Where To Shop For The Perfect Wedding Dress in Austin, Texas

I'm getting married on March 31st, so to say the very least, I've got weddings on the brain. 

One of the biggest challenges to finding the perfect wedding dress in knowing where to start. Bridal boutiques are as varied in price point, style and aesthetic as other boutiques, so it can be hard to find the one that's right for you and your style. 

Luckily, I'm doing the legwork for ya. 

Check out my top 5 picks of where to shop for your wedding dress. No matter your style or age, you're sure to find something at one of these gems that will make you feel beautiful on your big day. 


Walking into this store is like walking into a bridal fantasy. It's simple stunning -- wall-to-wall dresses hand-picked by the owner, Erica Janke, and manager, Kristen Arriola, that create a collection unmatched by any other shop in Austin. Designers include the best in bridal such as Martina Liana, Enzoani, Eddy K, Elizabeth Dye, Lotus Threads, Carmen Marc Valvo and Mikaella Bridal. 

If you get the chance to work with Kristen or Erica, you are a lucky gal, because no one knows bridal like these two, which is very helpful when you've never been shopping for a wedding dress before. 

Blush Bridal Lounge is closed Sundays and Mondays, and by appointment only, so make sure to give them a call ahead of time to book at (512) 407-9236. 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You want a luxurious bridal shopping experience
  • Price point isn't much of a factor in choosing your dress
  • You want the latest trends in bridal fashion
  • You want to customize the dress to your liking (often times their dresses can be ordered in a different color than is featured in store) 

Images via @BlushBridalLounge on Instagram


This isn't exactly a shop, but rather a custom bridal designer who is absolutely amazing at her work! While I didn't go custom, I worked with Kira to alter many parts of my dress: the bottom, top and back. 

images via @KiraKoutureATX Instagram

While some were for function (the bottom was too long) and some for fashion's sake (I brought down the top to give it a sexier look), she excelled at all the tasks I put in her hands. 

Kira has also made custom dresses for friends of mine, which have turned out beautifully. She is beyond creative, which means she'll help you explore what you want in a dress, so your vision comes to life through a dress that's perfect for you in every way. 

Custom dresses start at $1500, but honestly, that's pretty modest in the bridal world, so if you're looking to dabble in design, head to Kira! 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You have a very specific idea of what you want for your dress
  • You looked and looked and can't find the perfect dress
  • You have vision when it comes to your style
  • You want a dress that unique to you and only you  

bloom by blush

This boutique is exclusively for plus-size brides, which to say the very least, is amazing! Erica, the owner at Blush Bridal Lounge, also owns Bloom, so it's located in the same spot as Blush. 

One of the biggest issues with bridal shopping is that if you are plus-size, you often only get to hold up the samples to see how they might look, rather than try them on. This can make for a very disappointing shopping trip, but with Bloom, they have a plethora of dresses to try, so you can have a clear idea of how stunning you'll look on your big day.

Note*: They just moved both shops (as of 3/22/18) to 5501 N Lamar, so this is the perfect time to book an appointment and see the new digs! 

Designers like Stella York, Allure, Ashley & Justin, Callista Couture, Da Vinci, Hayley Paige and Moonlight Couture grace the walls of Bloom leaving you with so many beautiful, fashion-forward gowns to order from. 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You're between a size 16 and 26
  • You're looking to try on the dress of your dreams
  • You're looking for a designer gown that won't necessarily break the bank
  • You want a glamorous bridal shopping experience 


Now just hear me out on this one...

If you're a bride who's been married before or your wedding plans include escaping to Tulum or getting married in a chapel in Vegas, you may not want to go the traditional route.

Each woman's vision is different, which is why it's important to think outside of the box with where you shop for your wedding dress.

Neiman Marcus has a stellar collection of long and short cocktail dresses, and since it's spring, the colors out right now are light, bright and feminine -- perfect for an off the grid wedding. 

And one more thing... 

White is big this spring -- like HUGE! So if you still want to stick to white, but are looking for a short, less-formal wedding dress, this is also a great spot to stop into for a look.

No appointment necessary. Images via NeimanMarcus.com

This shop is good for you if:

  • You don't want a white wedding dress
  • You want a short wedding dress
  • You want something no one attending your wedding will expect
  • You want an off-the-rack gown

Second Summer Bride

 Me after finding my favorite dress ever! 

Me after finding my favorite dress ever! 

This is where I got my dress, so I'm probably a bit biased, but honestly, Second Summer Bride is amazing! The shopping experience they provide is unmatched by any other boutique (bridal or not), I've ever been in to in my whole life. 

The women who works there are knowledgable, caring and genuinely listen to what you want, so that the dress you end up with makes you feel like a million bucks. 

The great thing about Second Summer Bride is that it's a bridal consignment shop, so the dresses are off the rack. You pick your dress, you pay for it, and you take it with you that same day.

A small percentage of the dresses are consigned by brides, but most of them come directly from the designer (overstock) or they're samples from larger bridal boutiques. 

Because it's a consignment shop, you're able to get dresses from some of the best designers in the bridal industry such as Hayley Paige, Justin Alexander, Lela Rose, Sally Eagle, Enaura, Val Stefanie and Jenny Packham. 

