5 Essential Pieces for Your Winter Vacation

I have to admit, it has taken me a long time to figure out exactly how to pack the perfect suitcase. Everything I could need ends up in my luggage, but somehow I don't manage to wear everything that snuck in there. 

That's because on vacation, when everything is supposed to be easy, I so often wear the same outfit twice. I know, it seems like I should be ashamed. When I'm packing, I have the best of intentions. I imagine myself sipping cocktails on a beach in a full length dress and heels...though in actuality, I am still sipping cocktails, but it's in the most comfortable dress I own. You know what? That's OK. Vacation is about kicking back, relaxing. In reality, style should reflect your state of mind. When I remember that, I realize it's OK to (in this instance) wear the same thing twice.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't still look good while you relax. Being comfortable and looking good while you do it will make you more excited about your vacation. Whether you are at the beach or on the ski slopes, here are five versatile pieces with looks built around them that I would recommend bringing. 

Heading to the Slopes?          Heading to the Sand? 

Now I would love to know! Which travel essential sneaks into your suitcase the most? Make sure to comment below how you incorporated some of these essentials on your next winter vacation!

Family, Feasting, and Fit: Picking the Perfect Pant for Thanksgiving

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My mother is a chef and both of my grandmothers are exceptionally talented in the kitchen, so my Thanksgiving is predictably delicious. I, however, am not quite as talented in the kitchen. I've got the staples down for weeknights in my house (tacos, pasta, chicken...), but my contribution to Thanksgiving usually involves the pies (picking them up, not baking them). 

Whether you're the culinary genius in your house or the couch potato this Thanksgiving, it's important to be comfortable. The Thanksgiving outfit plan is surprisingly important because cooking, couching, and eating all require a bit of stretch to your outfit. Also, you may find yourself in some family photos that are sure to stick around for a long time (either on Instagram or in your grandma's house). 

So, I'm dedicating this week to making you look and feel fabulous for your big feast, and there's one element that's a must: LEGGINGS.

Picking the right pair of leggings, and the appropriate outfit to wear with them, depends on everything from your body type to your color palette. It's not always easy. I've laid out a few looks for a broad range of body types. But to find out how to create the best look for you, schedule an image assessment with me.   

Now, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to tell me how you managed to find the perfect Thanksgiving pant!

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Loving Your Impulse Buy: The Patterned Pants

We’ve all been through the ups and downs of impulse buys. At first it feels exciting and risky, but three months later, that little item is now more of an outcast than a star in your closet.

I've devoted this week's posts to exploring the ways you can use your impulse buys to feel a little daring, a lot confident, and definitively stylish.

The Challenge:

- Window shopping turns into an impulse buy. Suddenly you've got: THE PATTERNED PANT

- You think it works with nothing you own.

- There’s hope: You can try something more out-of-the-box then your average denim. These pants will do the trick. The wild prints and patterns are an instant mood elevator and bring an element of fun to your style.

The Solution:

Finding the perfect compliment. Complete the outfit with…


If the pants are fitted:

     Silk Blouse           

     Statement Earrings 

     Cocktail Ring       



If the pants are flowy:

Tank Top


Bib Necklace




Now, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to tell me how you overcame the challenge of a patterned pant!