Do you work weekends?

Absolutely! Many of my clients are professional women with traditional Monday to Friday work schedules, so Saturdays and Sundays are some of my busiest times. I also work weekdays and evenings as well.

What's the difference between an image consultant and a personal stylist?

An image consultant gives you access to expert styling and shopping with an emphasis on educating you on the science of style (the reasons why certain outfits look amazing on you and others don’t do you justice). Image consultants help you understand that you have an individual, personal style and teach you how to dress for it. 

A stylist focuses on creating outfits from the outside in. An image consultant focuses on creating style from the inside out.

Image consulting also requires certification, which I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Image Resource Center of New York. I apply technical skills to our work together.

I teach you what colors look best on you, what styles fit your body type, what outfits work for your lifestyle and how to think more creatively with your wardrobe. As a result, you gain a clear understanding of why a piece or an outfit looks amazing on you, so you are genuinely more confident about how to pull together fresh and thoughtful looks in the future. 

Working with an image consultant is an intrinsically personal experience, because I focus on who my clients are, not on who society tells them to be. I focus on developing your wardrobe for everyday occasions such as work, weekend activities, and date nights, rather than the red carpet or an editorial shoot. 

As an image consultant, I help you express who you are today and who you want to become tomorrow. Your personal style then shows your power, beauty and most authentic self. 

Does Greer Image Consulting give back to the Central Texas community?

Absolutely! There are a couple ways we support our local community. 

The first is that all clothing my clients decide to part with when I do any clean out of their closets is donated to SAFE Austin, an organization dedicated to ending child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

The second is through our recurring donation to Truth Be Told. A portion of every GIC service sold goes to Truth Be Told, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating incarcerated women by helping them tell their truths. 

A little bit about Truth Be Told...

Through classes that offer healing with storytelling and expressive arts, life skills and self-care tools, Truth Be Told empowers women to break free from the imprisoning cycle of past trauma and abuse.

Their programs also reduce stigma and re-entry barriers for justice-involved women by inviting people from the community to take part in the healing process. By treating justice-involved women as unique and valuable human beings, they begin to value themselves and gain the courage and commitment to make better choices in life.

Your style is so different from mine. How do I make sure you'll stick to the image I'm going for throughout this process rather than making me look like you? 

My personal style is not a factor I think about when I'm working with a client. Instead I focus 100% of my energy on you and highlighting your beauty and power. Thats means focusing on the shapes, colors, textures and styles that are well suited to your natural attributes and style. This is what I'm trained to do.

Will you travel to me even if I'm outside of Austin?

Absolutely! I have clients all over Central Texas including San Antonio, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Boerne and beyond. 

I've never had someone help me in my closet. Should I be worried about what you're gonna think?

Absolutely not. Your closet is a no judgement zone. My #1 priority is to make you feel and look as good as you possibly can. To do that, I teach you what works best on you. I celebrate my clients every step of the way, no matter where you've come from or where you're at style wise. I am incredibly happy to help you and build you a wardrobe that truly emphasizes your power and beauty. 

What should I budget for shopping?

My clients are all over the map budget wise, but my typical clients budget between $500 - $3000 for shopping; I can work with less or more as well. I tailor where we shop to your budget to make sure we get the most out of the budget you'd like to respect for the trip. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, absolutely. The Greer Style Session must be paid in full upon purchasing, but for The Greer Style Solution, the package payments can be broken up into two, three or four parts depending on what is most comfortable for you. There is no added fee for this service.  

How long have you been doing this?

I've been an image consultant for 6 years, but I've been in the fashion industry for 9 years. I started my career in NYC managing clothing & jewelry boutiques and eventually discovered image consulting from an image consultant who walked into my shop one day. I then got certified and started consulting in NYC. I moved back to Austin (born & raised here) in September 2014 and created Greer Image Consulting. 

You may not have been through the life event I have. How do you make sure you can help me transition my wardrobe in this stage of my life? 

My job is to focus on translating who you are now and who you want to be tomorrow into style that’s authentically you. This means knowing where you come from and what you've been through. And while we focus on who you want to become, I take into account life events such as cancer, bariatric surgery, breast augmentation, foot surgery and postpartum weight gain to build a wardrobe that suits you and supports you in your future endeavors. 

Where will you take me shopping?

There are two main things I take into account when choosing where we want to shop. The first is budget and the second is what we're looking for. A lot of my clients want quality, but they don't want to spend a ton of money, so we'll go to a high end discount store like Nordstrom Rack or Neiman Marcus Last Call.

I also often take clients to the Domain or head to local shops on South Congress.

Austin is also a great place to shop for vintage or second-hand items, so we can also head to a local shop if you prefer recycled items. 

What makes Greer Image Consulting different from other styling firms?

So there are a few things that make Greer Image Consulting different from other stylists and image consultants. The first is I exclusively work with women. While I'm trained in mens consulting, my mission at GIC is to empower and celebrate women, which is why I dedicate 100% of the business to Central Texas women.

The second is my technical skills. The first thing I do with every client is a color analysis -- I teach you exactly what colors look best on you and why and what colors to avoid. 

The third is my emphasis on education. When I leave the session, I want you to feel confident independent of me about how to style your wardrobe. Because of this, I talk through the styling tools and techniques I use throughout our session(s) -- how to dress for your particular body type, how to pattern match, how to color match, how necklaces work with necklines. 

The fourth is the personal attention I give to my clients. Every woman's style is completely unique and inherently personal, and I treat it as such. I don't put you in a style box. Instead, I focus on your individual needs and develop a plan of action to match.

Is Greer Image Consulting Right for Me?

I've worked with hundreds of women over the course of my career, and I am confident I am the right choice for you if any of the following sound familiar:

You wear clothes that were given to you more than clothes you bought yourself 

You don’t think of yourself as a stylish person

You have one or more closets full of clothes you don’t wear

You wear the same outfits over and over again because they “work”

You compulsively shop

You haven’t updated your wardrobe in years

You’ve gone through weight gain or loss

You're heading back to work after taking time off with the kids

You recently had life-changing surgery

You still have clothes your ex-partner liked more than you

You'd love to look like your stylish friend

You rely on friends to tell you what to buy

The thought of shopping stresses you out

You're new to Austin and have a minimal amount of clothes

Your closet is made up of one item many times (aka 15 t-shirts or 20 pairs of jeans)

Your go-to color is not a color (aka BLACK)

Do I have to donate my unwanted clothes to SAFE Austin?

No, this is completely optional. If you have another charity in mind for donation, want to consign your items, or are doing a clothing swap with friends before donating, you can absolutely keep them and send them where you prefer.

How do I keep in touch?

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