Second Summer is by appointment only and closed Sundays and Monday. To book, call them at (512) 419-9001, make sure to tell them Raquel sent you and ask to work with Natalie or Kara. You can thank me later. :) 

This shop is good for you if:

  • You don't have a ton to spend on a dress (dresses start at $500)
  • You don't have a clear idea of what you want and are open to exploring
  • You don't mind a dress that's been worn before
  • You like the satisfaction of walking out of the store with your dress in hand

SXSW Street Style 2018

This week, I headed out to South By to photograph my 3rd annual #SXSWStreetStyle report.

Before we get into all that jazz though, I thought it was pertinent to this article to share the mission of Greer Image Consulting.

So here it is...

I believe every woman is inherently beautiful and powerful.

Greer Image Consulting is dedicated to revealing this truth through what you wear every day of the week.

I celebrate women of all ages, religions, races, backgrounds, and beliefs through personal style.

I help you build a wardrobe that you can work with every day to style meaningful outfits. With it, you’ll gain the confidence and clarity to see that your style is a reflection of your deeply unique and creative self.

And with that, let's get into it, shall we? 


ivy roots | singer/songwriter

Why I love this look: The colors are anything but shy -- purple, blue, yellow and green. Even with so many pops, they're well balance by her neutrals: denim shorts, a brown bag and the black boots. And to top it of off, she's incorporated my favorite accessory, hoops. Each element is separate but they also seamlessly flow together to create an eclectic and effervescent look. 

Stephanie Forsythe | Event manager

Why I love this look: The type of glasses Stephanie is wearing are bold yet playful, but it's the shape that caught my eye and makes these the perfect expression of Stephanie's style. The roundness of the glasses plays into her Princess Leia-inspired double-bun up-do, which enhances both elements. The result is a look that's put-together and vibrant for the day of music ahead. 

cecy trebino | founder of Chicas rock -- a non-profit dedicated to empowering girls through music

Why I love this look: So often black is thrown on because it may appear that there's no other good option. Black, like any color, is one that you should wear only if you deliberately choose to wear it because it speaks to your personal style and the message you are trying to project.

In Cecy's case, I see the all black outfit as a deliberate choice, and I love it. It's a fierce and fresh urban look for a day filled with music. 

nicole cathey | barber

Why I love this look: This outfit has a little bit of everything -- business, basics and boots to pop it all. One of my favorite ways to wear a blazer is to repurpose it for casual occasions, and Nicole knocked it out of the park with this one. The ripped jeans create a Saturday vibe for any day of the week. The true star of this whole look is the boots. The combination of the color and sheen elevate the whole look, link back to her necklace and give the outfit a fierce finish. 

EMily jackson | bartender

Why I love this look: Embroidery is one of my favorite trends right now, which drew me to Emily's look initially, but it's really how Emily wears the shirt that makes it stand out. Emily styled her hair in soft waves that enhance the shirt. Both elements together play into her romantic personality and giving the whole look an unabashed feminine vibe. 


Why I love this look: Each element of this outfit came together to highlight Emma. You can tell by her smile, she has such a bubbly energy about her, which is mimicked in her sun-yellow t-shirt. To finish the outfit, Emma paired her summer-weight shorts with ripped tights -- an appropriate choice for early spring weather and also undeniably creative, which makes sense since she's already tapped into her creativity through music. She popped the whole look by adding a warm, neutral walking shoe to contrast the black and add a utilitarian, no-nonsense touch to it all. 


Why I love this look: I wasn't planning on taking any action shots of musicians, but then of course, I found out Violet and The Undercurrents were an all woman band, so ya know...that's amazing. And their style exuded that. Each member of the band was dressed in minimalist fashion -- t-shirts, black pants, boots. But that's thing about fashion, it doesn't always have to be over the top to be wonderful. They were no frills, just music, and I loved every minute of the show.  

raquel greer gordian | founder of greer image consulting

Why I love this look: Because I chose it, of course! :) Like Emma and Laura, I picked this look to have something expressive for day and night. You can't see in this pic, but my dress has fringe all down the sleeves, so when it's hot, I take off the jacket and still love my look. When it cools down, I throw on this faux-fur suede jacket I've had for 10+ years to bring a sensual touch to the outfit.

Katrina Scheihing | barista

Why I love this look: Katrina pulled so many different textured pieces like sequins, denim and cotton to create this outfit, which is a great idea for spring. It's unclear whether it's going to be 60 degrees or 80 degrees on any given day, and even if she takes off the cardigan, she still has the ripped denim skirt and polka dot cross-body bag to let you know she's on trend. 

Talise manuel | musician

Why I love this look: I'm not even sure where to start, because honestly, I'm obsessed with every part of this -- including the boot. This look is the quintessential creative outfit. Why? Because nothing goes together, while simultaneously everything goes together and, in addition, each piece embodies Talise. I only met Talise for a minute, but you can feel that -- this look is authentically her. From the gold chains to the polka dot tank to black lip color to the paisley jacket, this outfit is about paying attention to each piece of an outfit that ultimately creates a functional piece of art. 

dominique blancas | student

Why I love this look: To start...these pants! On their own, these pants could go a multitude of ways: prep, classic, etc. But Dominique took them and ran with the look. By styling them with her graphic t-shirt and Vans sneakers, you can tell she's got a fun and humorous side to her. In essence, she knows how to play, and play she did! To create this daytime look that's perfect for SXSW. 

