The Best Lingerie Shops in Austin

Looking for lingerie feels different than any other shopping. Maybe it’s just the simple exhilaration of going out in public to search for something provocative that (I assume…) you will wear in private. 

Whatever the case may be, for Valentine’s Day, you want to look sexy. 

That’s why I scoured Austin to find the boutiques that specialize in the art of lingerie. Whether you’re looking for the most intricately hand-stitched corset or a simple, seductive bra and panty set, here is a list of ATX shops that should meet anyone’s V-Day needs. 

Teddies for Betties

Where They Are:

Second Street District, 221 West 2nd Street, Austin TX 78701  (512) 614-2103 

Price Range:


What They Do Best

The staff was incredibly sweet and knowledgable. It was the kind of experience I want when I enter a lingerie boutique. It smelled amazing. There were candles lit, a beautiful table display, and many of the pieces were works of art. While most of their lingerie is on the pricier end, the sales associate was quick to inform me there are items for everyday use, like a classic bra and panty. She also mentioned that many of the Teddies pieces are for meant for life's most special moments. I definitely agree.  

 Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how 

Raquel Greer Gordian discusses how 


"Intimate Apparel in an Intimate Setting."

Where They Are

908 West 12th Street, Austin, TX 78703 (512) 478-1515          

Price Range:


What They Do Best:

This boutique caters to a diverse clientele: brides, college students, hipsters. They have a large "sale" rack, so it's the perfect time to shop there. They also have an annual in-store Valentine's Day event coming up. It will include all kinds of goodies: truffles, champagne, a pop-up shop from Margo Blair Floral, and a trunk show from lingerie line Katastrophic Clothing. Not to be missed! 


Petticoat Fair

Where They Are: Northcross Center, 7739 Northcross Drive, Austin, TX 78757     (512) 454-2900      

Price Range: $30-$400                                                                                              

What They Do Best: Petticoat Fair, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, fits every client who comes in the door with the perfect bra. This includes plus size clients, and bras from an A to a 52N cup. Once you are fitted, they find bras for you that work best, rather than you searching for the perfect one. Their swimsuits also have cup sizes.They carry well known brands like Hanky Panky and Betsey Johnson. 

Hard Candy Heels and Lingerie 

Where They Are:

1739 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757 (512) 452-2323

Price Range:


What They Do Best

If you're not looking to drop a lot of money on something for V Day, this is a great place for you. They have a large selection and wide variety: everything from negligees to lace bras to corsets. They also have many accessories like boas, 6" heels, fake eyelashes, and something I had never heard of, like 'face lace'.