How To Glam Up for Cocktail Parties and Galas

It's easy to think your options are more limited for glamorous occasions, or that you don't have quite the right thing in your wardrobe, but there's actually a plethora of pieces that work for these occasions. You may even have something in your current wardrobe that's well suited to both of these gatherings.

What to consider for your next party...


Sequins are the perfect accent piece to make any outfit pop. Sequins are classic gala gear, so to update them, it's important to surround the glitz with fashion-forward elements such as a velvet trouser pant or a leather skirt. 

Leather is one of my favorite fall fabrics in Texas, because it adds a western element to any outfit.

Don't be afraid to add even more festive textures to this look through a fringe jacket or a satin bomber at cocktail parties. A sumptuous texture on another will enhance this look. Each piece works together to create a synchronized outfit.


Like sequins, metallic is classic, but it's also trending right now. If you're looking for updated metallic, try a rose gold piece. For a more traditional look, consider your color palette first when choosing the metallic to go with in your outfit. Gold is for a warmer palette. Silver is for a cooler palette.

Metallic is uber-glamorous, so you can choose to make it softer or sexier through the piece you choose to wear. Give it an elegant feel in a midi dress or a fit n' flare dress. Give it a edgy vibe with spaghetti straps or a body con stretch fabric. 

If you choose a tight, short dress, your look will be better suited to cocktail parties, rather than galas. For galas, go old Hollywood with the longer skirt. 

Finish the look with a vintage fur stole or a velvet wrap. 


This fabric is great for dressier occasions, because the structure of the fabric gives your outfit a stronger presence, therefore it automatically makes your outfit more formal. 

If you want to highlight your waist, try a dropped-waist dress. The structure of the fabric will create a noticeable curve from bust to hips, giving you and the outfit a sexy edge. 


While a jumpsuit might not automatically pop into your head for a formal occasion, if you choose the right one, it can be just as appropriate as a cocktail dress or a full-length gown. 

The trick is to stick to the basics. Dark colors are dressier than light colors, so when trying this trend, stick to a navy or black option. Also, consider luxurious fabrics: satin, velvet and silk. Avoid more relaxed fabrics such as linen, cotton and jersey. 



What to Wear for NYE

Hello, 2017!
Get inspired to party the night away with the perfect outfit.


Where you're ringing in the New Year: 
downtown with friends or out at dinner with your honey

Allow each element of your outfit to talk to another element. Black chats with black, gold chats with gold. Each piece creates a conversation of clothing aka a really rockin' outfit. 

Don't be shy about mixing your everyday pieces with party wear. I use this blouse for work occasions and holiday festivities.

Shop this jacket now.

Mix texture to keep people on their toes. Use sparkle, leather, suede or fringe to create an outfit people will be complimenting all night.

NYE is the day to go big with your heels, so embrace it! Bring out your leopard heels, your red stilettos or your python pumps. Shop these now.

LOOK two

Where you're ringing in the New Year: 
in a bar on the east side or at a live music venue

Not everyone can wear black, and if you are one of those people, you know to go colorful for NYE! Red is the perfect option for holiday festivities, so pull this from your closet.

Shop the horn cuff below and gold rings above. Use code "GreerVIP" at checkout to receive 30% off.

These tassels are some of my favorite party earrings, and they come in every hue. Find your color.

Repurpose this year's favorite trend: the romper. Pair it with a light weight jacket, NYE heels and be on your way!

LOOK Three

Where you're ringing in the New Year: 
on Rainey Street or at a friend's house party

NYE Note:
There can never be too much glitz.

Shout out to my brother and sister-in-law for getting me the perfect Christmas gift: these earrings. They finish off the look flawlessly. Shop them here.

Mix metals to create a fashion-forward look. And don't forget your envelop clutch! The angular shape enhances the angles in the top. Remember, each element needs to work together harmoniously. 

The possibilities for 2017 are endless! Happy New Year!