Laura Pittard | Marketing manager

Why I love this look: Style is about playing with nuanced messages within your clothing to create a look that's uniquely you. Laura achieved exactly that by creating an outfit thats both sweet with the lemon print and salty with the leather jacket and Doc Martens. Just like Emma, she chose tights to fit this unpredictable weather and can always take them off and still rock the look to adjust to a warmer day. 

chloe palmer | bartender

Why I love this look: I had to take a photo of Chloe's haircut, because well, it's bad ass. As I mentioned with Violet and the Undercurrents, fashion can be minimal and still exude style. Chloe had on a simple t-shirt, jeans and boots, but it's elements like this that let you know she's detail-oriented and a rebel at heart. 


Why I love this look: As I mentioned with Cecy, it's important to be deliberate with what you choose to wear. It would be easy enough for Dori to have thrown on a black cardigan to finish this look, but she didn't. She chose to wear a smokey orange sweater. The result is that it plays into her beauty by highlighting her hair color and golden skin tone. 


Why I love this look: The details is this outfit are what made me look twice. There's beaded-embroidery on her otherwise basic utility jacket, which give the whole outfit a color pop, and let you know that Natalie is mindful of the little things. The leather mule sandal and cut-off jeans also give the look an edgier finish that's both comfortable for walking around downtown and chic enough for a stop into a SXSW show. 

Janelle Kroll | MUSICIAN

Why I love this look: Janelle is a good friend of mine, so I got a bit more insight into this look than some of the others. She stopped into Austin while on a nation wide tour. The stop before Austin was NOLA. There, she picked up this vintage-inspired head piece, and I absolutely love it! It finished the look perfectly by balancing the sensual, daring and jazzy vibes of her outfit. 


Why I love this look: One of my favorite things about SXSW is the diverse types of music you can enjoy during the event, and with Abbi's look, she embodies that pure rock n' roll style. Like Natalie's look, her style is in the details. The t-shirt and black skinny jeans are embellished with sky-high heels and plug earrings that make her look daring and downtown. 

Styling Trick: How to Keep Off - The - Shoulder Tops Off The Shoulder

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's the perfect time to bring out those off-the-shoulder tops again. But there's one pesky problem which always creeps up with this boho piece. 

Watch the video below to see how to keep your off-the-shoulder top off your shoulder and right in place. 

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - How To Keep Off The Shoulder Tops Off The Shoulder

What to Wear for Valentine's Day 2018


...a day of chocolate, wine and some of my favorite sultry colors. All elements combined, it's up there as one of the best holidays/excuses to go out to dinner on a weeknight.

But there is still one question lurking...what wiiiiill you wear?

Luckily, I've got you covered.

In this week's #GreerGuideToStyle video I'm talking V-Day trends, unexpected items to wear on the 14th and how to pair statement shoes with every outfit. Watch below and celebrate your sexiest self. Because you deserve it, girl. 

10 Ways to Refresh Your Moto For The End of Season

Moto jackets are one of my favorite trends for many reasons. The snug fit is a slimming touch on any outfit, and the structured shoulders and lapel give it a powerful feel in professional situations. The weight is perfect for Austin winter. But, most importantly, they go with pretty much everything and anything in a closet. 

Despite being a fluid mate to almost any outfit, it's easy to get stuck in what you pair your moto with. We are creatures of habit, so just like any piece in your closet, you'll probably add it to the same combinations consistently.

But today, let's change that and bring some moto magic back to your closet. 

Here's 10 ways to style this bad boy, so you feel like the coolest chick on the block. 

10. Pair it with your sweetest spring dress.

Adding sweet pieces to sassy items is one of my favorite styling techniques, because two elements that may normally seem oppositional can not only compliment each other, but enhance the stylish nature of the outfit.

9. Dress it up.

Add the moto jacket over a cocktail or bridesmaid's dress (this one, below, I wore in my brother's wedding). The combination simultaneously makes the moto more classic and freshens up the dress. Together, you'll create the perfect date night look.

7. Just add hoops. 

These earrings need no explanation. They're simply perfect for every outfit including your moto look. Try giant ones (like what I've got on) for a downtown feel or small ones for a classic look. In the market for some fresh ones? Check these out. 

8. Make it western.

If you want to intensify the Austin chic feel of the moto, pair it with the ultimate Texas element: cowboy boots. Don't get caught up in the color of the jacket and boots matching. Take the organic approach, and let them flow together because of the shared western style.

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - How To Refresh Your Moto Jacket For The End Of Season

6. Pop your hardware off your jacket.

A silver necklace adds energy to silver zippers. Gold enhances gold. But don't limit yourself. You can always mix metal for a more eclectic look. To play into the blush dress, I also added my Nina Berenato three-finger rose gold ring to my otherwise silver hardware. Use the code "GreerVIP" to get 30% at her online shop.  


5. Zip it up.

All those bells and whistles are there for a reason, so add structure and power to the look by zipping and belting it up. 

4. Pair your hair. 

Hair is an accessory that can enhance or take away from your outfit, so use it wisely. To highlight your moto as the focal point of your outfit, put your hair in a top knot. To give the moto a more romantic feel, add a messy braid or curl your hair into soft boho waves.

Hair and Make Up by Nicole Gonzales



3. Grab your romper. 

It's easy to think of a romper as a strictly summer casual piece, but these playsuits can be dressed up into a night time look or a dressy casual brunch look just by adding the moto.

2.Use color.

