How to Dress For Your Body Type

Last week on The Greer Guide, I shared an easy way to identify your body type based on proportions and measurements.

Today, it’s about taking the next step in using your body type to create outfits that highlight your shape and accentuate your best attributes.

Watch the video below to learn:

Whether you’re a pear, inverted triangle, or rectangle, there are easy pieces you can add to your wardrobe to highlight your shape and accentuate your body type.
  • the unexpected shoe that balances an inverted triangle

  • the right way to style tops with skirts for a pear body type

  • how to accentuate the curves and long silhouette of a rectangle

  • the pants to try if you’re an inverted triangle

  • the type of jacket that highlights a rectangular shape

  • the little accessory that gives a rectangle curves

  • the types of skirts well suited to a pear

  • the types of skirts well suited to an hourglass

  • the types of fabrics to try as an inverted triangle

Once you’ve watched the video, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and share your favorite way to style outfits for your body type.