40 Reasons Why Your Style Matters

Greer Image Consulting was founded around the belief that women are inherently beautiful and powerful, and style is the tool with which these two qualities can be expressed in every day life. 

This week, I was inspired to share just some of the reasons why style is meaningful and transformative to us and to our clients. Read, enjoy and leave us a comment below with your biggest reasons why you love style. 

Happy Holidays!


1.   Style makes you joyful. 
2.   Style makes you proud. 
3.   Style makes you contemplative.
4.   Style makes you brave.
5.   Style makes you observant of yourself and others.
6.   Style is a reflection of your truest self. 
7.   Style is the physical manifestation of the way you think.
8.   Style makes you confident. 
9.   Style makes you powerful.
10. Style helps you understand other people.
11. Style helps you love other people.
12. Style helps you love yourself. 
13. Style is defiant when you don't have the words to be.
14. Style is the way you set yourself apart.
15. Style brings you together with other people.
16. Style helps you remember a friend just by seeing a piece of clothing.
17. Style makes you think about where you've been.
18. Style makes you think about where you're going.
19. Style makes you want to travel.
20. Style makes you want to touch.
21. Style makes you excited.
22. Style saves you time.
23. Style brings you into the present.
24. Style prepares you for an important meeting.
25. Style prepares you for your wedding day.
26. Style helps you connect to your grandmother.
27. Style is how your spouse knows you haven't changed.
28. Style is freeing. 
29. Style is moving.
30. Style is art.
31. Style is how you celebrate yourself. 
32. Style is exciting.
33. Style is whimsical.
34. Style is sexy.
35. Style is romantic.
36. Style is every part of you you're willing to share with the world.
37. Style eases fear. 
38. Style gives you presence.
39. Style saves you energy.
40. Style celebrates your womanhood.