Color is the greatest tool for creating in-sync outfit combinations, so never take it for granted. Drag your colorful moto through your closet to find a top, dress or romper with the same color in its pattern. Throw it on to find a perfectly paired outfit. 


1. Get Professional.

This isn't just a party piece, so use it instead of a blazer on your more casual work days. Pair a classic pencil skirt (like the one below) or add it over any jeans and a silky blouse. The moto finishes the look into a powerful style statement. 

Top 10 Boutiques to Shop at Le Garage Sale

It's almost here, and I'm beyooooooond excited! 

Twice a year on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Le Garage Sale is held at Palmer Events Center. 100+ boutiques gather together with the best deals ever ever ever. 

What's so cool about Le Garage Sale is that it's not just about shopping. It's about celebrating local businesses and women entrepreneurs in one space. While it's not exclusively women, the majority of boutiques and shops are represented or owned by women. 

The energy, the fun and, of course, the fashion make this my favorite Austin event I've ever attended (and I did grow up in this little town, so I've been to a lot of stuff over the years). 

Whether you're a first time attendee or have loved Le Garage Sale since day one, it's good to have a plan going into it. You should always know what to bring...

  •  Clothes you can easily change in and out of throughout the event
  •  A reusable bag to put all your treasures in

And you should also know where to go first. Yes, you'll probably hit up every boutique in the place (or at least that's my plan), but you don't want to run with the stampede. Do your own thing, girl. 

Here are 10 of my favorite boutiques that will be attending this weekend to get you started on carving out your own little treasure map for the big event. 

Happy Hunting!

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - Raquel shares where she likes to shop at Le Garage Sale


Head over to Instagram to win two tickets to Le Garage Sale!

For more information on where to shop in Austin, head here.

What to Wear to Every Kind of Wedding in 2018

I've got weddings on the brain.

I'm getting married in March, so planning now consumes every waking moment of the day that I'm not at GIC.

Beyond my own upcoming nuptials, I'm also attending a handful of weddings this year. Each in a different state in a different part of the US, which means a different climate, culture, aesthetic and (I'm predicting) dress code.

It's impossible to know exactly what you're walking into when you go to a wedding, because in a $50+ billion dollar industry, the details and decor a couple can chose from are endless. 

Knowing each wedding is one of a kind makes it easy to slip into that style rut: "What do I wear?" followed by "I have nothing to wear!" and suddenly you're in a black (dress) hole.

SIDE NOTE* : You can kick ass in a black dress, but it needs to have spunk. Like these did at the Golden Globes. #timesup

But today, I want to talk color. 

Whether the invite says "anything goes" like a wedding I'm attending this spring or "cocktail attire" like my own nuptials, you can play with color, texture and pattern to create a truly unique and appropriate look. 

Here are 6 looks I've styled for 5 clients and how you can create them too. 

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right: 

1. Choose a luxurious fabric like velvet or silk to mimic the formality of the event.

2. Cocktail is right below black tie on the formal scale, so balance tradition elements (like Erica's broaches) with fresh accents (like her fringe earrings).

3. Bring energy to a neutral outfit with a bold lip color. Try pink for a zing in the spring and summer or candy apple red in the autumn and winter for a holiday feel. 

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right: 

1. Elegance is the name of the game with black tie weddings, so channel a softer-side of yourself through dreamy colors like cream and blush.

2. Pay attention to every detail. Each element of the outfit should work together seamlessly. For Jen's look, I styled this tulle skirt with a cropped jacket. Both pieces don't intersect or interrupt each other. Instead, they play off of one another.

3. Pop an outfit that consists of many light colors by adding one deeper color (like this wine earring below). It will leave people intrigued and inspired by your look.

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right: 

1. Think outside the dress when choosing what to wear for this occasion. Instead try a silky romper, structured jumpsuit or a simple work pant. 

2. Spruce up the pant by surrounding it with trendier pieces like this cold-shoulder silky top and layered necklaces. 

3. Dress up any of the above by finishing it with a pointed-toe patent leather pump. The pointed-toe will elongate your silhouette while the glossy look makes it more polished.

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right:

1. Make a subtle, yet memorable statement by trying a monochromatic look aka dressing in one color. 

2. Don't ever let your jacket be an afterthought. Choose a piece that works with the rest of your look like Melissa's peplum leather jacket. 

3. All eyes should be on the bride, so try a conservative 1" to 2" strappy, block heel for a look that is easy to dance in and keeps the outfit tasteful.

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right:

1. Play into the setting and occasion with big, bold florals. 

2. Don't be afraid to mix patterns to create a playful look. To mix, simply stick with one color scheme. For Gina's outfit, I've popped her b&w skirt off her b&w snake skin kitten heels.

3. Finish the look by matching the shape of your accessories with the shape of patterns in your clothing. The circular necklaces mimic the round movement in the flowers creating a put-together and whimsical look. 

The invitation says...


Tips for getting it right:

1. When anything goes, use the golden rule of fashion: It's better to be overdressed, than underdressed. You don't want to show up in jeans and be seated next to someone in a suit. Instead, embody the vibes of a wedding -- romantic and lovely. 

2. Lace and love fit together like PB&J, so it's the perfect fabric to wear to celebrate the happy couple. 

3. Your outfit should speak to your mood, so let the couple know you're party ready with a boho statement necklace like the one I styled on Joy. 

Brands I Love: Tecovas

This week on the #GreerGuidetoStyle, I headed to Tecovas' eastside showroom to hear a little bit more about the history of the company, to learn the reason why these boots are so damn comfy and to finally get the scoop on how they actually pronounce Tecovas (yeah, I was most excited about that question). 

As a native-Texan, my quest for the perfect cowboy boots always felt never ending. Yes, I've had boots I loved in the past, but typical cowboy boots require breaking them in, and who's got time for that?!

When I found Tecovas on Instagram, I was drawn to the brand, because the boot had a certain look to it that conveyed ease, a relaxed fit -- no breaking in necessary. And sure enough, they fit exactly as I had hoped. They slide right on, and I've preeeeeeeetty much never taken them off since. 

The Tecovas booties I own, The Penny, also comes true to size, so there's no guessing game as far as staying true or sizing down (many cowboy boot companies encourage you to size down). 

The boots are soft, shape to my foot and go with EVERYTHING. That's right...EVERYTHING. I wear these with a cocktail dress for an Austin chic look or with my leggings and a sweater on these colder days. Jeans and boots are forever soulmates, so that's a style-must and they work equally as well with shorts and a graphic tee in the summer time. 

Whether you're a full-blooded Texan or are looking to try out cowboy boots for the first time, Tecovas are the ones you want in your wardrobe.

The Red That's Right For You

Red comes into fashion every year around this time, but in 2017, red is truly the trend color of the holidays. In most Austin shops, there's numerous pieces in many different varieties of red to choose from.

This makes it equally as difficult to shop for your new holiday piece as it is exciting, because the process can turn from fun to overwhelming with the amount of options. 

So this week, I'm giving you some guidance on how to pick your pieces for your lifestyle and the best red for your personal color palette.

The first step in choosing your red (or any color) is knowing your color palette.

Which is why a color analysis is always the first step I go through with my clients to figure out what version of each color looks best on them. 

Everyone can wear every color, but there are certain characteristics within the color (i.e. lightness, darkness, warmth...) that make it well suited to your natural attributes. 

Below are three palettes to consider when choosing your right red. 


For this palette, try a coral red. The clarity and lightness of the hue play into your color palette and accentuate your eyes. 

If you're a professional woman who heads into an office regularly, add this color to your wardrobe through a blazer. While it may feel like a bold choice (and it is), you can balance the brightness of the coral jacket with neutrals. Add a camel turtle neck and jeans for business casual or cream trousers and a champagne blouse for business formal. Finish both looks with nude pumps. 


For this palette, try a garnet or apple red. The darkness of garnet will highlight your skin tone, while a brighter hue like apple will intensify your hair color. 

To incorporate an apple-like hue, try a patterned shift dress in red & black plaid. This piece will work for a holiday weekend event like The Trail of Lights or as a workwear piece during a day at the office. 

Keep warm and heighten the elegance of the look by adding opaque black tights. Finish the outfit with black cowboy boots for casual occasions or a bold leopard pump for work. 


If your features fit this palette, you'll want to try a brick red or scarlet this season.

Since your palette is deep, you can pair these hues with navy or play into the warmth of the colors through camel or gold neutrals.

Got a holiday party coming up? Incorporate these reds into your holiday outfit through a variety of statement jackets. Try a faux fur jacket for a retro vibe or tartan plaid for classic touch. 




40 Reasons Why Your Style Matters

Greer Image Consulting was founded around the belief that women are inherently beautiful and powerful, and style is the tool with which these two qualities can be expressed in every day life. 

This week, I was inspired to share just some of the reasons why style is meaningful and transformative to us and to our clients. Read, enjoy and leave us a comment below with your biggest reasons why you love style. 

Happy Holidays!


1.   Style makes you joyful. 
2.   Style makes you proud. 
3.   Style makes you contemplative.
4.   Style makes you brave.
5.   Style makes you observant of yourself and others.
6.   Style is a reflection of your truest self. 
7.   Style is the physical manifestation of the way you think.
8.   Style makes you confident. 
9.   Style makes you powerful.
10. Style helps you understand other people.
11. Style helps you love other people.
12. Style helps you love yourself. 
13. Style is defiant when you don't have the words to be.
14. Style is the way you set yourself apart.
15. Style brings you together with other people.
16. Style helps you remember a friend just by seeing a piece of clothing.
17. Style makes you think about where you've been.
18. Style makes you think about where you're going.
19. Style makes you want to travel.
20. Style makes you want to touch.
21. Style makes you excited.
22. Style saves you time.
23. Style brings you into the present.
24. Style prepares you for an important meeting.
25. Style prepares you for your wedding day.
26. Style helps you connect to your grandmother.
27. Style is how your spouse knows you haven't changed.
28. Style is freeing. 
29. Style is moving.
30. Style is art.
31. Style is how you celebrate yourself. 
32. Style is exciting.
33. Style is whimsical.
34. Style is sexy.
35. Style is romantic.
36. Style is every part of you you're willing to share with the world.
37. Style eases fear. 
38. Style gives you presence.
39. Style saves you energy.
40. Style celebrates your womanhood. 

ATX Event Styling: The Trail of Lights

The Trails of Lights is by far one of my favorite annual Austin activities. I look forward to it ALL. YEAR. LONG. I grew up in Austin, so the nostalgia and fond memories are enough to bring me back year after year.

The energy, the scenery and the people watching make for an iconic Austin tradition that's perfect to visit with friends, family or a date.

