the bigger picture can be scary when you don’t know what makes you look radiant or what defines your personal style. 

You may know what you like in a magazine or on Pinterest, but recreating that look for your body, coloring and lifestyle is another story. That’s where I come in. 

 I create a purposeful and unique image that represents your power and passion. You'll learn about the overarching ideas that make up your personal style and the core components of fashion that allow you to create chic and purposeful looks every day.

I'll create outfits in your wardrobe you didn't know existed, show you guidelines specific to you and teach you to be more confident in your wardrobe choices.

Stop throwing on what works. Start wearing clothes that make you look confident, sophisticated and stunning. 

The Benefits of Greer Image coNSULTING

Style is fun and freeing, but it can also feel impossible.

We're constantly bombarded with images that project what's fashionable or stylish, but there's never any blueprint showing how to truly recreate it for yourself. It's like eating a four-course meal and being told to remake it with no instruction. Where would you begin? 

For anything in life that we really want to get right, we turn to experts to show us how to do it, to break it down, to simplify. 



It is not about rules. It is not about labels. It is not about having a look or being a certain type of person. It is about you. Style is the physical manifestation of your unique self.

Style helps other people understand you. And it affects both the personal and professional aspects of your life.

You can stand out in the right ways, not the wrong ones, when you know how to use your own image to reflect who you are---whether you're introverted or extroverted, whether you're whimsical or pensive, whether you're focused on the big picture or the details. 

Every single person wants to say something with their clothing. It’s your daily dose of self-expression, and without developing it, you are choosing to send out signals that lack a clear message or meaning. 

When your point of view is clear, and you look put together, you naturally feel better about yourself. You receive more compliments. You have pep in your step.

You radiate an aura of effortless positive energy, which becomes contagious and magnetic. You are now the stylish woman who is truly powerful, fascinating, attractive.

Your style speaks for you.  

Showing is more profound than telling.  It’s more difficult too. When you show who you are, people trust you, understand you, invest themselves in you.


There are not enough hours in the day. There are always five more tasks to be done. And the longer you stand in your closet thinking about what to wear,  the less time there is to work out, shower, eat breakfast, walk the dog, pack the kids’ lunches.

You don’t have time to play a guessing game with your wardrobe. You need to know exactly what to reach for the moment you get in your closet.

Your style saves your money.

When you don’t have your signature style, you bounce from thing to thing or, even worse, you get stuck with what you know, not what you love.

You end up with five pairs of flats, ten skinny belts, twelve J.Crew cardigans and still no clue on how to put it all together. It’s too many options, not enough information.

I find what you love; therefore, you stop spending money trying to find it. Then I make many outfits from the pieces, so that you have more options, less stuff, more stuff you love.

When you have the confidence, which goes along with knowing how to use every piece in your wardrobe in many different ways, you don’t have to shop all the time. You can actually work with what you have and know that it works for you.

Your style makes you feel joy.  

When your clothing fits every aspect of you, it actually feels really good. Your confidence builds on your style knowledge. You have answers.

“No wonder that trend doesn’t work on me. I’m an hourglass. That’s for an apple.”

“Oh wow, this is my actual size? I had no idea I was wearing clothes too big all these years.”

It is freeing to know that no, not everything works for you. But the things that do are really great, and can work for you in every situation in life. You build an identity on your awareness.

Your style makes you confident.

In many of life’s most important situations, it is worse to be unsure than to know you are wrong. At least when you are wrong, you have a place from which to grow. When you’re unsure, a right turn or a left turn could be correct. You don't know. This is the problem most people face in their closets. Yes, you’ve chosen to put on something, but you find yourself asking the same questions over and over again without any sure answers. Greer Image Consulting gives the answers you need to feel confident in what you’re wearing in every situation.