Loving your Impulse Buy: The Ripped Jeans

In the second edition of ‘Loving Your Impulse Buys’, I'm addressing a moment we've all had:

THE CHALLENGE: After Sunday brunch with girlfriends, window shopping abruptly turns into negligent spending. Suddenly you’ve got: THE RIPPED JEANS

THE PROBLEM: You think it’s too youthful and unpolished.

THERE'S HOPE: You can pair it with more than a t-shirt and baseball cap. Just like the patterned pants, ripped jeans are a playful alternative to your average denim. With the right accessories and compliments, you can pull them out for everything from a dinner date in the city to a day trip in the country.


      Stick with your style on this one. If your style is…

     Romantic:                                               Alluring:                                                    Sporty: