A born-and-raised Austinite with a life long love of personal style, I have worked with hundreds of women to develop a style that is inherently unique and deeply personal.

I began my career as an image consultant in 2012, but even from a young age, clothing was my emblem of personal freedom and creativity. The more I knew about style, the more I dissected it and wanted to know. 

This curiosity collided with my desire to empower women after college, while I was living in NYC. 

After gaining managerial experience at a chain of Manhattan boutiques, I decided to further my education. While attending the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Image Consulting program, I began working for Dominique Isbecque, the founder of the Image Resource Center of New York and an originator of the industry. After graduating from FIT and working closely with Dominique for a few years, my entrepreneurial spirit took me, and I returned home to build Greer Image Consulting.

The work I do now and from the beginning has been about one simple thing: celebrating women through personal style.

Style is about creativity and self-expression, not labels and trends. It is about communicating yourself every day to the people around you, about being seen and heard.

What my clients have always discovered---from my time in New York City to my current practice in Austin---is that style is your creative connection to other people. Too many of my clients have been misled to believe they don't have style; everyone does. I help women uncover it, and feel naturally beautiful, visible and empowered by it.

Style is your proof of purpose.  I break it down. I make it attainable, achievable, and fun. 

Style is my passion. Helping women understand their natural beauty is my purpose.

40 Reasons Why Your Style Matters

I believe every woman is inherently beautiful and powerful. Greer Image Consulting is dedicated to revealing this truth through what you wear every day of the week. I celebrate women of all ages, religions, races, backgrounds and beliefs through personal style. 

Women are the reason behind my work. Style is the medium. And it's a powerful one too. Here are the reasons why it can make you feel powerful too.

1.Style makes you joyful. 
2.Style makes you proud. 
3.Style makes you contemplative.
4.Style makes you brave.
5.Style makes you observant of yourself and others.
6.Style is a reflection of your truest self. 
7.Style is the physical manifestation of the way you think.
8.Style makes you confident. 
9.Style makes you powerful.
10.Style helps you understand other people.
11.Style helps you love other people.
12.Style helps you love yourself. 
13.Style is defiant when you don't have the words to be.
14.Style is the way you set yourself apart.
15.Style brings you together with other people.
16.Style helps you remember a friend just by seeing a piece of clothing.
17.Style makes you think about where you've been.
18.Style makes you think about where you're going.
19.Style makes you want to travel.
20.Style makes you want to touch.
21.Style makes you excited.
22.Style saves you time.
23.Style brings you into the present.
24.Style prepares you for an important meeting.
25.Style prepares you for your wedding day.
26.Style helps you connect to your grandmother.
27.Style is how your spouse knows you haven't changed.
28.Style is freeing. 
29.Style is moving.
30.Style is art.
31.Style is how you celebrate yourself. 
32.Style is exciting.
33.Style is whimsical.
34.Style is sexy.
35.Style is romantic.
36.Style is every part of you you're willing to share with the world.
37. Style eases fear. 
38.Style gives you presence.
39.Style saves you energy.
40.Style celebrates your womanhood.