Getting dressed should be easy.

But with just a few minutes to do it each morning, you so often revert back to the same blouse, jeans, and booties you’ve worn a hundred times.

And even on the days when you get inspired to try something fun, like your emerald jumpsuit, metallic moto jacket, and coral resin earrings, the question of “Is this working?” sticks in your mind all day long.

With my help, you’re never lost on what to wear.

That means styling you into outfits you love and teaching you how to do it along the way, so you can get creative whenever you feel like it.  

Hi! I'm Raquel.

There’s a unique personal style that suits you, and once you uncover it, you’ll discover a world of confidence (and compliments!) that make you feel powerful and attractive in your own skin.

All it takes is a little understanding, like knowing how to dress for your body type and finding the colors that look awesome on you.

After that, getting dressed isn’t a morning stressor.

Style is the tool you bust out to show you’re confident and comfortable in every situation.

Style is about you, and you have style.

Heading to…

  • Caffe Medici for coffee with a potential client you really want to land?

  • Happy hour at Bar Peached with an online date that you’re hoping looks just like they do in the pics?

  • A big presentation at UT where your outfit needs to reflect your years of experience?  

  • The Amalfi Coast for a week and every photo needs to be Instagram-worthy?

  • Your daughter’s basketball tournament where you want to stay cute and comfortable all weekend?

  • Champagne brunch at Perla’s with your best gal pals that you can’t wait to catch up with?

WHEN You work with me, Each outfit is designed with you in mind.

So you stand out and fit in no matter where you’re headed.

No second guessing how great you look. You know you look good, and everybody else does too.  

OBSESSED with Raquel! Have worked with other stylists in the past and Raquel blows them out of the water. She is equal parts educational and inspirational about your style, so you learn a lot. I love that she makes herself available to answer any questions that pop up along the way, especially when you’re first getting started! The thing I admire about her most is that she is EFFICIENT. I had more than a dozen looks in an accessible Dropbox folder and a cleaned-out closet after just our first visit. She is a must!
— Rosie
Rosie Newberry  Host of Studio 512

Rosie Newberry
Host of Studio 512

If you want to get a handle on…

  • Impulse buys you love, but have no idea how to wear – I’ll style them.

  • Unanswered questions about your body type and best colors – I’ll teach you.

  • Unnecessary basics that have stacked up – I’ll clean out the bad and keep the good.

  • Anxious shopping trips that end in disappointment – I’ll shop for you.

  • Guessing games about what’s going to work for an event – I’ll tell you.  

Our work together is about making you more confident in your style than ever before, which means I give you the outfits and the knowledge to make quick decisions on what to wear.

Raquel is amazing!!! I was tired of wasting money on clothes that didn’t fit well or didn’t work with the rest of my wardrobe. I originally purchased 2 sessions, Raquel came over and worked magic in my closet. She matched items together that I hadn’t worn in years! Then the fun part, we went shopping. I can’t imagine going shopping again without Raquel. I showed up and she already had amazing items pulled for me. I have pictures of all the outfits that I can reference. I do need to warn you, sessions with Raquel are addicting! I purchased a 3rd and can’t wait to see her for a 4th. I highly recommend her!
— Samantha, HR Management
Everyone deserves time spent with Raquel.

I cannot say enough good things about Raquel and Greer Image Consulting...I have struggled for years with not knowing what looks good on me and what my “style” is. Despite having multiple closets worth of clothes, picking an outfit for a night out was always such a crisis because I hated everything I owned. In just three meetings with Raquel, I have learned so much about myself, my style, what was missing from my closet, and what needed to go. She has a true gift and an incredible eye for fashion, balanced with professionalism and a keen insight into the psychology behind any outfit. Raquel even helped me find several outfits for an upcoming trip, making what would previously have been a stressful packing process so easy and fun. I love all the new outfits I have (mostly with clothes I already owned!), my new found confidence, and I’m not going to lie... I also love that people are complimenting me on my outfits too! Thank you Raquel!
— Annette, Attorney

You are beautiful and powerful.

And my work is about celebrating you through what you wear every day of the week.

No matter where you’re from, what you look like, how old you are, or what you believe, I help you create the wardrobe that’s a reflection of who you are and what you want.

No more unanswered questions like…

“What in the world do I do with these snakeskin pumps? Fell in love with them in the store and now they just sit there.”

“What is my body type? I think I’m an apple, but then those flare out skirts work on me, so I’m not quite sure.”

“Does this color wash me out? I feel like if it’s a little darker, it works, but I also really like this color.”

“This tank top is the softest ever, so I bought it in four colors – should I keep them all or is that a few too many?”

“Okay, what do you think about this top? Horrible or cute?”

“I hate shopping. I end up buying the same thing over and over again and can’t I ever find anything I like. Why is that?”

With concrete answers, you can use your style to feel powerful, approachable, sexy, edgy, and feminine.

I’m not naturally fashionable, so I thought I might have been a lost cause for Raquel. Not so! The assignments she had me complete got me thinking critically (as in, analytically, not in a mean spirit...) about what I wear, well before our consultation. When she tackled my closet, I was surprised by the versatility of my existing, and fairly minimal, wardrobe. And while I was a little anxious about someone coming over and going through my clothes and style with a fine-tooth comb (kind of a personal thing!), Raquel was non-judgmental and enthusiastic; it was like having a friend over. Glad I did this, it was a great investment!
— Laura, Non-profit Communications Director
Have had one session with Raquel. It was amazing how much she was able to accomplish in a very short time. I like the fact that she made me really stop and think about my personal style and the look I’m most comfortable wearing. Before Raquel I would walk into my closet and be instantly overwhelmed seeing all the clothes that don’t fit anymore, not my style, outdated, etc. After Raquel I feel there’s actually hope!! Looking forward to our next sessions!
— Lori, CFO

In our time together, you’ll learn to…

  • Piece together intentional outfits

  • Get dressed in less time

  • Wear the colors that look best on you

  • Dress for your body type

  • Style colors that work best together

  • Pattern match like a pro

  • Exude power in business

  • Style your wardrobe using my tips

  • Organize your closet

  • Let go of old school style rules

  • Make unexpected outfits that equal note-worthy style

  • Add accessories that make an impact

  • Step outside of your comfort zone while sticking to your style

  • Use your style to show your creativity

  • Get rid of what you don’t like, but always thought you needed

  • Make more outfits with less clothes

  • Pack with ease

Cover image and video : Dos Mundos Creative