And while it's easy to say that casual occasions (like this one) don't need your full fashion attention, they do.

To feel good anytime, anywhere...you need to look good.

Which is why I'm talking about it this week on the #GreerGuidetoStyle. Watch the video below and leave me a comment about what you're going to be rocking for this season's stroll through Zilker Park. 

What to Wear to Holiday Parties

The time of year is upon us when we mix, mingle and make merry with our families, friends and coworkers at holiday parties. These occasions are the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style and get festive with your wardrobe.

Whether the holiday party you're attending is dressy casual or formal, feeling good in what you're wearing is key to kicking back and having a great time. A few pieces to consider for your holiday shindig... 

Cold-Shoulder Dress 

The cold-shoulder trend is hanging in there over the holidays, and there's no better way to incorporate this style than with a feminine and festive holiday dress. A longer sleeve will help keep you warm while the cold shoulder adds visual interest to the dress. Extra style points here if you... 

wear red!

No color signifies "holiday season!" better than red, and this year, it's winter's trendiest hue. Whether you choose a classic cherry, oxblood, or coral, you can't go wrong with red for a holiday occasion. 

Festive Details 

Beadwork and sequins are perfect embellishments to wear to your holiday event because they bring ENERGY to your look. Even a single piece with intricate detail adds a powerful yet elegant touch to your overall outfit for events with cocktail, formal or black tie dress codes.

Envelope Clutch

Carrying all your essentials for a big night out isn't a job for your day-to-day tote. With a large envelope clutch, you're able to bring everything you need for the evening (and in a chic, event-appropriate way!) 

animal print coat

It's easy to throw on an overcoat in a safe neutral like black, navy or tan, but where's the fun in that?! Cheetah, leopard, python... animal prints are perfect for a heavy coat because they let you show off your personal style even when temperatures drop.

How to Pack for Thanksgiving Weekend

It's that time of year again... the holidays are officially upon us! Are you (and your stomach!) ready for Thanksgiving? 

Packing for the long holiday weekend can be daunting, but we've got you covered. All of the elements on our list will fit perfectly in your carry-on bag, so you can worry about what's important on Thanksgiving like what you're eating, and not what you're wearing. :)

The Elements: 


Jeans are ideal for all climates and lend themselves well to the fun, laid-back holiday that Thanksgiving is. Make sure yours have at least a little bit of stretch to accommodate your Turkey Day meal. :)

Lightweight Sweater

Choose a sweater in an unexpected neutral (blush and slate gray are fantastic!) that will work double-time for your suitcase, serving as the base for your outfits with jeans. 


Vests are perfect for adding another layer of warmth into the mix on those colder days. Choose a heavier vest for your travel day to layer over your lightweight sweater: it's a great way to stay just warm enough in the airport and en route to your destination without adding the bulk of a heavy coat.

Relaxed Dress

A fun, festive dress is a great way to express your own personal style on Thanksgiving. You'll be just dressed up enough, yet casual and comfortable enough to really kick back and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.


An overcoat in a bright color or unexpected pattern lets you show off your personal style, even when the temperatures dip below freezing. Going the vintage route is a failsafe way to snag a real gem that expresses your style.

Bright Scarf and Gloves

Accessories are often overlooked, but are *the* best way to both punch up an otherwise neutral look and serve as a practical (and packable!) way to create some variance in your look. Adding a bright pop of color in a scarf or earmuffs is the perfect finish to your holiday look.

Versatile Boots

One great pair of comfortable boots is all you'll need for the long weekend! They work seamlessly with all of the outfits you can put together with all of the pieces above: no need to pack multiple pairs of shoes that will take up valuable real estate in your suitcase!

DIY Pirate Halloween Costume

 Put on your best pirate face to rock your costume this Halloween! Swashbucklin' style is headed your way! 

What you'll need:

  • Black & White or Navy & White Striped Shirt
  • Thick Belt 
  • Dark Sweatpants
  • Calf-Height, Cowboy or Riding Boots
  • Scarf (summer-weight, non-knit)
  • Hoop Earrings 
  • Long Jacket 

How to style the look:

  1. Throw on the shirt & sweatpants. 
  2. Scrunch up the sweatpants so they hit you right below the knee.
  3. Add the belt over the shirt right at or above your hip.
  4. Add your boots.
  5. Tie your scarf in 3 steps. Start by folding your scarf in half, so it makes a triangle.
 With this costume, you'll need a headscarf. To start fold it in half, then tie it around your head to give your pirate halloween costume some style.

Put the middle of the scarf on your forehead and pull both ends together to the back of your head.

 Pull the scarf to the back of your head, and make sure to pull it tight! You don't want your scarf coming off during the party. 

Tie it in a double knot on the back of your head. 

 Tie a double knot in the back of your head to keep the scarf secure for your pirate costume. 

   6. Add your hoop earrings and jacket to finish your stylishly swashbucklin' look. 

 Your pirate costume will be the perfect talking point at your Halloween party this season.

Happy Halloween!




How To Glam Up for Cocktail Parties and Galas

It's easy to think your options are more limited for glamorous occasions, or that you don't have quite the right thing in your wardrobe, but there's actually a plethora of pieces that work for these occasions. You may even have something in your current wardrobe that's well suited to both of these gatherings.

What to consider for your next party...


Sequins are the perfect accent piece to make any outfit pop. Sequins are classic gala gear, so to update them, it's important to surround the glitz with fashion-forward elements such as a velvet trouser pant or a leather skirt. 

