Front Tuck vs. Full Tuck? 7 Style Questions Answered.

As a creative woman, you’ve got questions about style that pop up every time you get ready.

Raquel Greer Gordian answers your top 7 personal styling questions.

“Does this look right?” and “Did I do this right?” are staple thoughts in the routine, but knowing the answers to these general questions means knowing the answer to more specific questions about how to style and piece together your outfit.

I want you to carve new pathways of how you think about your style, and unpacking your previous notions about your style, which may or may not be true, is the way to do that.

So today, I’m diving into some of my clients’ burning questions that you’ve probably asked yourself too…

How do you know if you’re pairing the right colors together?

  1. Colors with the same characteristics will naturally go together, like pastels or jewel tones. Think lavender and blush (pastels) or hot pink and cobalt blue (jewel tones). If you’ve worked with me before and know your color palette, you can piece together any two pieces from that palette, because they all have the same characteristics that mimic your natural attributes. Haven’t worked with me before and want to know your palette? Let’s chat.

  2. Try a monochromatic look. Monochromatic outfits can seem like a lot if you’re thinking about just one version of a color throughout your whole outfit (i.e., kelly green or mustard yellow). Monochromatic doesn’t have to mean head-to-toe mustard. For an elegant and subtle monochromatic look, simply use one color but vary the version of that color you use. For example, evergreen trousers and a jade top. Finish it with neutral heels to still highlight the color without feeling overwhelmed by it.

What’s the different between a french tuck and a front tuck?

There’s actually no difference between a French tuck and a front tuck. The phrase “french tuck” was popularized by “Queer Eye,” but both are defined by tucking the front of your shirt in and leaving out the back for a polished, yet relaxed feel. Need a tutorial on how to do it? Head here.

When do you do a front tuck vs. a regular tuck?

The front tuck is just a way to make your look a little bit more styled, while keeping it relaxed for business casual, dressy casual, or casual occasions. The only time you need to commit to a full tuck vs. a front tuck is if the top of your pants or skirt is bulky, and the front tuck can’t naturally flow over the back of the pants or skirt.

For example, paper bag waist pants or a poofy fit ‘n’ flare skirt will work better with a full tuck, so the top and bottoms work seamlessly together.

When’s the right time to roll my jeans up with shoes?

Rolling up jeans with your sandals, sneakers, or boots is really about making sure you don’t have too much of a break (excess fabric) sitting on top or your foot or shoe. If you notice there’s way too much fabric going on at the bottom of your outfit, simply roll up just enough to clear the top of your shoe.

Still can’t clear the top of the shoe without creating a huge roll? Roll twice instead of doing one super long roll to bring up even more of the pant.

Double roll feeling bulky? If this is the case, you’ll want to tailor your pants to a length that allows for a single roll or no roll at all.

Do I only have to stick to one metal (i.e., silver, gold or rose gold) when I wear jewelry?

Nope! You’ve got options, girl! The trick to using multiple metals in your accessories is to use each of the metals twice, so your mixed metals looks intentional. For example, if you stack up a gold bangle and a silver one, add a gold necklace to link to the gold bracelet and a silver ring to link to the silver bracelet.

Got a piece of jewelry with two metals already in it? Just add one of each of the metals in your other jewelry. For example, if your earrings are gold and rose gold, try a rose gold watch with a gold bangle.

Does my belt have to match my shoes?

Nope! But they do need to talk to each other, meaning both of the leathers should be in the same family. Wearing a warm-colored brown shoe like caramel, honey, or redwood? Add a belt of any of those colors, and they’ll link together without being an exact match.

Rocking your cool neutral like taupe, slate grey, or dusty rose in a belt ? Same thing — just add a shoe in this family, and both items will be linking back to each other for a put-together and polished result.

How do I know when to stop wearing a seasonal item?

Intuition! The rules of when to wear seasonal items like white or florals are dead, which means it’s completely up to you to decide when you want to pull out or put away these brighter options. Personal style is about expressing your point of view, mood, and goals, so if you get the urge to rock a lime-green jumpsuit in November, don’t stop yourself. Outside-the-box options make you look even more stylish and creative at any occasion.

Now, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below and share which question most resonated with you and how you’ll be using it in your wardrobe going forward.

Lots of love and joy!