Leather is one of my favorite fall fabrics in Texas, because it adds a western element to any outfit.

Don't be afraid to add even more festive textures to this look through a fringe jacket or a satin bomber at cocktail parties. A sumptuous texture on another will enhance this look. Each piece works together to create a synchronized outfit.


Like sequins, metallic is classic, but it's also trending right now. If you're looking for updated metallic, try a rose gold piece. For a more traditional look, consider your color palette first when choosing the metallic to go with in your outfit. Gold is for a warmer palette. Silver is for a cooler palette.

Metallic is uber-glamorous, so you can choose to make it softer or sexier through the piece you choose to wear. Give it an elegant feel in a midi dress or a fit n' flare dress. Give it a edgy vibe with spaghetti straps or a body con stretch fabric. 

If you choose a tight, short dress, your look will be better suited to cocktail parties, rather than galas. For galas, go old Hollywood with the longer skirt. 

Finish the look with a vintage fur stole or a velvet wrap. 


This fabric is great for dressier occasions, because the structure of the fabric gives your outfit a stronger presence, therefore it automatically makes your outfit more formal. 

If you want to highlight your waist, try a dropped-waist dress. The structure of the fabric will create a noticeable curve from bust to hips, giving you and the outfit a sexy edge. 


While a jumpsuit might not automatically pop into your head for a formal occasion, if you choose the right one, it can be just as appropriate as a cocktail dress or a full-length gown. 

The trick is to stick to the basics. Dark colors are dressier than light colors, so when trying this trend, stick to a navy or black option. Also, consider luxurious fabrics: satin, velvet and silk. Avoid more relaxed fabrics such as linen, cotton and jersey. 


What to Wear to ACL: Part 2

We're counting down the days to the big festival, and this week we've got the video to inspire your outfit. Watch below and leave us a comment about what you're gonna wear for the weekend of fun. 

What to Wear to ACL: Part 1

Austin is the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world and, over the past 15 years, Austin City Musical Festival has become an iconic symbol of our city and what music truly means to us. Musical acts will be traveling from near and far to perform at one of Austin's largest annual events. 

But, of course, it's not just about the music. Festival fashion has expanded and evolved over the past decade into a show of style and personal expression. What you wear to this event can easily dictate how present and excited you feel to be there. 

For this year's festival, there is one key thing to keep in mind: CREATIVITY.

Music is about creative expression. Fashion is too. 
Music is about freedom. Fashion is too.
Music is about celebrating the human experience. Fashion is too. 

The two are intrinsically tied by these facts, thus with the kick off of the festival a week away, it's time to think about exactly what you'll wear.

Here's 7 tips to create outfits you'll love for the festival ahead. 


It's not the most exciting fact to consider, but comfort is key, so knowing how you're going to be comfortable means knowing the weather ahead. And right now, it's looking like 80 degree temperatures are here to stay. 


To think creatively about your wardrobe, you must take a fresh perspective on your wardrobe. Don't choose a whole outfit you've worn before. Instead, choose one piece from where you want to build your outfit. 


If you've chosen a dress, romper or jumpsuit, you've picked the easy way. Certainly not a bad thing though! It just means there will be less moving parts to your outfit. If you're eyeing a top, choose a bottom by length. Long tops balance well with jeans. Short tops will be complimented skirts or shorts. 


Don't just settle on flip flops or old sneakers. There are lots of comfortable options for a day of walking in the park. My personal favorite for this occasion is a sturdy cowboy boot. They make it easy to trek through the dirt and if you've broken yours in, the level of comfort has no limits. If western isn't your thing, try a fashion sneaker. While blush is great for work, dark colors like black and grey make you less likely to ruin them during the day-long event. Other options include booties and statement sandals. Go back to your outfit and see which of these blends well with your the style and colors of your clothing choice. 


Why not kill two birds with one stone? A hat gives you sun protection on the hot day and adds style to any outfit. Try an embroidered ball cap for a sporty, romantic look, a burgundy floppy hat for a boho finish or a flat-brim black hat for an edgy touch.  


You can’t have an outfit without accessories. Not only do they show the complexity of the outfit, they show the complexity of who you are. For ACL, don't worry so much about the rules, focus on the creativity and playfulness of your look. Mix silver & gold, layer necklaces, try wooden bangles with metal ones, or add an arm band. The event is eclectic. You should be too. 


Backpacks are trending right now, but make sure to treat yours like another layer of your outfit. If your outfit is sporty, go with a utility sack. If your look is edgier, try a leather pack. If you don't have a ton of goodies you want to bring the festival, a crossbody is the way to go. Apply the same principals to a handbag as a backpack: your style should be reflected in this piece and connected to the rest of your outfit. 

Refresh your summer wardrobe with new ways to wear it.

The summer season is quickly coming to an end, but as us Texans know, the heat won't make its exit until late October. Because of this, it's important to get the most of the clothes you feel most comfortable in during the heat: your summer wardrobe. 

By this time in the season though, you've probably used up all your summer outfits and are now left with the stale remnants of looks you once adored. 

But don't get down! If you still love an item, there are always new ways to piece it together with other clothes in your wardrobe that make it feel exciting again. 

I recently went on "We Are Austin" to talk about exactly that: how to refresh you summer wardrobe with only the contents of your closet. That's right...no shopping required.

WATCH THE CLIP and get ideas on how to create your new favorite warm weather outfit. 

10 Ways to Love Your Late Summer Style

The heat has reached its peak.

I love styling my wardrobe during this time of year because the weather pushes me to create eye-catching outfits out of only a couple pieces -- wearing more than that would be just painful. 

To put together simple outfits that pop, you'll want to combine pieces you love with styling techniques that don't add bulk. 

And this week, I'm show you how. 


1. Mix summer whites with straw hats. 

2. Give crop tops a try. While they get a bad rap for being a sexy item, a crop top can also be playful, retro and whimsical. 

3. Use vertical lines in your outfit. The line created by the gold buttons on the skirt draws your eye in, thus creating your slimmest silhouette.

4. Use graphic detail to project your personality in every thing you wear. And yes, it's true, I love the beach, lobster rolls and all the mythical creatures in the sea.

5. Do a summer version of a Canadian Tuxedo (a.k.a. denim on denim). 

6. Mix metals. 

7. Keep it simple and switch to mules. Slide 'em on and you're ready to go. 

8. But also get a sexy crop top for date night.

9. Pattern match like a pro by wearing two similar patterns of different sizes, i.e. 2 black & white pieces, 1 stripe is bigger than another.

Greer Image Consulting - Blog - 10 Ways to Love Your Late Summer Style - stripes - patterns - style - austin style - fall style

10. Make sure you have fun even when you're sweaty, cause guess what girl... it's making you glow!

How to Pack | Episode 3 -- 5 Steps to the Perfect Suitcase

I spent last weekend in Atlanta celebrating my future sister-in-law with a handful of bridesmaid and friends. This trip inspired a departure from my typical “how to pack” post, because to be honest, if you’re not wearing sky high heels and neon crop top on your next trip, what I wore probably won’t be much help.

This week I’m taking a different route.

Here’s how to confidently pack a suitcase no matter where you’re headed, what you’re doing or who you’re going with.

Get ready to jet set in style.



I love this part of process because it takes away the mechanical feel of packing and replaces it with creative flow. Packing is about deciding how you want to feel when you arrive at your destination, and to do that, you need to get into the mood of your trip.

A) Put it into words.

When you’re able to put words to feelings, progress is always made.

Take a sheet of paper and write the name of where you’re headed horizontally in the middle.

 My words for last weekend's trip!

My words for last weekend's trip!

Next, define the place you’re going. Choose three words to describe where you’re headed. Write them on the left side of the city, vertically stacked.

For me, Atlanta was: energetic, hot, busy.

Then, choose 3 words that describe how you want to feel in your clothes.

I chose sexy, fun, confident.  Write them on the right side of the city name, vertically stacked.

B) Put on a playlist.

During the 15-30 minutes you’ll be assembling your bag, you gotta have tunes. Pop on whatever feels right for where you’re headed.

My favorite hip hip artists of all time, Outkast, are from Atlanta, so that was an easy choice for last weekend’s pack. (If you don’t know Aquemini, I highly recommend giving it a listen.)

Next month I’m headed to a town I used to visit with my mom as a child. She’d always play Van Morrison on this trip, so that’s what I’ll be turning on.

If your destination is new, choose music based on the words you chose to describe your city. If it’s a spot you’ve visited before, think about what music you heard last time you were there.

C) Put it on ice.

This isn’t as essential as the other parts of the prep, but let’s face it…a cocktail is the perfect way to get you in the mood for vacation. Match what you’re drinking to wear you’re headed. A trip to Napa deserves a glass of wine, a margarita is perfect for Mexico, an IPA encompasses that Pacific Northwest vibe. It’s a sweet indulgence to celebrate your style.

For my trip to Atlanta, I went with rosé, because the bride-to-be is a big fan of the pink drink (who can blame her).


You’ve got your words, you’ve got your music, you’ve got your drink. Now for a little self pep talk.

Even if you’re going to be in a group setting on the trip, this is not the time to think about what anyone else is wearing. There is one person and one person only that this suitcase is about, and that’s your self.

Go with what you want to wear.

Wearing something to fit in with everyone else will ultimately make you feel bored, look boring and snuff out your self-expression.  And style is all about self-expression. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but to fit in, you need to stand out. Being yourself through your style helps people accept you and understand that you are genuine, authentic and a person worth knowing.

3. Do the dirty work.

It’s time to style your outfits. And yes, I say style, because that’s exactly what you’ll do now and exactly what you do every day in your closet.

Grab your sheet of paper with the city + 6 words on it. Think of the first occasion you need to dress for on the trip then create an outfit for that occasion (i.e. on the airplane, dinner, beach day.)

Now look back at your sheet. Does the outfit you choose match the words on the left? Does it make you feel the things on the right?

If yes, hooray! Throw the outfit in the suitcase. If the answer is no, what didn’t match? Why? In determining your "why", consider what would work, and swap the initial outfit or piece of the outfit for something new. 

Follow this formula for each look you’ll need for the trip.

Finding the right outfits for the right occasion is a tough task, so if you feel confused or can't find a clear answer, I would love to help! My work is about celebrating women. Through a combination of teaching, styling and coaching, I help you feel powerful and put together in each of your outfits every single day. 

 In Atlanta celebrating with the maid of honor (left) and the bride-to-be (center).

In Atlanta celebrating with the maid of honor (left) and the bride-to-be (center).